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10 Best Mixer Grinder For Indian Cooking In USA

Who doesn’t like Indian food, right? After all, because of its culture, Indian cuisine is the most diverse and unique cuisine.

However, the essential components of Indian cooking are aromatic spices, chutney, and curries. That’s why a good mixer grinder is so important for any Indian dish. So, if you enjoy eating Indian food while living in the United States, want to find the best mixer grinder for preparing it, and wonder where to look first, you’ve come to the correct spot.

Here is a comprehensive buying guide that will assist you in choosing the finest mixer grinder for making Indian dishes in the United States.

What Are The Advantages Of Owning A Good Quality Grinder Mixer For Indian Cooking?

  • You can make basic Indian cooking at home without buying premade mixers, spices, and chutneys.
  • Making your own curry paste is like nothing you’ve ever had before. Plus, it’s more cost-effective than buying premade pastes. Now you get to pick the ingredients that go in your mixture – this way there are no preservatives or extra sugar added!
  • Cleaning up is also not a big deal since the grinder has several parts which you can wash by yourself (in contrast to what happens with a blender). And when you’re finished using it, simply take out the jar and store everything in a cool place.

Our Top Picks

Are you looking to buy a mixer grinder, but don’t know what brand to choose? Here is a list of the best mixer grinders available –

  1. Preethi Eco Twin Jar Mixer Grinder
  2. Bajaj Rex
  3. NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 
  4. Tabakh Prime Indian Mixer Grinder
  5. Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum
  6. Premier Super G Kitchen Machine Mixer Grinder
  7. Vitamix E310 Explorian Professional Grade Blender

What To Look For When Choosing The Best Mixer Grinder For Indian Cooking?

mixer grinder for indian cooking in usa

Choosing the best mixer grinder is a time-consuming process, and it all comes down to your needs. However, when choosing such a device for Indian cooking in the United States, there are some aspects you should pay attention to.

Here they are:


If you’re going to use this appliance regularly in large quantities, pick a big one. If it’s only occasional use, then go for a smaller model so that you can save money and space in your kitchen at the same time.


Power of 700 watts or more is recommended so that blended food won’t be overheated and will get enough oxygen inside for grinding spices without any problems.

In addition, there’s no need to buy a mixer grinder with a power of 2000 watts or more, because most people analyzing the market have found out that the abovementioned power is enough for this appliance.


In general, you can’t get a cheaper model for less than $50. However, even if it’s cheap, there may be some hidden defects that will cause problems during use , so pay attention to brand names and reviews .

Ease Of Use

Most modern efficient mixers have efficient safety features – for example, an auto shutoff feature in case they’re overheated or overloaded. They also contain powerful motors without any jams and stoppages while operating on pulse speed. Be sure such features are worth buying the device before you buy it.

Blade Material

Stainless steel is recommended, as well as the container material being BPA free. These are key factors that will ensure your health and safety, so don’t forget to buy a mixer grinder with such components.

Design And Color

You can choose a mixer grinder that you really like the design of. If possible, try it out before buying it in order to be sure that its performance meets your expectations and needs. After all, this is a device you’ll use regularly when cooking Indian food, so pick an attractive one!

Speed Settings

Most efficient and modern mixer grinders have an efficient pulse speed feature that lets you control the strength of grinding. So you can set it to ‘pulse’ before beginning the process, and then increase the speed gradually until it reaches the desired intensity for your convenience.

Easy To Clean

Remember to check the device is easy to clean or not before buying it, because if its components are too complicated to wash, you’ll get annoyed and give up using it.


Last but not least, be sure that your chosen mixer grinder has a warranty and money-back guarantee in case you’re dissatisfied with its performance or some defects occur after purchase. This will ensure that your investment isn’t lost and you won’t end up wasting money on this product.

10 Best Mixer Grinder For Indian Cooking In USA (Reviews)

1. Preethi Eco Twin Jar Mixer Grinder – Best Overall

Preethi’s mixer grinder is the unquestionable leader in kitchen devices for assisting with complex Indian cooking processes.

The sleek appearance is similar to that of a mixie, which is commonly seen in Indian kitchens. The small size saves a lot of room because it doesn’t take up much space on your counter.

Because there’s a very small risk of water condensation accumulating inside the jar after washing, it has little trouble with leaking. This is excellent news if you’re only going to use one container at a time when processing. The blades are not quite razor-sharp.

Thanks to the stainless steel blades, the whole item is exceptionally long-lasting. Not only that, but the blades are also polished by hand and machine ground prior to being polished for greater efficiency.

The mixie’s safety features, in addition to being beneficial, are also convenient. If there is an overload, the mixer will automatically turn off, which is a nice added benefit.


  • Powerful appliance
  • Safety features are impressive
  • Comes with 1 year warranty
  • Compact design


  • Noisy for some people
  • Shakes a lot while grinding

2. Bajaj Rex – Best For Small Families

We’ve added one more for the other side: tiny families or couples. The Rex mixer grinder from Bajaj is a small-powered machine that operates on 240V. This 500W device isn’t as powerful as a 1000W or 750W model, but it’s adequate for most Indian meals for a few people.

