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Ninja BL770 Vs BL780 – Which Is Best In 2023?

Buying stuff is hard. It’s not just the price. It’s that single digit in the model difference. The Ninja BL770 Vs BL780. Surely it’s just a case of finding out if the new release is really THAT much better than the last one. No?

Turns out, the choice you make could be the difference between keeping it, loving it, or being ABSOLUTELY RAGING MAD, and sending it right back. Stick around and let’s clear up the confusion. Together. Starting with what each is.

Put a name to the model numbers. The BL780 is the Ninja® SUPRA Kitchen System®. Consider it the little cousin of the BL770, boastingly named by Shark as the Ninja® MEGA Kitchen System®.

Logically, you’d think the BL780 would be an upgrade on the BL770. It’s not. Don’t buy features you won’t use and don’t miss out on the ones that could mean spending less time prepping and cooking, and more time EATING GOOD STUFF!

Ninja BL770 vs BL780

Ninja BL770 Vs BL780 – Features

Ninja BL770 Ninja BL780

The Ultimate Powerhouse of a blender, capable of slicing and dicing frozen fruit and veg, and crushing ice too

Smaller 1200 watt motor performs as strong as BL770, but you will hear it’s working much harder to get the same results

Pulverizing feature makes it better for juicing (still with a blender though)

Compact, powerful, and versatile enough to be used as a puree blender for baby food daily

Superior Complete Juicing TechnologyTM liquidizes solid vegetables, and you don’t need to use a blender tamper to force-feed the veg into the blades either. The powerful suction in the chamber pulls the veg toward the blades with no intervention needed. Powerful stuff!

Sharp enough blades to make peanut butter with raw peanuts and NO oil.

Ninja BL770 Review

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Tech Specs

  • Main body color: Black
  • Assembled size: 9.5†x 8.25†x 17.75†(this is a MASSIVELY tall blender for a countertop appliance. Most kitchens only have an 18†clearance from counter to the cabinet, so measure your space first).
  • Capacity: 72 oz pitcher + 64 oz food processor bowl + 2 x 16 oz single-serve cups
  • Number of speed settings: 5
  • Assembled weight: 9.2 lbs


The countertop size of the Ninja BL770 is only slightly larger than the BL780, despite housing a more powerful motor. The height is the measurement you ought to check first because if it isn’t going to fit on your worktops, you may want (or need) to go with the smaller Ninja BL780, if only so it fits on your counter instead of on top of a cupboard, or worse… the back of one!

Given the 1500 watt power, it’s good to see Shark have gone with easy release suction cup feet on each corner of the unit. You only need to apply a slight bit of pressure to the top of the motor base to secure the unit to your counter, preventing it from moving or tipping when you turn it on.

When you’re done using it, remove the bowl, slide a finger under it on either side, a little flick upwards to release the airlock, and you’re done.

As a food processor and blender in one, it’s fewer appliances on your worktops, so despite needing that little extra space, it does a lot more than a single purpose appliance, such as a mixer, blender, juicer, and food processor. It will end up saving you space.

That being said, there’s a lot of parts so you won’t solve all your kitchen storage problems. A magnetic hanging strip at the back of a kitchen cabinet (top shelf) is a neat way to store blades out the way. That works with food processors that use discs. This doesn’t!

It’ll be best to have a separate storage container to keep the stacked blades in. You do not want these in your kitchen bits drawers. They’re far too sharp.

