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Nutribullet Motor Burnout – Troubleshooting Guide

Are you dealing with Nutribullet motor burnout issue? If so, you’re not alone. It’s a common problem for many people and it can be frustrating to deal with. Luckily, there are ways to troubleshoot the issue and fix it quickly!

Why Does My NutriBullet Smell Like Burnt Rubber?

burnt out motor Nutribullet

The most common reason for your Nutribullet motor to smell like burnt rubber is because food gets caught in the blades and then it overheats. This causes a burning smell that may also be accompanied by smoke or small flames.

No need to worry, though! You can take action immediately and get rid of the issue quickly, all you have to do is follow these steps:

Step 1

Turn off your NutriBullet and unplug it from the wall. Let the machine cool down before proceeding so you don’t burn yourself on any hot parts.

Step 2

Once the machine has cooled down, start disassembling the blade section of the blender so you can get a better look. To do this, remove the blade base from the motor unit by pressing down on one of the tabs located on top of it. Be careful not to break or lose any parts when you do this.

Step 3

Then, remove the blades from their base in order to get a better look at what might be causing the issue. If there is anything stuck in the middle of them, use a toothpick or something similarly thin but sturdy to pick it out.

You can also try soaking the blades in warm soapy water for about an hour before wiping them clean with a towel and reassembling everything afterwards.

Step 4

Make sure you have thoroughly cleaned all remnants of food from your Nutribullet so that no further problems arise due to lingering smells left behind.

Step 5

Then, reassemble the machine by reversing the steps you used to disassemble it. Make sure everything is put back in place exactly like before and that there are no pieces left over.

If this doesn’t get rid of the burning smell, it may be an indication of your Nutribullet motor burnout or overheating due to a faulty part inside. One way to check this would be to buy another blade base and blade socket just in case yours is broken.

If you don’t want to do that, however, then there are some other things you can try before giving up on the product altogether:

Troubleshooting Tips For Fixing Nutribullet Motor Burnout

nutribullet motor burned out

Is Your Motor Overloaded?

If you try to blend too much at one time, the motor might overheat and burn out. Make sure you don’t overload your machine and be careful when adding extra ingredients after it has already started running.

Does The Product Come With A Warranty?

Even though it’s fairly common for this problem to happen, NutriBullets do come with warranties that last for about a year depending on where you bought yours from.

If it turns out that your machine is still under warranty then take advantage of that by either contacting customer service or taking it in to the store where you originally purchased it and seeing if they will replace it for you.

Just make sure your purchase receipt and/or credit card statement can verify when and where you bought your product.

Does Your Motor Smell Like Burning Hair Or Rubber?

If the issue is not caused by excess food in the blade section, then it may be a faulty part instead. The solution will depend on which part is broken but you can either contact customer service to order a replacement or buy one yourself and fix it that way.

As long as the warranty is valid, you can get it replaced for free by NutriBullet if need be.

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Are There Any Other Problems That Come With Your Machine?

Sometimes, a burning smell or an issue with heat might not necessarily mean that the motor itself has burned out. It could also be an indication of something else like a broken fan or faulty thermostat. If this is the case, don’t try to fix anything yourself and take or send it in for repairs instead.

My Nutribullet Overheated – What Now?

The main problem that causes Nutribullets to burn out is overheating. Here are two things that typically happen when the machine reaches temperatures above what it’s designed for:

1. The motor burns out

2. The thermostat stops working properly

When this happens, the blade section might not spin anymore or it will start moving around erratically while you’re blending if your product starts heating up too much in general.

If you notice either of these two issues occurring, stop using the appliance immediately and contact customer service to see if they can send you a replacement unit or give you further instructions on how to fix it yourself (in case your warranty is still valid).

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What Would be Considered Excessive Heat?

If your Nutribullet can’t blend your product, it is probably due to the fact that it has started heating up too much for the motor to handle. This can happen if you try blending anything extremely thick or frozen and could also be caused by something as simple as putting in too many ice cubes at once.

You might start noticing one of these problems if your blade section feels hot to touch or starts smelling like burning rubber instead of food after you’ve tried using it multiple times over a three-month span.

If the heat persists after you’ve stopped using it, turn it off and try running some water through the blade section to see if that cools it down.

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What Else Can You Do For Nutribullet Motor Burnout?

The reason for Nutribullet motor burning smell might be due to a faulty thermostat which means that there isn’t an easy fix for this problem on your end once either one of these parts has burned out.

  • Contact customer service or talk with them about getting a replacement unit if you still have a warranty with your product.
  • Buy another part yourself so you can replace what broke instead of having to pay more money for something else later on.

If you have any concerns regarding Nutribullet motor burned out, please leave a comment below.

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