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How To Remove Vitamix Blade: A Guide On How To Change Vitamix Blades

Do you have a Vitamix blender at home?

If so, then you probably also know that it has blades on the inside of the container.

The blades are there to help blend and chop up your food as quickly as possible.

But what if one of these blade assembly gets stuck in your container?

This can happen when vegetables or other hard substances get stuck between them and the side of the container.

You cannot use this appliance again until you remove that blade, but how do you do it without causing any damage to either yourself or your expensive machine?

In this post, we will show you how to take out Vitamix blade easily by using a screwdriver or by using a specialized tool by Vitamix!

how to remove the blade from a Vitamix blender

How To Remove Vitamix Blade Assembly

how to remove blade on Vitamix

Here are the steps for Vitamix blade removal without a tool –

1. Unplug The Vitamix From Power Source

First, make sure the appliance is turned off.

Remove it from power source by either pulling it out or turning off the circuit breaker for your house.

2. Remove The Container

Remove the container from the base of your blender by twisting it counterclockwise until it pops off.

3. Turn The Base Upside Down

To do this, you will need to turn the base upside down on a flat surface so that all of its components are facing up towards the ceiling. This includes the blade assembly and everything else!

Now grab onto all three parts with one hand – don’t let go – while holding an adjustable wrench in your other hand to remove them together as one unit. Keep both hands tightly gripped on each piece.

4. Remove The Old Blade

Doing this, you should be able to pull the blade out of place with your hand once it is loose enough.  Be sure to do this over a container such as a plastic grocery bag (or even an extra blender container!) in case any liquid gets spilled while removing the blade.

If all goes well, you should see that the blade has come off and is now on top of whatever surface you placed it on.

Congrats! You’ve removed the Vitamix blade successfully and without damage to yourself or machine!

5. Reattach The New Blade

All that’s left for you to do is reattach the new blade to the base in the same way you took out the old one. Just put it back into place and tighten once more with your adjustable wrench.

6. Test Your Blade To Make Sure Everything Works

Once all of these steps are complete, you’re ready to test out your new Vitamix blade and see if it works like normal!  If not, then something might be wrong and we recommend that you turn off the appliance immediately and contact customer support for Vitamix!

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Best Tool For Removing Vitamix Blade

Introducing Vitamix Blade Removal Tool (Wrench)

remove blade Vitamix

The Vitamix Blade Removal Tool is a great tool for those who are struggling to remove blade assembly on their own.

This handy little Vitamix tool to remove blade has been designed in such a way so as not only provides some form of mechanical advantage but also reduces slipping which can be common while trying this yourself without help.

Not only does this tool make blade removal quick and easy, but it also helps you avoid cuts or scrapes on your hands!

The Vitamix blade wrench makes the process of detaching a broken blade safe by making sure that there are no sharp edges to contend with.

The blade removal tool from Vitamix ensures that you can remove your blade assembly without damage so they’ll stay in top shape and work better during blending than when dirty.

The Vitamix Blade Removal Tool is the perfect accessory for anyone with a Vitamix who needs to clean their blade assembly.

How To Remove Vitamix Blade Without Wrench

Yes, you can remove Vitamix blade without special tool. You can use a glove or anything that can cover your hand to avoid cuts and scrapes.

1. Screwdriver

You can use a screwdriver to remove the blade. Simply stick it into the grooves of the container where the blade is attached and turn it counterclockwise until you hear clicking sounds indicating detach.

2. Use A Knife Blade

Place two knives at either side of the bottom part of Vitamix blade or top part (where blade assembly is attached). Push one knife with your palm and hold firmly, then push the other knife using your fingers.

Twist gently to take off Vitamix blade from base unit. Be careful not to cut yourself as only a thin layer separates you from sharp metal blades.

3. Remove Using Gloves

Put on a work glove for protection before touching any part of blender machine especially where sharp blade assembly is present.

Here’s how to unscrew Vitamix blade – Wrap the glove on your hand, then attach it firmly on blade with help of a rubber band. Twist your wrist to unscrew blade assembly from its base unit.

4. Using Spoon

Put on gloves before you start this method as there are chances of cuts and scrapes while handling sharp edges using bare hands. Insert spoon between Vitamix blender blades and container so that it holds base unit in place while blade is being removed by twisting the spoon left and right gently.

Remove blade carefully without breaking any part or injuring yourself with shard edges present at bottom of blender machine where top section blades has been connected to base unit.

Why Would You Want To Remove A Blades Of Vitamix?

Sometimes you might need to remove a Vitamix blade if –


If you are seeking to clean or replace your blade it is necessary for you to detach the assembly first.

Removing Stuck Foods

If there are some chunks of food that have become jammed onto blade, then it is possible to remove them by detaching the blade from the base unit. This would only be possible if you have removed your Vitamix blade right after use instead of letting it dry up on its own.

Blade Replacement

If you want to replace or repair your blade, then it is mandatory that you detach the blades before sending it in.

Does Vitamix Manual Have Instructions For Blade Removal?

Some manuals do include instructions about detaching Vitamix blade, but it all depends on which model you own. You can consult your instruction manual or contact customer service for more information about your specific model.

Why The Vitamix Blade Removal Tool Is A Must-Have Equipment For Anyone With A Blender?

The blender machine has powerful blades attached at the bottom of container so that they can continue to rotate even when ingredients are continuously blended for smoothies, nut butters, purees, soups and other concoctions. Therefore, there is always risk of injury all around if incorrect methods are used to detach the blades from the base unit.

If you own a high performance blender such as Vitamix 5200, then you will need to purchase a Vitamix tool set that has wrench for blade removal and container dismantling. This is because this machine does not come with included accessories such as tamper and recipe book and you would need tools to detach blades and take apart the jar so that it can be cleaned properly.

How To Change Blade In Vitamix

If you wanted to replace Vitamix blade because they had become dull, and did not function properly, here is a step by step guide on how to change blade on Vitamix with new ones after removing them using the above steps –

1. To replace the Vitamix blade assembly, it is important that you have the Vitamix blade removal tool mentioned above (It’s called a nut wrench). Any other tool can lead to some serious damage to your machine.

2. Using a towel, hold the new blade assembly carefully. There are a couple of flat surfaces on either side of the drive socket. These will fit into both sides in one end of this container hole (the bottom). Align it and press firmly when you’re sure that they are well aligned with each other – these blades should be really sharp!

3. Tighten the nut with your fingers and make sure that you tighten it all the way by using the Vitamix wrench.

Conclusion – How To Remove Blade From Vitamix Blender?

In this post, we learned how to remove the blade from the Vitamix container, or by using a Vitamix Wrench tool.

The next time your Vitamix blades get dull, don’t go searching for a new blender.

Save some money and replace the blades using the steps mentioned above.

Please share this article if you found it helpful.

I’m always interested in hearing your thoughts and opinions on the content that we produce!

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