As a combi appliance with such a powerful motor, and a magnitude of chores that can be done fast and effortlessly, the Ninja BL770 definitely lives up to its name as the Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

  • Gigantic 1500 watt motor. That’s 2hp. To put that into some kind of perspective: Honda makes outboard engines that size, and they power fishing boats!
  • Terrific ice crusher. Slices, dices, and juices or froze fruit too.
  • You’ve got to take your hat off to the Ninja design team for the attention to detail… Bottom handles to release suction cups, a top handle that doubles as a locking safety feature, clear printing of ounce measurements on the jar, sip and seal lids on the single-serve cups, and a top pour spout for no-spill pouring. Little details make a big difference.
  • Inconvenient sizing for a countertop blender. After putting as much thought into the small details, the one detail that REALLY matters is fitting it under a kitchen cabinet. Check your measurements for clearance because the standard distance from cabinet to counter is around 18â€. This only leaves you with up to a 1/4†clearance. If your worktops are higher than most kitchens, or your cupboards are lower, you may need to rethink where you put it or find a cupboard.
  • Razor-sharp blades! This could easily be swapped to be a pro, depending on who you speak to. For someone without a dishwasher, buy extra washing brushes for cleaning. With blades this sharp, it ought to have a safety label warning users it’s ONLY suitable for a dishwasher. (It’s not but you definitely cannot be clumsy when cleaning).
  • Comes with a dough mixer that can help bakers mix and knead the dough. That it will, but the quality won’t be near that of hand-kneaded dough. If you’ve never baked by hand, you won’t know the difference. If you have, don’t have high hopes of a machine replacing your home-baking. Just because they include a plastic paddle for mixing dough, doesn’t make it a bread maker!

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Ninja BL780 Review

Ninja Tech Specs

  • Main body color: Black and silver
  • Assembled size: 8.0†x 7.5†x 17.0â€
  • Capacity: 72 oz pitcher + 64 oz food processor bowl + 2 x 16 oz single-serve cup
  • Number of speed settings: 3
  • Assembled Weight: 8.5 lbs


The Ninja BL780 is a handy helper in the busy kitchen. It’s marginally more compact than the Ninja BL770, uses a less powerful motor, and that’s because it’s designed for a different purpose.

This is designed for liquefying vegetables and blasting through anything that’s frozen, including turning ice cubes into snow. The sort you’d use to make snow cones with.

It is NOT designed to do anything with hot liquids or hot food. Cold food prep only is what it does, and very good at it too.

Possibly too good, which is why it’s nice to see they’ve included a responsive pulse button. If you were to turn it on at any of the constant settings with either the 4 or 6-blade assembly with any vegetable in it, it’d turn it to mush in seconds…

No Joke! It can shave ice into a fine mist of snow in 10-seconds flat.

The same stacked blade system is included in the Ninja BL780 and it will do the same but with fewer speed settings, so you’ll have less control over the process.

The food processor is a good sized 64 oz. This can be used with the dough paddle for various doughs, or with cutting blades to make salad dressings, dips, sauces, and spices.

Two Nutri Ninja Blade Assembly cups are also included and those are what to use for mincing onion, garlic, and herbs. The cups are the 16 oz cups and there are a couple of sip and seal lids included, so you can make single-serve smoothies to go with this model, too.

  • The single touch pulse button lets you process foods before you start blending them. Extremely responsive, so you can prep more in less time, fit more vegetables into your green juices, and if you’re prepping root veg for a pot of soup, it’s easier to dice and slice instead of completely liquefying everything you put in it.
  • Family size capacity for blending and juicing. The 72 oz pitcher is ideal for juicing a full pitcher for the family. Busy parents can have theirs to go using the two included 16 oz cups. For meal prep, swap the pitcher to the full-size 8-cup/64 oz food processor bowl. As a food processor, it’s equipped with super sharp stainless steel blades and those are stacked. One is a six-blade assembly, the other is four blades.
  • Total Crushing TechnologyTM makes frozen smoothies faster than most blenders with similar power. A single cup can be done in as little as 10-seconds, and it’ll crush ice cubes into the snow, too. Add some flavored syrup to make your own snow cones.
  • Blades only. No cutting discs. It’ll be harder to finely shred and grate potatoes for hash browns, slice zucchini into strips, or shred carrots for a yummy carrot cake. A food processor with cutting discs is better for those tasks.
  • Cold food prep only. There’s no heating element, so it can’t do soup. The Ninja BL780 isn’t designed to handle hot liquids either.
  • Higher risk of cuts from the blades, because unique to Ninja blenders is the stacked blade system. This model comes with a 4 and a 6- blade assembly. Neither lock to the base of the unit. When the lid is removed, tip it upside down, and the blades will fall out. The lid has a child-safety lock feature and you definitely NEED to keep that locked when there are kids around. If it’s knocked off the counter with the lid off it, the blade system will come loose. When you aren’t using the stacked blades, lock them away well out of reach!

