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Vitamix Container Compatibility: Are All Containers Interchangeable?

Vitamix is a well-known consumer electronics brand that produces high-performance blenders for both household and commercial usage.

I enjoy playing with different blenders to make my smoothies. I must confess that Vitamix blenders are so diverse that, when I first tried them, I was stumped for choice.

Vitamix has expanded its blender container and series in the last two decades to provide users more alternatives that fit their demands.

Most individuals want to know if Vitamix containers are interchangeable. To learn more about Vitamix blender cups and Vitamix container compatibility, keep reading.

are vitamix containers interchangeable

Benefits of Using the Vitamix Container for Your Blender

The container holds all materials you wish to process, and it provides a secure grip during the blending process. It is also the perfect container for liquids because it features an enhanced pouring spout.

Vitamix blender containers are designed with a number of features to make your blending tasks easier. The ergonomic handle, for instance, offers a comfortable grip while you hold it for an extended period. There is also the patented 2-in-1 hard plastic tamper that can break up clumps and smooth out thick mixtures.

The Vitamix container makes the machine versatile because it allows you to use ingredients in different forms, such as prepped or dry bulk foods. You can even use frozen fruits without worrying about overloading your machine.

Are Vitamix Containers Interchangeable?

Vitamix containers are indeed interchangeable, but they must come from the same product line. You may easily swap Vitamix jars three decades ago.

However, it’s not so easy to find a container that directly fits today’s Vitamix models. This is due to the fact that Vitamix containers have changed over time and their compatibility with other blender jars has been affected by the changes as well.

The vast majority of consumers want to know whether Vitamix uses regular jar lids for its product lines, i.e., if they’re interchangeable. To learn more about Vitamix blender containers and their compatibility, keep reading!

Which Vitamix Containers Are Interchangeable?

This guide will not only educate you about Vitamix container compatibility, but it will also tell you which series your Vitamix blender is from.

Vitamix 64-Ounce Classic Container (Tall)

Vitamix 64 ounce tall container

The 64-oz classic legacy tall container is known as the living oldest Vitamix container.

Because the standard 64-oz classic container is tall, it won’t fit beneath typical kitchen cabinets.

The Vitamix 64-ounce classic Container is compatible with all of the company’s previous-generation models, including the 5200, TurboBlend Two Speed, Pro 500, CIA Professional Series, Creations Elite, 6000, 6300 and 6500.

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Vitamix 64-Ounce Low Profile Vitamix Blender Container

Vitamix 64 ounce low profile container

The 4-inch blade low profile Vitamix container is shorter and broader than the 64-ounce Tall container.

Because they are powerful enough to run the container, all Vitamix G-Series Next-Generation blender power-bases can be used with the Vitamix 64-Ounce low profile Vitamix container.

This container is compatible with all Vitamix Next-Generation blenders (G-Series) as well as the Vitamix 5300 and Explorian E320 budget versions. The popular Vitamix 7500, Pro 300, Pro 750, Pro 780, and Creations Elite Model are among the G-Series Vitamix blender models with a larger 2.2-peak horsepower motor that can power the huge 4-inch blade container.

The 64-ounce low profile Vitamix container is compact, so blenders that operate on it will fit under typical kitchen cabinets without difficulty.

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Vitamix 64-Ounce Self-Detect Low Profile Vitamix Container

Vitamix Ascent Series 64 ounce low profile container with self detect

This low profile Vitamix container is only compatible with the Vitamix A-Series, Ascent Series.

The self-detection feature of this low profile Vitamix container will function properly with any blender in the Vitamix Ascent Series. On top of that, the Vitamix 64-Ounce self-detect low-profile container is also compatible with the G-Series on manual mode. The self-detect mechanism will not operate on the G-Series.

The Vitamix Ascent Series includes the following machines: The Vitamix A2300, A2500, A3300, and A3500 are examples of the Vitamix Ascent Series.

These versions come with smart technology like touchscreen panels, timer displays, and wireless connection with iOS/Android to provide you with 17 pre-programmed settings and over 500 recipes in addition to other smart system capabilities.

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Vitamix 48-Ounce Blender Container

Vitamix Container 48 oz

The 3-inch blade on the 48-oz container is noteworthy. It’s available in a wet or dry version and works with C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian series Vitamix blenders.

Vitamix 5200, TurboBlend Two Speed, Pro 500, CIA Professional Series, 6000, 6300, 6500, Pro 200, 7500 Pro 300 , 750 Pro 780 , E310 and E320 are examples of this category.

The Vitamix C-Series, G-Series, and Explorian series are all referred to as the Vitamix Legacy Series of blenders! So next time you hear about legacy series Vitamix blenders, you’ll know what they’re talking about.

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Vitamix 48-Ounce Self-Detect Container

Vitamix Ascent Series Container 48 oz. with SELF-DETECT

The Vitamix Self-Detect containers are part of the smart-system blender family and fall under the Vitamix A-Series, Ascent Series. Fortunately, the Vitamix 48-ounce container is compatible with all full-sized blenders. If the blender is not an A-Series, however, the self-detect feature will be ineffective.

