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How To Grind Sesame Seeds – Blender Recipe

Sesame seeds are a popular and healthy ingredient for many different types of recipes. 

It can be difficult to grind them though because they don’t have the same consistency as other ingredients like nut butter or oats.  

But there is a way to make grinding sesame seeds easier – all you need is a blender! 

The best thing about using your blender to grind down these tasty little treats is that it will help you get lots of uses out of it in one go.

Can I Grind Sesame Seeds In A Blender?

sesame seeds in a bowl with a spoon

You can turn sesame seeds into a paste or even a sauce with your blender at home by adding them to the center of the blade and mixing it up until it becomes ground enough for your purposes.

People have been grinding sesame seeds for thousands of years. 

In fact, there is even a famous wall that people wrote on wishing the next person luck as they grind down their seeds into a paste. This wall can still be seen today in Israel as a reminder of how far we’ve come since those days. 

But you don’t have to travel all over the world – you just have to use a blender! 

How To Grind Sesame Seeds In A Blender

Step #1: Add Your Sesame Seeds To The Middle

The first thing you want to do is add your sesame seeds to the middle of your blender blade. 

If you put them close to the side, they aren’t going to get blended down as much and even thrown off balance if too many are added at once.

Step #2: Grind It Out!

Now, you need to start grinding it out. 

With the blender running at a low speed, move it up and down while rotating around so that all parts of the blades come into contact with the seeds and you won’t have any left un-ground. 

You can stop periodically and push down any that might get stuck in the middle to continue grinding. 

Keep doing this until needed consistency is met!  

You can add more seeds to continue grinding or add some water if you want it to be a sauce.

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Sesame Seeds And Simple Recipes

There are so many different recipes using sesame seeds. It is one of the best substitutes for chia seeds in smoothies.

They don’t need too much in order to make them taste good either. 

People love when tiny amounts of this ingredient are added into their meals and drinks for that little kick and punch they give in flavor and texture! 

Some common types of recipes include:

Tahini. This is a sesame seed paste that is added to hummus and baba ghanoush as well as used as a spread on top of the bread.

Dukkah. This is a delicious blend of spices, nuts, and seeds with sesame being one of the key ingredients in it!

Sesame oil. Where would we be without cooking with oils? We use all different kinds for different purposes but none are more popular or common than those made from this ingredient! It adds the perfect amount of sesame flavor to whatever you’re making from salad dressing to stir fry.

These are just some examples of how versatile these tiny treats can be-and now you know how to grind them up when you need them, too.

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Grind Sesame Seeds In A Blender – Wrap Up

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