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How Does Vitamix Ice Blade Compare To Wet Blade?

The Vitamix blender comes with a set of blades depending on its model and purpose.Â

Most models come with the standard “wet bladeâ€, which is perfect for making any kind of home-cooked burger or smoothie, but you may want to consider purchasing the “ice blade†as well if you like preparing frozen desserts such as ice cream (or even iced drinks).

Read more to find out which is better for you – Vitamix ice blade vs wet blade.

Vitamix ice blade and wet blade difference

Vitamix Ice Blade

Vita-Mix 001151 DM/TNC Ice Blade and Agitator Kit

The Vitamix ice blade is simply amazing as it is able to cut through chunks of frozen fruit or ice like butter.Â

You no longer have to spend time preparing smoothies for breakfast, as this blade does its job perfectly every time. Just throw some ingredients into the blender and let it do the rest – it will be ready in a couple of minutes.

Whether you want to prepare your favorite iced coffee or fruit smoothie, with this blade there’s no need to worry about chunks of ice getting stuck between your teeth – it works perfectly well even on the very first try.Â

The “ice blade†from Vitamix is able to break down any type of frozen ingredients into a smooth and creamy mixture that tastes just like what you would get at an expensive restaurant… but for a much better price!

By purchasing this blade, you no longer have to worry about spending tons of money on drinks at coffee shops or smoothie stands – just prepare them in your own kitchen for a fraction of the original price!Â

You can buy it directly from Amazon, where there are plenty of offers available depending on how many you want.

Vitamix Wet Blade

Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly

The “wet bladeâ€Â is the basic blade that comes with most regular Vitamix models.Â

It’s perfect for making any type of food right in your kitchen, whether it is a breakfast smoothie or creamy dessert.Â

The “wet blade†is safe to wash after each use as it doesn’t come into direct contact with ice cubes – it’s made for crushing ingredients that are already wet.

Although the “wet blade†does an excellent job at blending all kinds of foods, you might not be able to prepare some types of frozen drinks or fruit smoothies due to its design.Â

Ice cubes may get stuck between the blade and container if they are placed too close together – you will have to stop the machine multiple times to release the cubes.

If you wish to save even more money on your blender purchase, just stick to the basic “wet blade†for now. Test it out and see if you are satisfied with its performance – but keep in mind that sometimes ice cubes may get stuck under the blade.

You can buy both blades directly from Amazon. There are plenty of deals available depending on how many accessories you purchase, so make sure you check them all out!

Vitamix Ice Blade Vs Wet Blade

The difference between Vitamix ice blade vs wet blade becomes evident when looking into their purposes: one is made for ice crushing while the other is not.Â

If you often prepare iced beverages or blended cocktails, it might be your best option to purchase the ice blade and make them directly in your Vitamix machine instead of money and time wasted.

This way, you can enjoy your favorite drinks even when it’s not summer – they will always come out tasting fresh and full of flavor.Â

If you don’t need that blade and wish to save a little more money on the machine, then just go with the standard “wet blade†as it will still do an incredible job at crushing ice cubes (it can actually turn them into snow in seconds).

The ice blade is made for more than breaking down ice cubes, as it can also cut through frozen fruit and other types of ingredients.Â

Just put your favorite ingredients into the blender and see how quickly they are transformed into a tasty treat!Â

As you can see, no matter if you prefer iced drinks or smoothies – there’s nothing you won’t be able to prepare with this amazing machine.

Every Vitamix package includes both blades (with the exception of some smaller models), so make sure you check them out online before deciding which one will do best in your kitchen.Â

You can purchase both accessories directly from Amazon where there are plenty of deals available depending on how many you choose.Â

The “wet blade†is a little cheaper, but remember that the ice blade will make your life much easier when it comes to preparing iced drinks and other frozen beverages.

Vitamix Ice Blade Vs Wet Blade: Conclusion

The main difference between Vitamix ice blades vs wet blade is their purpose – one was made specifically for crushing ice, while the other does an incredible job at everything else.Â

You will need to decide which one you want to depend on your needs – if you want to make iced drinks, then get the ice blade. And if you need something else, go for the standard “wet blade†that comes with most Vitamix machines.

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