It means that other Vitamix blender models, such as the G-Series, Explorian Series, and C-Series, can all use the self-detect containers.

The Vitamix container can be swapped over any of the full-size Vitamix blender power-bases: the C-Series, Ascent-series, G-Series, and Explorian series.

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Vitamix 40-Ounce Wet Container (Compact Design)

vitamix 40 ounce wet container

This Vitamix container can only be used with the S-Series Vitamix blender power bases, such as the S30/S50/S55.

A 40-ounce container has a tiny design with a blade base that screws out.

These small blenders are designed for individuals or families of less than three people. Students, RVers, and other people with a confined/minimalist kitchen are usually the target audience.

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Vitamix 8-Ounce Self-Detect Blending Bowl Container

Vitamix 8 ounce container bowls

The Ascent series blenders exclusive use of the 8-oz blend bowl with self-detect technology.

This container is only compatible with the Vitamix A3500, A3300, A2500, and A2300.

This tiny container, when combined with the blending bowl starter kit, allows you to make small portions of your favorite foods.

It’s a must-have for many other applications, including grinding spices, mixing dry baby food and single-serve salsa, as well as chopping garlic and onion.

Vitamix has a kit with two 8-ounce blending bowls and two stackable lids that are ideal for storing your blends.

TIP: I highly recommend obtaining the Vitamix Ascent series blending bowl starter kit, which includes a blade base so you may utilize all of the 8-ounce blender bowls’ features.

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32-Ounce Blender Container for Vitamix

Vitamix 32 ounce container

The 32-ounce container has a 3-inch blade and is available in either wet or dry versions, just like the 48-ounce model. It’s also compatible with Vitamix blenders from the C-, G-, and Explorian series Vitamix.

Please see the “48-oz container” section above for a list of all Vitamix C, G, and Explorian blender models.

The narrow bases and 3-inch blades of the 64-ounce classic legacy tall, 48-ounce wet, and 32-ounce dry containers make them ideal for single-serving blends. As a result, if you already possess the 64-oz classic legacy tall container, you don’t need the 48-oz or 32-oz WET ones.

You may, however, need the 48-ounce or 32-ounce dry containers, especially if you prefer to powder grains.

The smaller high-profile 32-oz, 48-oz and 64-oz low-profile Vitamix containers have wider bases to support their larger 4-inch blades. As a result, they are not suitable for single-serving mix production, and you’ll need either the WET 48 or WET 32 containers to do so.

In the section below, where I discuss “Wet vs Dry” Vitamix blender containers, I’ve covered all of these suggestions.

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Vitamix 20 Ounce Container

Vitamix Cup 20 oz.

The 20-ounce cups are available in three different versions, and each one is designed for a specific Vitamix blender model.

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Vitamix 20-oz To-Go Cup for S-Series Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix 20 ounce to go cup

The 20-ounce To-Go cup comes with any of the three S-Series models (S30, S50, or S55) and includes flip-top lids that can be used as a travel cup. They’re the same blade base as the 40-ounce containers supplied with these blenders.

NOTE: Although they appear to be identical to Ascent series blender cups, this one is totally different since it lacks self-detect technology. Please do not TRY using it with your Ascent series blenders.

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Vitamix 20-oz Blending Cup with Self-DetectÂ

Vitamix Self-Detect Blending Cup 20 Oz

The 20-ounce mixing cup is specifically made for the Ascent series of blenders. It may be used in conjunction with the Vitamix Ascent series blending cup starter kit to create single-serving recipes.

It’s designed to hold enough coffee for one person during a workday and comes with a spill-proof lid that can be used as a travel cup.

TIP: I recommend the Vitamix Ascent Series blending cup starter kit, which includes two 20-oz mixing cups with self-detect, spill-proof lids, and a blade base.

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Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter

Vitamix Personal Cup Adapter

Vitamix discovered that most individuals who own legacy series blenders like the idea of single-serve cups included with the S-Series and Ascent Series machines.

However, there was a hitch! These cups were not intended to work with previous Vitamix models. As a result, Vitamix returned to the drawing board!

The Vitamix personal cup adapter was the end result. It’s designed specifically with older models, next-generation models, and the Explorian series in mind.

Vitamix personal cup adapter can be used with all of these blenders to create single-serving recipes.

TIP: The Vitamix personal cup adapter is an optional accessory designed specifically for owners of older, next-generation, and Explorian series Vitamix blenders who want to use the 20-ounce cups included with newer Ascent or S-Series machines.

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Vitamix Aer Disc Container

Vitamix Aer Disc Container

The Aer disc container, which is the newest accessory container for the Vitamix, comes in last.

This 48-ounce container is compatible with all full-size Vitamix machines. All C-Series, G-Series, Explorian Series, and Ascent series blender models are included.

