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How To Sharpen Vitamix Blades? Blade Sharpening Tips

Blenders are a great kitchen appliance that can be used for many purposes. Vitamix offers various styles, speeds, and blades to meet whatever your needs may be at the time.

While all of this is fantastic you should know that over long periods of use especially with ice or hard materials in them they will become dull leading to poor performance overall.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to sharpen these blades yourself without having any special tools!

Do I Need To Sharpen My Vitamix Blades?

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You can sharpen Vitamix blade assembly, no matter what model of blender you may have. It’s easy to do yourself and doesn’t require many materials or steps.

If you are wondering – “should I sharpen my Vitamix blades?”, the sharpness of your blades will impact the quality of mixes greatly, so it’s important to have them re-sharpened when necessary. Dull blades can also increase the likelihood of the motor overheating, so it’s important to maintain them properly.

Once you’ve mastered blade sharpening, keeping them sharp will be a breeze!

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How Do I Know If My Vitamix Blades Need Sharpening?

There are a few key indicators that it might be time to think about how to sharpen your Vitamix blades.

If you’re not getting the results you want from your blending – for example, if smoothies aren’t as smooth as they used to be – it might be because the blades are dull and need to be sharpened.

Another indication that your blades might need some attention is if you notice them spinning more slowly than usual when in use.

If you’re still unsure, take a close look at the blades themselves. If they appear to be nicked or damaged in any way, it’s time for a sharpening!

What You’ll Need To Sharpen Your Vitamix Blades

Fortunately, you won’t need any special tools or equipment to sharpen your Vitamix blades – just a few common household items.

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A container large enough to fit the Vitamix pitcher upside down (a bowl or sink works well)
  • A clean, dry towel
  • A rubber mallet or wooden spoon
  • Sharpening stone or file (a fine-grit sandpaper can also work in a pinch!)

How To Sharpen Vitamix Blender Blades

can you get Vitamix blade sharpened

There are 3 steps to the sharpening process that will ensure your blades perform at optimal levels:

Unplug The Blender And Remove The Blade

Remove the blade and pour it out in a sink after cleaning it with a damp cloth. You must also remove the blade from the pitcher so that nothing obstructs it when you use a wet stone on it. The best way to do this is to pull away the gasket that houses the blade.

Wet Your Stone And Blades

Place a little warm water on your sharpening stone to assist lubricate the blades as they’re being sharpened. It’s critical not to use too much water because this might cause the blades to slide against the stone.

Water may also be used to clean the blade, removing any food or debris that has been caught there.

Sharpen The Blades With The Stone

Holding the blade at a 20-degree angle, use gentle strokes while applying pressure to the sharpening stone. Use a back and forth motion about 10 times for each side of the blade.

You will know you’ve done it right when you see a shiny edge on your blade.

Wipe Off Any Residue With A Paper Towel Or Cloth

After sharpening your blades, it’s essential to clean off any water or oil that may remain on the blades. You can do this with a paper towel or cloth.

Rinse With Warm Water Once All Surfaces Are Cleaned

It’s also a good idea to rinse the blades with warm water after cleaning them. Doing this will remove any small particles of metal or stone that may be left on the blade.

Dry The Blade Completely Before Use

Make sure to dry your blade completely before using it again. Water left on the blade can cause rusting.

Replace The Blade And Gasket

Once you’ve sharpened the blades, replace them in the pitcher, and put the gasket back in place.

Plug In Your Blender And Give It A Test Run!

Now that your blades are sharpened, test them out by making your favorite smoothie or shake. You’ll be amazed at the difference!

Tips for Keeping Vitamix Blades Sharp

To keep your newly sharpened blades in good condition, follow these tips:

  • Avoid using hard objects such as ice cubes or frozen fruits as they can quickly dull the blades.
  • If you must use these ingredients, chop them into smaller pieces before adding them to the blender.
  • Clean your blades after every use to remove any food particles or residue.
  • Store your blender in a dry place when not in use.
  • Regularly sharpen your blades to maintain optimal performance.

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Is It Okay To Use An Electric Blade Sharpener?

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Using a small handheld blade sharpener is perfectly okay if you want to have even sharper blades more quickly.

While doing so won’t necessarily cause problems for other parts of the blender, we strongly advise against using them all of the time because they remove too much material from the blade.

This can end up weakening the blades quicker than they would naturally and ultimately reduce their lifespan.

How Often Should I Sharpen Blender Blades?

You should only need to sharpen your Vitamix blades once every six to twelve months. Sharpening them more often will cause the blades to become thinner, possibly resulting in their shattering.

Also, be sure to check the terms of your warranty. Sharpening the blades of your Vitamix may invalidate your warranty, and you could be responsible for any repairs that are required.

What Can I Blend With My Sharpened Vitamix Blade Assembly?

Once you have sharpened your blades again, you can get back to blending just as you used to!

Smoothies of many different kinds become much easier if they’re created with sharper blades.

No matter what you put into your blender whether it’s sweet fruits or vegetables, yogurt, milk, or ice the consistency will be like none other when using an optimal blade.

If you’ve been using a dull blade for some time, you might want to put thicker things like bananas or cream in first so the blades can get used to it again.

Blending aside, chopping and grinding are other functions that are not as efficient if your blades aren’t sharpened.

You don’t need an extremely expensive blender with very high speeds to be able to get this done though.

Anything from a Vitamix or Oster blender to something more affordable like a Waring Pro-style blender will do well at this.

While any blender can have its blade sharpened, those designed specifically for commercial applications tend to hold up better and longer than others because they’re built by companies that focus on this exclusively. If you own one of these kinds of blenders, you can sharpen the blade yourself at home.

However, if you don’t have a commercial blender then it doesn’t mean you can’t get your blades sharpened either.

Your best bet is to contact the company that manufactures those blenders and asks them where they would recommend having it done.

Most companies are more than happy to help in this way because sending someone else’s product out for repairs will cost them money as well.

In some cases, even small appliances like blenders may be covered under warranty and you’ll need to send it back to the manufacturer for any repairs needed.

This information should come with your warranty card as well and finding it now will take away stress later on when something goes wrong with your blender or any other appliances you have in your home.

What About Replacement Blades?

If you can’t find any suitable sharpening services or would prefer to keep things simple by simply buying replacements, that option is available as well.

Replacement blades are just what they sound like and come in different widths to fit whichever model you have.

If you need some help determining which blade to purchase, call their customer service line and they will be happy to provide assistance or take your order over the phone.

Note: A few models can remain powered on while putting in new blades as long as they’re locked into place beforehand. A few quick tests are all that’s needed before using them again so make sure to do this every time you put in new blades unless otherwise indicated by the user manual.

Vitamix Blades On Sale

While this article covers how to sharpen your Vitamix blades it doesn’t cover where you can buy new ones from.

If you are interested in where to buy them, check out all of the current deals on high-quality blades available now! It’s never been more affordable or easy to get new, razor-sharp blades for your blender model.

Conclusion – How To Sharpen Vitamix Blades

Blades that are dull have a tendency to hurt performance not just by taking longer but also by requiring thicker mixtures which leads to lumps and chunks within whatever you’re making.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way for everyone to get their blades sharpened without needing to return them or pay a hefty fee.

All you have to do is follow the tips mentioned in this article and soon enough your blender will be making smoothies and other goodies as efficiently as it should!

Thank You for Reading!

We hope that this article has helped you learn the process of sharpening Vitamix blades.

If you have any comments, questions, or would like to leave feedback about what we’ve written or your personal experience with sharpening blades please let us know by leaving a quick comment below.

Your input is always appreciated as we strive to produce high-quality content for our readers just like you!

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