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Similarities Between Ninja BL780 And BL770

Starting with something that’s likely agreeable with both models… Neither Ninja is a juicer. Both are blenders and although described as a combi appliance, neither is as capable as a single-purpose food processor.

The 72 oz pitcher is for blending. Swap the jug for the 64 oz bowl and it becomes a full-size capacity food processor using the same blade system to prep veg for meals. Both lack cutting discs, so there’s less control for thicker dicing of vegetables.

Equally, both Ninja are capable of juicing but they won’t extract the pulp. If you’re after a combi blender/food processor, both models are capable machines and have powerful enough motors to actually make a drinkable smoothie without the crunchy bits.

Differences Between Ninja Supra Kitchen System And Ninja Mega Kitchen System

difference between ninja bl770 and ninja bl780

A side-by-side comparison of the Ninja BL770 Vs Ninja BL780 reveals very few differences, but the subtle ones that are there, well, they tend to lean in favor of the Ninja BL770.

More powerful motor? Check.

More attachments? No.

More settings? Yes! And that’s the clincher right there.

Both models come with the same accessories but it’s the BL770 that has a low consistent speed setting that’s better suited to use with the dough paddle. Try to knead any dough with the BL780, and you’d likely be pressing the pulse button on and off, while not getting the same level of consistent slow kneading speeds you’d get with the BL770 on the low/dough setting.

Other Differences Between the Two Kitchen Ninjas…

1. Power

The glaringly obvious difference is power. The BL770 is packing an extra 300 watts. That may seem insignificant, but, the real difference is the noise. The BL780 runs noisier. Both are loud though. The BL770 less so.

More power gets a faster spin speed on the highest setting, and that’s really only going to be used when crushing ice. If you plan to crush a lot of ice, like making snow cones during a kid’s summer garden party, or making shaved ice cocktails when guests are over, the faster spin from the BL770 translates to more crushing in less time, and with less strain on the motor.

2. Speed Settings

More settings mean more uses. The Ninja BL770 has 4 dedicated speed settings, plus the pulse for manual speed. The Ninja BL780 has 3 consistent speeds, plus pulse mode.

3. Size

Size is where it could swing in favor of the BL780, depending on the space you have available.

Could it really come down to a 3/4†height difference?


Both of these machines are tall, but the Ninja BL770 is WAY TOO CLOSE to 18â€, and since that’s the standard distance between a countertop to the base of a cabinet, if your kitchen has different heights, that 1/4†could be the difference between it sliding under a cabinet, or not having the worktop space to put it in your kitchen. The BL780 stands at 17†tall.

Final Verdict – Ninja BL780 Vs BL770

When compared, the Ninja BL770 is the better option for doing more with it, and that’s not only because it packs more power. It has more settings, and that matters for the food processor aspect.

As a blender, both Ninja are great for crushing anything frozen. It’s why they both have the stacked blade system. Both also have the same size mixing bowl and all the same accessories.

For mixing cake batters and cookie doughs though, the food processor will do better on the slowest setting. The low/dough speed on the BL770.

If you need the speed JUST for crushing frozen stuff for ice-cold smoothies, the Ninja BL780 will do just fine too. It’ll make more noise, but it’ll get the job done. Maybe not for as long before the motor starts playing up, depending on how hard you work it, but it’ll reach a fast enough speed, crush the same stuff, and turn veg to liquid with ease.

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