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Can You Make Peanut Butter In A Ninja Blender?

Can you make peanut butter in a Ninja blender?

This is the question that many people are asking themselves.

It seems like it would be easy to do, but there are some things that we need to know before we can give an answer.

In this blog post, I will discuss how difficult it is to make peanut butter in a ninja blender and share my opinion on whether or not it’s worth trying out!

Can You Make Peanut Butter In A Ninja Blender?

You might be able to make peanut butter but it will likely be unappealing because most of the oil in peanuts will not break down.

A blender can’t get as oily things like coconut, nuts, or carrots to emulsify, so they end up coming out gritty and unappetizing.

But throwing some water into the mixture can help them blend by breaking down cell membranes and loosening up anything that was tough to mix before.

Why Is It Difficult To Make Peanut Butter In Ninja Blender?

Whole peanuts are very hard and will just tear the blades.

Peanut butter is actually made by grinding up peanuts into paste form, where those whole peanuts would be easily shredded by the blades of a Ninja blender.

That’s also why peanut butter doesn’t usually come in chunks, while other nut spreads do–not as much shearing action occurs when you just blend with nuts.

How To Make Peanut Butter In A Ninja Blender?

Making peanut butter in the blender might work if you have some patience. Here are instructions on how to make peanut butter at home with your kitchen equipment: 

1) Place peanuts in the Ninja blender and leave some pieces of peanuts for texture, then place a spoonful of peanut butter over top to make it more attractive.

2) Add some oil (too much will make the mix too dense). Use premade ingredients or make your own with other nuts and seeds.

3) Add water if necessary for desired consistency – too little can cause it to become thick like peanut candy.

4) Warm up the mixture for better results because cold makes the fats harden and stick together more easily as they cool, decreasing the quality of texture.

5) Blend starting on low to break down any large chunks before switching to high speed because that can cause them to accumulate into larger chunks again.

6) Pulse for a smoother buttery product than chunky peanut butter.

7) Pour the mixture into a bowl or jar for storage before refrigerating to keep it fresh, and use within three weeks of making peanut butter in a ninja blender.

8) A nut-free option is using sunflower seeds so those with allergies can still enjoy this tasty treat.

Note: if you want something sweeter or less peanut-y, add a little honey or maple syrup to the mixture in ninja blender.

Tips For Making Peanut Butter In Ninja Blender

The best technique is to process the peanuts until they are ground but not too finely. Once this is done, slowly add the peanut oil in a rolling motion and continue blending until it’s completely mixed together. 

Fill up any empty space with almond milk or water – adding more almond milk or water will help maintain a better consistency of your butter.

It should be thoroughly mixed to form a paste that will clump when pressed together.

You can begin adding the powdered sugar by tablespoonfuls (or alternatively, you can just let people dollop additional ingredients into individual servings).

Swirl and dip the blender in about 10-15 second intervals for perfect results each time!

Don’t forget to add some chocolate chips, protein powder, or any number of other delicious combinations.

Make sure you don’t over-blend it.

Keep in mind that over-processed or over-blended nut butter will be runny and lack the smooth consistency of natural nut butter.

The advantage of a Ninja blender is that it can process nuts to a much smoother texture than other types of food processors.

That said, remember not to push any buttons unless you want your perfect peanut butter to be turned into peanut soup!

Be patient, listen for the “done” sound, and then start mixing again until your desired consistency is just right.

If possible, make two batches at once (or more if you’re still hungry).

These days we eat with our eyes as well as our mouths so presentation matters! But don’t let this stop you from getting creative and making some peanut butter-based creations.

Which Is The Best Ninja Blender For Nut Butter?

The only Ninja blender I actually recommend for making nut butter is Ninja Mega Kitchen System.

I purchased my own Ninja Mega Kitchen System and I was really impressed with how quickly I had created huge amounts of nut butter at will! Now I always toast my nuts first in order to avoid oxidation and dryness.

There are many people who believe that the Ninja Mega Kitchen System is too expensive for a blender, but I think it’s worth every penny!

A Ninja Mega Kitchen System has 64oz. bowl, which is the perfect size for larger batches of nut butter.

It’s easier to add ingredients and stir when a jar isn’t constantly tipping over because of its lighter weight.

The blender can also pulverize nuts to make a smoother consistency quickly so you don’t have to wait for hours in front of the stove or food processor.

Check out our selection of the best blender for making nut butter.

Can I Use A Food Processor Instead?

The blades on a Ninja blender are not as sharp or effective as those on other models, so there’s nothing wrong with using your regular food processor instead!

Food processors usually work better than blenders when trying to break down nuts and turn them into butter/cream if you’ve had trouble making your nut butter smooth in a Ninja blender.

Fortunately, the Ninja Mega Kitchen System comes with a food processor attachment as well.

The blades on a food processor are much more powerful than the ones on an average-priced blender, meaning that they’re able to grind up nuts at lower speeds (which yields smoother pieces of peanut butter).

You may want to add some natural oil like coconut or olive oil to the mixture to make it emulsify better.


The Ninja Mega Kitchen System is a must-have for any household.

Not only does it come with the necessary parts to make delicious peanut butter, but there are also many other tasks that you can accomplish in this blender.

If you’re concerned about how difficult it may be to use your Ninja blender for cooking and making nut butter, don’t worry! We have some helpful tips on our blog that will get you started right away.

Looking forward to hearing from all of you soon!

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