The Aer disc is a unique, circular disk with holes that functions like a blade scraper. And it’s intended to do things that the normal Vitamix jars can’t.

It’s also made to accommodate recipes that require a dome-shaped lid as opposed to a flat lid.

TIP: The Aer disc container is an accessory blender container made for Vitamix owners who want to make vegan cheesecakes, pâtés, and other foods requiring a dome-shaped lid. It can also be used with recipes that need a blade scraper action.

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Vitamix Wet Vs Dry Containers

The Vitamix containers come in wet and dry versions. The difference is that the wet version comes with a tamper, while the dry version does not.

The Vitamix Wet container is intended for making smoothies and other blended beverages that require an external blade scraper to work. It’s also made to handle thick mixtures like spreads, doughs, batters, pâtés, and dips. In addition, it can be used with recipes that contain minimal or no liquids at all.

In contrast, the Vitamix Dry container is intended for grinding grains into flour as well as working with thick doughs and batters from pie crusts to pizza crusts.

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Wet Vs Dry Blending Action

Wet containers blend by pulling ingredients down toward the blade. In addition, they pull air into the mixture as it spins around and around like a whirlpool.

This whirling motion is why wet containers can handle thick mixtures that contain minimal or no liquids at all; there’s little need for an external blade scraper with these recipes. The pulling action does this job instead!

Can You Use The Vitamix Dry Grain Container For Wet Ingredients?

Yes, you can use a recipe meant for a wet Vitamix container in a dry grain Vitamix container; however, you won’t get a smooth consistency.

The wet Vitamix machine is designed to combine the components while the dry grain machine breaks them down.

Because Vitamix blenders come with two containers, you don’t have to replace the original purpose of the containers. You may make your vegetable or fruit smoothie with the dry grain container, but it will need to be strained before consumed.

Can All Vitamix Containers Be Used on All Power-Bases?

There are many Vitamix containers available for all blenders, but the answer is no.

The question “can vitamix containers be swapped” can only be answered with a specific set of conditions. If you want to know if your container is compatible with another blender model, always check the listing on any vendor’s website first. Most parts are designed specifically to work with certain machines only.

The Vitamix Ascent self-detect 64-ounce low-profile Vitamix container, for instance, will function properly on the A2300/A2500/A3300/A3500. The containers are not compatible with any other blender model.

It would make no sense to put a 3″ blade and the self-detect mechanism on a G Series, C Series or Pro 300 machine; it is not designed for these components.

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Using The Right Vitamix Container Makes Sense

There are many reasons why you should always choose the right container when preparing a recipe. The container is specially designed to work with a specific set of ingredients at a time, and you may end up ruining your recipe if you use the wrong container.

For example, using a wet grain container to blend dry grains can cause overheating because the material may not be able to hold moisture well enough. You could also find that thicker mixtures will not blend properly in wet containers because there is more air than water.

The Vitamix A-Series self-detect 64 oz low-profile container, for instance, has been designed specifically for blending large batches of thick ingredients such as dough or frozen desert mixes. Foods like these are difficult to process on most other blenders because they tend to get caught around the blade.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There A Glass Container For Vitamix?

There isn’t a glass jar for any high-speed blender. Vitamix claims that this is due to safety concerns. They don’t want a glass jar to shatter if someone drops a metal spoon into it when it’s in operation.

Do I Need A Dry Container For My Vitamix?

The dry container is also useful when you want to grind grains into flour. Because many recipes call for wet ingredients like water or oil, working with dough that contains no liquids at all would be difficult in the standard low-profile jar that comes with your machine.

Are All Vitamix Containers Plastic?

While the advantages of glass jars are obvious, it’s heartening to know that no high-performance blenders use them. In fact, all Vitamix and Blendtec blenders feature a tough polycarbonate plastic. Commercial blenders tend to use more plastic than home models because they’re designed to withstand constant usage.

Can I Put My Vitamix Container In The Dishwasher?

All containers are dishwasher-safe but should not be run through a cycle that automatically heats up. Vitamix blenders have a self-detect feature that monitors the container’s performance and will not allow it to work if it detects overheating.

Are Vitamix Containers BPA-Free?

ABSOLUTELY YES! The Eastman Tritan copolyester used in all Vitamix containers does not contain Bisphenol A (BPA).

Which Vitamix Container Works Best For Smoothies?

The wet container is best for making thick smoothies because it allows you to add ingredients that contain more water than solids. It’s important to understand the difference between a blended drink and a puree. You can enjoy both by choosing the right container.

Containers such as the Smart System self-detect 64 oz low-profile container work well with thicker mixtures like frozen drinks and desserts. This is because they have been specially designed to use thick liquids as their base, which ensures maximum results in terms of consistency, flavor and color!

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Vitamix Container Compatibility: Final Thoughts

As long as you know which model of machine you will use your Vitamix container with, you can mix and match the components.

If you are not sure what type of power-base fits your blender, always check the manufacturer’s website for Vitamix container compatibility information before purchasing new parts for your machine.

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