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Ninja BL770 Vs BN801: Which One Should You Buy In 2023?

When you want a powerful blender with the versatility of a food processor in one, Ninja Kitchen is up there with the best.

Question is, which is better… The Ninja BL770 vs BN801. It’s a narrow choice! One that’s made FAR easier when you know what each is better at doing.

They both have their place on someone’s kitchen counter.

The REAL difference isn’t about WHAT they can do. It’s more about HOW they get the job done!

To give these blenders their proper name, Ninja BL770 is the Ninja® MEGA Kitchen System®, and the BN801 is the Ninja® Professional Plus Kitchen System with Auto-iQ® technology. Ninja BL770 is the tried and tested model that’s been around since 2012, and it is the model with the most powerful motor. The BN801 is an updated version with only the power slightly reduced, but it packs FAR MORE features than its predecessor. Will you use them though?

Ninja BL770 Vs BN801 – Features

Ninja BL770 (Ninja Mega Kitchen System) Ninja BL801 (Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System)
1. Older model that’s proven to be reliable since 2012 1. Digital timer display allows for more precise control over textures
2. Lower sized 16 oz cups make it easier to make healthy portions of smoothies, or protein shakes 2. Single-serve cups are 50% larger, making them ideal if you prefer a larger smoothie, milkshake, or protein shake to go. (or bigger portions of dips and sauces)
3. The powerful motor makes it ideal for blending frozen fruits and vegetables frequently 3. More auto programs let you turn it on and walk away, leaving it to do its thing, saving you time.

Don’t want to read the full review of Ninja BL770 vs BN801? The Editor’s choice is Ninja BN801.

Ninja BL770 Review

BL770 Tech Specs

  • Main body color: Black
  • Assembled size: 9.5†x 8.25†x 17.75â€.
  • Capacity: 72 oz XL pitcher + 64 oz food processor bowl + 2 x 16 oz single-serve cups
  • Speed settings: 5
  • Assembled weight: 9.2 lbs

Ninja Mega Kitchen System Construction And Design

The Ninja BL770 or The Ninja Mega Kitchen System has been a handy helper in kitchens since 2012.

This is the tried and tested model housing a 1,500-watt motor, which is plenty of power for crushing ice.

When a combi blender can do that, you know that the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is going to slice, dice, and chop anything with ease.

It has the power and the accessories included to chop anything, but for chopping, you don’t have the preset “chop†program that the BN801 has.

If you’re fine standing with your finger on the pulse button or using the manual speeds, Ninja BL770 has the same attachments but less tech.

Power is a core selling point of Ninja BL770, pushing toward the larger end of the market, but the new model is only 100-watts less so there won’t be a noticeable difference between the two.

The 1,500-watt motor powering the Ninja Mega Kitchen System makes it the better option if you plan to blend frozen fruits and veg on the regular.

The tougher the task, the more power it needs. It’s the power in this model that makes it a reliable choice for frequent users.

Ninja BL770 Mega Kitchen System and Blender with Total Crushing Pitcher, Food Processor Bowl, Dough Blade, To Go Cups, 1500-Watt Base, Black

What the Ninja Mega Kitchen System REALLY has is a blender/food processor that’s been on the market for 8-years and proven to be reliable.

Depending on what you’re using it for, it may be the healthier choice.

According to, a healthy smoothie portion is 8 ounces, and a standard-sized portion is 22 oz.

If you plan to make protein shakes, most protein powders claim to mix well with 8 oz of water, so a single-serve cup to go in this model would be half-filled with water, press pulse to mix it up and you are SET.

The dishwasher-safe and BPA-free pitcher is an XL 72 oz capacity so even if you plan on making smoothies for a family of 4 or more, it’ll make that no problem. Just not automatically.

  • Ideal for easier portion control as the single-serve cups are a decent size of 16 oz.
  • Enough power to handle blending frozen fruit and vegetables on the regular. Like, every day, so this would be ideal for making breakfast smoothies using frozen fruit in the single-serve cups, then placing the sip lid on it, turning it into a travel cup. For dinner, swap the pitcher for the food processor and it’ll make light work of chopping, dicing, and pureeing.
  • Fewer features can be a plus, because as with everything when you add more, there’s more STUFF that can go wrong. Like a digital timer. Do you really need one? What Ninja BL770 has is the functionality that’s more likely to be used frequently. This is the foundation that newer Ninja models are built on.
  • Likely to look out of place in a modern kitchen. The base is an all-black plastic housing and while it is a high-density plastic, it still looks plastic. Given this is a countertop appliance, it’s one of those you’re more likely to want to put inside a cupboard than have it on your worktop as a kitchen appliance on display.
  • No Auto IQ® technology that’s used on newer models so you’ll need to know which attachments to use for which purpose.
  • Won’t make REGULAR smoothie sized portions to go.

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Ninja BN801 Review

BN801 Tech Specs

  • Main body color: Black and stainless steel
  • Assembled size: 17.6″ x 7.5″ x 9.6″
  • Capacity: 64 oz. food Processor Bowl, 72 oz. pitcher, and 2 x 24 oz. single-serve cups
  • Number of speed settings: 4 manual (low, medium, high, and manual pulse,) plus 5 auto programs (smoothie, ice crush, extract, chop, and dough)
  • Assembled Weight: 9.3 lbs

Ninja Professional Blender Construction And Design

The Ninja BN801 does a lot more with a teeny bit less power.

It’s a better choice if you want hands-off blending as there are more pre-set programs ready to go at the touch of a button.

