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Vitamix Low Profile Vs Standard Container – Which One To Buy?

Vitamix has long been the go-to for high-quality blenders. They are pricier than other models, but they last longer and work better. 

Their newest model is designed to be lighter and more versatile than ever before.

In this post, let’s compare Vitamix low profile vs standard container.

Vitamix Low-Profile Containers

Vitamix low profile container

The new Vitamix low-profile containers are compact enough that you can store them in most cabinets without taking up too much space or weighing down your countertops with an unwieldy appliance. 

They also have a sleek design so it will look great on your countertop while blending smoothies, soups, yogurt, etc! 

The low-profile containers also have a wider base that will allow you to add more things to your smoothies. 

The Vitamix starter kit comes with a 48oz container, but you can buy the 32oz and the 20oz separately so you can make smaller batches if necessary.

Center of Gravity

Vitamix Container, 64oz. Low-Profile

Another cool feature is where they positioned the center of gravity in these containers. 

They moved it closer to the blades so it seems like there is less resistance when turning on the machine, which means it takes less effort from your side to get everything moving inside. 

This makes for easier use!

Vitamix’s newest offering is perfect for the modern cook!


  1. The new compact design allows for easy storage and movement.
  2. Blends smoothies, soups, yogurt, and more into a ready-to-eat container.
  3. Easy clean-up after use makes it simpler to get rid of all that blending gunk.
  4. Great for the modern cook!


  1. Smaller containers can’t blend as much.
  2. The Center of gravity is closer to the blades which means you have to push down more often.

Vitamix Standard Containers

Vita-Mix 1195 Standard Blender Container, 64 ounce

The traditional Vitamix containers we know and love allow for maximum blending and the highest quality ingredients. 

They also offer a larger capacity than the standard low-profile containers but can take up more space on our countertops.

These traditional containers allow for utmost blending power and contain a larger capacity than their Low Profile counterparts.

They do take up more room on your counters.

If you’re looking to blend larger batches of smoothies, soups, or other recipes the standard containers are the way to go.


  1. Larger capacity can fit in more.
  2. The highest-quality blending results possible.


  1. Take up much more space on your countertops!

Vitamix Standard Container vs Low-Profile Container

So how does this impact how we cook and blend? In many ways! 

The new low-profile container hails in a new era of lighter, tech-savvy appliances. The standard container still offers an impressive blend and the highest quality end results you need to make culinary masterpieces!

The new low-profile containers allow for easier storage and more flexibility while blending. If you’re buying a Vitamix for the first time, we’d go with one of these containers and then add on the other as necessary.

If you’re looking for maximum blend power and larger batches then the standard Vitamix is your way to go!

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So How Does This Change How We Cook?

This new line of blenders will continue to revolutionize cooking! 

Like what we saw when induction cooktops were released or when non- pans became all the rage, the new low-profile containers will change the way we blend.

Imagine the possibilities! Soup made entirely in the blender, frittatas made with ease, smoothies blended with any ingredient you desire…the list goes on!

The Vitamix low profile vs standard is a question that has come up quite frequently over the years. Let’s take a quick look at what they are and how to decide which one best suits your needs!

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Vitamix Low Profile Vs Standard Container – Which Is Right For You?

So which container is best for your kitchen?

If you are an avid blender, the low-profile containers are lighter and will take up less room on your counter.

If you are blending regularly, investing in a Vitamix Low Profile Container Blender may be right for you.

If you have limited storage space but still want to create delicious soups, smoothies, and amazing blended drinks then this new model is just what you need!  The sleek design blends beautifully into any kitchen while saving space at the same time!  

Standard container: best for larger batches and frequent blending

Low-Profile Container: best for smaller batches and easier storage.

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