How To Turn On A Ninja Blender (Easy Fixes)

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How to turn on a Ninja blender? Make sure you lock the lid down properly, with the lid spout directly across the handle. If the lid is not locked down correctly, the power button will flash red and will not start. Also, make sure that the pitcher is locked onto the motor base correctly.

Did you just purchase a Nutri Ninja and are wondering how do you turn on a Ninja blender? Are you a previous owner having difficulties turning on your Nutri Ninja professional blender?

It doesn’t matter which spot you fit into, what matters is that you can’t figure out how do you turn a Ninja blender on that is still in perfect working conditions.

We are going to give you a step-by-step guide how to turn on your Ninja blender, including troubleshooting guides for previous owners who are experiencing start-up issues.

Why Is My Ninja Blender Not Turning On?

Ninja blender how to turn on

Ninja blenders are a very handy and frequently used kitchen appliance.

Hence, it can be pretty infuriating when it doesn’t turn on, particularly when the ingredients for a refreshing smoothie have been chopped up, ready for use.

The most common causes of this infuriating issue are outlined below:


Your Ninja has a thermal switch designed to trip off preventing the unit from overheating.

When this happens, users are advised to unplug the blender from the power source and wait for 15-20 minutes before another attempt is made to turn it on.

Wrong Assembly

Ninja blenders are accompanied by a complete assembly guide in the user manual.

Once you’ve ascertained that power or overheating isn’t the issue, check to see if you have assembled the components correctly.

Incorrectly Placed Components

All components of your Ninja should fit snugly with whatever component it was supposed to be attached to.

You can usually tell that components such as the pitcher and the motor base are properly attached to each other when you hear a “click”.

Loosely Locked Lid

Your Nutri ninja has a safety feature that prevents spills while the blades are turning at incredible speeds.

This feature completely prevents the Ninja from powering up if the lid isn’t properly placed.

When the lid isn’t locked properly, the red light on the power button flashes continuously.

No Power

Another common issue encountered particularly in brand new blenders is that the unit is receiving no power at all.

The issue might root from any point in the electric pathway, from the outlet to the power cord and to the motor base proper.

How Do You Turn On A Ninja Blender?

how to start a ninja blender
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You just got yourself a Ninja and you are wondering – how do I turn on Ninja blender?

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to turn on Ninja Professional Blender, and see if your blender turns on –

  • Position the empty pitcher on the motor base such that the corners form a diamond.
  • Twist the pitcher clockwise till you hear a click. This would bring the handle of the blender to the front left or the front right position.
  • Place the stacked blades into the pitcher directly on top of the blade gear. Ensure to always hold the stacked blades by the top of the shaft, because the blades are very sharp, and wrong handling could lead to injury.
  • Place the pitcher lid on the top of the pitcher. The lid should be positioned such that the arrow on the lid aligns with the arrow on the pitcher handle.
  • When the lid is properly placed, lower the lid handle until you hear a click.
  • You would know the blender has been properly assembled when the red light on the power button is solid (not blinking).

Note: Make sure you lock the lid down properly, with the lid spout directly across the handle. If the lid is not locked down correctly, the power button will flash red and will not start. Also, make sure that the pitcher is locked onto the motor base correctly.

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How To Turn On Ninja Touch Screen?

Step 1: Press and hold the “veg/stir” or “Pulse” button.

Approximately one second after this initial press, slowly push the entire front panel of the blender down so it’s flat against the countertop.
This will activate a special mode for touchscreen operations. The touchscreen will now recognize touches as clicks.

Step 2: Touch the desired function to activate that feature (blend, froth, chop).

Release pressure from the touch screen when you’re satisfied with your selection to execute that function and exit this special mode for touchscreen operations. This special mode is also exited if no activity is detected on the tablet screen and no buttons (chop/veg/froth) are pressed.

Blinking Red Light On Ninja Blender

Your blender is set to work only when the lid is attached properly to the rim of the pitcher and the pitcher firmly to the motor base.

If either of these conditions are not met, the light of the power button would blink continuously until all the components are secured and locked into place.

Here’s a video showing what to do for blinking red light –

Is There A Reset Button On The Ninja Professional Blender?

No, there isn’t a button on the Ninja dedicated to resetting the blender.

However, you can reset the power outlet that the blender is plugged into if you have reason to believe that’s where the issue stems from.

What To Do When Your Ninja Blender Won’t Turn On? A Guide To Troubleshooting Your Ninja Blender

ninja troubleshooting guide
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Finding the solution to an issue begins with identifying what the issue is.

So, the first step is determining which of the five issues listed above is stopping the blender from turning on.

After identifying the cause, you need to determine if it can be handled by simple troubleshooting steps or if it would require a complete Ninja blender repair.

Ensure that the blender isn’t plugged in after ascertaining that the blender’s issue can be handled by you, the user.

So, depending on the cause here is a guide to troubleshooting your Ninja:

If It’s A Power Issue

You can find out if the problem is from the power outlet by connecting another appliance to the same outlet.

If the second appliance isn’t working, the issue is likely a faulty outlet or faulty electrical connection.

Try a different outlet and if it persists, try resetting the circuit breaker.

If the circuit breaker is in the correct position and you’re still receiving no power, call a professional to inspect and repair any faulty outlets or wiring in the home.

If the second appliance works, then the issue is likely from the power cord or the motor base circuitry.

A broken power cord or motor base should be repaired or replaced by a professional specializing in Ninja repairs.

If It’s Caused By Overheating

Unplug the blender and wait for approximately 15-20 minutes for the blender to cool down before attempting to turn it back on.

If It’s Caused By The Wrong Assembly

Confirm that the order of placement of components is correct.

The parts should be arranged in this order from the bottom up Motor base→pitcher on the base→stacked blades on the gear shaft in the pitcher→lid on the pitcher with an arrow on the lid matching that on the handle.

If It’s Caused By Incorrect Placement Of Components

Again, your blender would NOT turn on if the pitcher isn’t tightly fitted to the motor base.

There should be little resistance when rotating the pitcher into position.

If there’s difficulty in rotating the pitcher, it isn’t properly fixed.

The pitcher is in the correct position when the front of the pitcher is facing you with its handle in the front-left or front-right position.

If It’s Caused By A Loosely Placed Ninja Blender Lid

Fix this by properly pressing the lid handle into position with the white arrow on the lid directly facing a matching arrow on the pitcher handle.

Conclusion – How To Turn On The Ninja Blender

A Ninja can be a wonderful addition to your kitchen’s arsenal if it functions optimally.

You may encounter some difficulties and might wonder how to turn on a Ninja, but the good news is that most of these can be corrected by carefully following all the set-up instructions.

While those that cannot be fixed by the user can be corrected by a trained expert in Ninja repairs.

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