Much of the simple tasks you throw at the Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System can be done in under a minute, such as mixing a couple of pounds of dough for a pizza base or some cookies.

For tougher food processing chores like making nut butter, it can do that in roughly 4-minutes.

The handy thing about using the auto function is you can turn it on and walk away.

Use your time to do other chores or leave the kitchen and go somewhere quieter.

No matter which program you use, it will be noisy, but that’s the same with every blender.

Noise is to be expected. Auto at least gives you the option to leave it be, instead of standing over it until you’re done prepping your foods or making a smoothie.

A neat upgrade in the Professional Plus Kitchen System is a digital timer as it gives you more control over the blending process.

Where this comes in handy is for your low setting when you’re mixing flours into the dough for bread, cookies, or a pizza base.

Delicate ingredients usually call for more precision in the processing.

Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System with Auto-iQ, and 64 oz. max liquid capacity Total Crushing Pitcher, in a Black and Stainless Steel Finish

To get the flour, there are plenty of accessories in the Professional Plus Kitchen System including blades capable of grinding grains. You can even use it to grind coffee beans.

The one notable difference is the single-serve cups that come with the Ninja BN801. They are 24 oz. capacity. Ninja BL770 has 16 oz. capacity single-serve cups. You can use the cups for smoothies to go, or you can make BIGGER portions of salsa dips and sauces.

If you’re one for experimenting with different recipes, trying different times to vary textures, or just prefer a larger serving than 16 oz, the Ninja BN801 could be a better fit.

  • Larger capacity single-serve cups make this better equipped for making larger portions of sauces and dips, or bigger smoothies.
  • Auto programs can save you time by letting you tend to other chores while it’s operating.
  • The large format digital timer gives you more control over timing, helping to vary textures and consistencies.
  • Limited manufacturer warranty, although this does depend on where you buy it. Some retailers have their own refund policies. If you buy direct from Ninja, the limited warranty is for the base and motor ONLY and does not extend to any attachments. If the pitcher cracks, they put it down to wear and tear.
  • Space-saving on worktops only. Not in storage overall due to the high number of attachments. You will need plenty of Kitchen storage space.
  • While it is capable of making decent nut butter, it won’t be totally handed off. The thicker the consistency of the blends, the more likely it is the mixtures will stick to the container walls, so expect to need to stop occasionally, scrape, and start again. If you plan to be away from the machine while it’s operating, it’d be best to only do that with finer ingredients.

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Similarities And Key Differences

Let’s see the main differences between Ninja BL770 Vs BN801.

Out of the box, all the attachments are similar for Ninja BL770 and BN801 with the exception of the single-serve cups.

Ninja BL770 has 2 x 16 oz single-serve cups, whereas the BN801 has 2 x 24 oz cups.

If you find yourself hosting parties, or making sauces and dips for a large family, the bigger serve-cups on the BN801 would let you make MORE in LESS time than it’d take with the older model.

Both Ninja BL770 and BN801 include the sip lids, so if you want a larger smoothie to go, Ninja BN801 does that.

The preset programs and Auto IQ is where the key differences are. Ninja BL770 has three programs –

  1. Dough
  2. Blend
  3. Crush

Ninja BN801 has five –

  1. Smoothie
  2. Ice Crush
  3. Extract
  4. Chop
  5. Dough

Both Ninja BL770 and BN801 have 4 manual speeds of low, medium, high, and pulse.

Auto IQ® is on the updated Ninja BN801. This is handy for those new to blenders and prefers to have some safety features there to make sure you use the right attachments with the right programs.

As an example, the pitcher uses a 6-blade attachment, and the food processor bowl, a smaller 4-blade attachment.

Auto IQ® recognizes the attachments and only illuminates the programs you can use.

As for ice crushing, you need to use a larger stacked blade in the pitcher, not the 64 oz bowl with a 4-blade attachment.

The new model won’t give you the option to try and crush the ice with a blade that’s not designed for it.

That’s handy if you have teens in the house who decide they want to make an iced drink on the fly, without changing the bowl and attachments.

Both Ninja BL770 and BN801 are countertop models and have different looks.

Ninja BN801 has a slicker black with stainless steel finish giving it a more modern appeal.

Ninja BL770 has an all-black base and since the bases on both are high-density plastic, rather than premium metal, it lacks the modern design appeal in today’s kitchens.

Overall, the new model looks more appealing and has more functionality.

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Final Verdict – Which Ninja Kitchen System Should You Choose?

Both Ninja BL770 and BN801 are great blenders and food processors.

The stacked blade system and powerful motors on both models make light work of chopping up the toughest of vegetables, frozen fruit, crushing ice for an icy-cold smoothie, or making nut butter.

Where the real differences lie is in the functionality.

When comparing Ninja BL770 vs BN801, the BN801 is the better option for HANDS-OFF blending.

The Ninja BL770 has a few preset programs, but it lacks the ice-crushing setting and the smoothie setting.

For smoothies, the single-serve cups are a larger 24 oz capacity bringing it closer to a regular-sized smoothie you’d buy from a shop.

As Ninja BL770 and BN801 are both countertop kitchen appliances, looks matter!

The new model is an improvement with its slick stainless steel look combined with black so it will look better in any modern kitchen.

For aesthetics and better functionality, Ninja BN801 is the better option.

If you aren’t fussed about the design or automating some of the chores you’ll be using the machine for, Ninja BL770 will do the same with more button-pushing and watching over it.

Overall, Ninja BN801 wins the battle of Ninja BL770 Vs Ninja BN801. Click the link below to buy the product at the lowest price.

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