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Vitamix Container Leaking From Bottom – What To Do?

Do you have a Vitamix container that is leaking from the bottom?

This can be a very frustrating thing to deal with, and we’re here to help! We’ll walk you through some of the most common reasons that this might happen.

We’ll also give tips on what you can do next in order to fix it!

Let’s get started.

why does Vitamix container leak from bottom

Vitamix Container Leaking From Bottom – Top Reasons And Solutions

1. Vitamix Container Used With Older Model

One reason that you might be having a problem with your Vitamix container leaking from the bottom is that it’s being used in conjunction with an older model.

Any time that you attach the blade assembly to the container, make sure that both pieces are of the same model number.

If there’s any deviation at all – like one piece is 5200 and the other is C-Series for example – then this could cause issues.

That means that even if it was working fine before, something might have changed while using these two different appliances together (even if they were made by Vitamix!) or maybe while moving them around while cleaning or prepping food.

This will lead to problems like leakage around the jar itself, gasket trouble, and a number of other issues.

If you have an older container that isn’t the same as your blender’s model, then it might be time to invest in a new one!

2. Worn Down Or Damaged Blade Assembly

Leaking from the bottom is another issue that happens when the blade assembly is being used with a worn-down or damaged lid gasket.

Sometimes this just naturally happens over time – but if you notice any extra leaking going on, then it’s probably coming from a faulty gasket somewhere.

Replacing this piece will do the trick, so head to our Vitamix parts page and find out how to order a replacement part for your specific model!

You can also take it into your local store if they offer repairs (better yet, contact us about repairing your appliance instead).

3. Blade Assembly Not Connected To The Container Properly

Another reason that you might be having trouble with leaks coming from the bottom is that the blade assembly isn’t connected to the container properly.

Make sure that you’re following your specific model’s instructions for proper installation – the order in which the pieces are put together will differ depending on whether or not it’s one of our Ascent Series models or a Legacy Series, so check before connecting them!

Also, make sure that there aren’t any tools leftover from packaging inside your jar.

Any extra pieces can get in the way when trying to blend ingredients, and this could lead to problems too!

If these issues don’t seem like they’re what’s causing your jar troubles, then it might be best to take a look at a different part of your blender.

4. Too Little Or Too Much Liquid

The most common cause for the bottom of a Vitamix container leaking is related to friction – this happens when there isn’t enough foam or liquid in the jar after blending, and sometimes it can be a sign that you’re using too much!

Make sure that your ingredients are lower than an inch above the blades in order to keep them from wearing down or damaging any part of your container.

Also, if you notice that you’re not getting good results when trying to make nut butter, then add some oil into the mix. This will help with the friction issue and get things moving along smoothly.

5. Any Other Reason

If none of these ideas seem like they might fix your problem with leakage around the base of your Vitamix container, then it might be time to call the Vitamix customer service.

Their customer service team will help you troubleshoot your appliance and figure out what specifically is causing issues with spillage – we’re here to help and we want you and your Vitamix container to work smoothly!

We hope this article helped in some way, and we wish you the best of luck with your machine.

If you found this article helpful, please feel free to share it with others who may need our help as well! Thanks for reading.

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