How To Remove Vitamix Blade (A Step By Step Guide)

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Do you have a Vitamix blender at home?

If so, then you probably also know that it has blades on the inside of the container.

The blades are there to help blend and chop up your food as quickly as possible.

But what if one of these blades gets stuck in your container?

This can happen when vegetables or other hard substances get stuck between them and the side of the container.

You cannot use this appliance again until you remove that blade, but how do you do it without causing any damage to either yourself or your expensive machine?

In this post, we will show you how to remove the Vitamix blade easily by using a screwdriver or by using a specialized tool by Vitamix!

How To Remove Vitamix Blade Without Special Tool

Vitamix Wet Blade Assembly

Here are the steps for Vitamix blade removal without a tool –

1. Grab the container and remove it from the base.

2. Turn your Vitamix upside down on a flat surface, so you are able to get at its bottom more easily. To release the retaining nut, locate it at the bottom of your container and look for a large silver round disk. Notice that this has two slots on its lip which are about one inch in width; these should be opposite the other across from each other.

3. If you have a screwdriver, this is what to do for the next step. Lay it horizontally across one of the lob slots on the retainer nut and make sure that its shaft rests against the center drive spline in between two prongs at top of the ratchet head (where the lever would normally be). The tip should rest just past where those two prongs meet up with each other so there’s no chance your pointer finger gets pinched!

4. To unscrew the blade, hold the container securely in your hands and turn counterclockwise with the screwdriver. The shaft of the screwdriver will twist this nut to loosen its grip on the drive spline that connects them both- use leverage by turning horizontally while making sure not to put too much pressure on one side or you may break something!

5. Remove the retainer nut from the container by using your hands. Turn upside down and place a thick cloth over blades inside of bottom, then grasp with a blanket to lift out safely.

Introducing Vitamix Blade Removal Tool (Wrench)

Vitamix Blade Wrench

The Vitamix Blade Removal Tool is a great tool for those who are struggling to remove blades on their own.

This handy little Vitamix tool to remove blade has been designed in such a way so as not only provides some form of mechanical advantage but also reduces slipping which can be common while trying this yourself without help.

Not only does this tool make blade removal quick and easy, but it also helps you avoid cuts or scrapes on your hands!

The Vitamix blade wrench makes the process of detaching a broken blade safe by making sure that there are no sharp edges to contend with.

The blade removal tool from Vitamix ensures that you can remove your blades without damage so they’ll stay in top shape and work better during blending than when dirty.

The Vitamix Blade Removal Tool is the perfect accessory for anyone with a Vitamix who needs to clean their blades.

Steps For Replacing Vitamix Blade

If you wanted to remove the Vitamix blade because they had become dull, and did not function properly, here is a step by step guide to change Vitamix blades with new ones after removing them using the above steps –

1. To replace the Vitamix blade assembly, it is important that you have the Vitamix blade removal tool mentioned above (It’s called a nut wrench). Any other tool can lead to some serious damage to your machine.

2. Using a towel, hold the new blade assembly carefully. There are a couple of flat surfaces on either side of the drive socket. These will fit into both sides in one end of this container hole (the bottom). Align it and press firmly when you’re sure that they are well aligned with each other – these blades should be really sharp!

3. Tighten the nut with your fingers and make sure that you tighten it all the way by using the Vitamix wrench.

Conclusion – How To Remove Vitamix Blade

In this post, we learned how to remove the blade from the Vitamix container, or by using a Vitamix Wrench tool.

The next time your Vitamix blades get dull, don’t go searching for a new blender.

Save some money and replace the blades using the steps mentioned above.

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