Is Ninja Blender Good For Indian Cooking? Let’s Find Out

picture of Indian dosa being prepared on a hot stove

Blending is an important part of Indian cooking. Whether you’re making a chutney, sauce, or curry, there’s usually some sort of blending involved. If you’ve ever made these things at home with a regular blender then you know that it takes forever and the end result isn’t always smooth enough for your liking. It can … Read more

Can You Grate Cheese With Ninja Food Processor: Everything You Need to Know!

Quick Answer – Ninja food processors can most certainly grind up cheese seamlessly with no effort. However, it will not look like your traditional grated cheese. So, if you care about the appearances, try looking for a box grater or another grating option.  Are you tired of spending long hours grating the cheese? Do you … Read more

Can I Use My Ninja Blender To Grind Coffee Beans?

using Ninja blender to grind coffee beans

Yes, you can use your ninja blender to grind coffee beans. Many customers have testified that the Nutri Ninja does a better job at grinding coffee than the Nutribullet. This ultimately gives you more control of the consistency of the coffee ground. Although the instruction manual clearly states it’s not suitable for dry ingredients, many … Read more