This mixer grinder features three jars with capacities of 0.3, 0.8, and 1.2 liters. The smallest jar can be used to grind coffee or other spices. This grinder’s sturdy construction ensures long-term usage and efficient grinding.

ABS plastic has been utilized in the manufacturing of this mixer grinder, while the containers are constructed of stainless steel.

One of the finest features of this mixer grinder is that it has a 20000 rpm motor. It ensures quick and efficient grinding, much faster than other small grinders. With this excellent device, you’ll be able to prepare your chutneys and masalas in no time!

The Bajaj Rex mixer grinder has a multi-purpose blade that can mince and grate as needed. The device’s knobs make operating it very simple. It also includes whirling functions for making lassis and milkshakes for your children.

During grinding or mixing, the vacuum feet keep the base steady and prevent it from shaking or moving about.

This is the finest mixer grinder for Indian cooking for couples or small families based on its comprehensive functionality and price range.


  • ​Great for small families or couples
  • Lightweight design
  • Multi-purpose blade
  • ​Whirling functions for lassis and milkshakes
  • Sturdy construction


  • ​Bit smelly at first
  • A bit noisy

3. NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 – Best Budget Option

When you’re cooking with a wide variety of spices and flavors, the last thing you want is for one spice to be out of place. Even if your mixer grinder doesn’t have a dedicated function for this, it’s still possible to grind the required number of spices in little time.

Anyone who knows anything about Indian cuisine understands that these meals need a lot of different spices and ingredients. To prepare so many ingredients, you must spend considerable effort on grinding before beginning cooking. Having an efficient spice grinder devoted to this work can be very beneficial.

The NutriBullet Rx N17-1001 includes three different jars with multi-purpose blades, allowing you to make numerous spices at once. You may focus on other activities while your grinder mixes the spice.

It is a small device that takes up little room. It offers the finest grinding experience in this price range. The motor, with its powerful blades, can grind any seeds or nuts. It has a heating cycle option that allows you to make hot sauce or other drinks.

The NutriBullet is constructed of premium aluminum and requires 110V power to operate. The pitcher in the package can hold a liter of material, while the tiniest cup holds 30 oz. of liquid. If you’re on a budget and need to save money, this is the best alternative available.


  • ​Smart design
  • ​Easy to use
  • Compact size
  • Affordable
  • Powerful motor​


  • ​Quite noisy
  • ​Isn’t best for dry grinding

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4. Ultra Stealth 750-Watt 4-Jar Mixer Grinder

If noise is a major concern for you and you despise the loud, grinding sound made by an Indian mixie, the Ultra Stealth mixer grinder is the one for you. It promises to assist with your cooking demands while remaining extremely quiet (as in the name).

We appreciate the exterior design, appearance, and style of the product, which is quite comparable to that of any Indian brand’s mixie. You may complete a wide range of culinary operations using the four distinct blades and jars, including making wet mixtures, pastes, chutneys, and fruit juices. The powerful motor grinds quickly and evenly.

The jars are also rust proof, food-grade stainless steel, and dishwasher safe for easy cleaning. Another advantage is that the hooks for hanging the pots are built in so there’s no need to purchase these separately.

Furthermore, because of its rust proof construction and food-grade material, it makes healthier cooking possible. A hook-type power cord is included to make plugging in and removing easier.


  • Easy to use
  • Good appearance
  • Comes with a warranty of 2 years
  • Quiet operation


  • Quite Expensive

5. Tabakh Prime Indian Mixer Grinder

The Tabakh Prime Indian mixer grinder is an excellent option if you’re running short on kitchen counter space and need a mixer grinder that fits well into the small area.

This kitchen equipment was developed to meet the demands of Indian cuisine in an American home, with a powerful motor of 600 watts. ABS is used for the body, which has an attractive and elegant appearance. The vacuum rubber feet not only provide a good grip but also ensure that it does not slide about when in use.

This mixer grinder has two different capacity jars; 0.4 liters and 1.5 liters. The tiny jar may be used for fine dry grinding, while the bigger can handle wet grinding/blending. The noise level ranges from 80 to 90 decibels, comparable to that of a lawnmower.


  • Compact design
  • 600 watts motor
  • ABS used for the body
  • Elegant appearance
  • Affordable


  • Quite noisy
  • It’s coating wears off after prolonged use

6. Preethi Blue Leaf Platinum

Preethi’s Blue Leaf Platinum is Preethi’s most popular product. It’s simple to see why it’s such a success. Every time, with its consistent performance, delicious and nutritious meals are assured. There are four jars included with different capacities, ranging from 1.75 liters to 3 liters. The domes and lids are made of Polycarbonate for added durability.

The Super Extractor jar is utilized to extract pulps and liquids from various fruits and vegetables. We appreciated the store bottles, which allowed us to save time by reducing the amount of ground spices we needed to keep on hand.

With a powerful 550-watt UL recognized motor that runs at 110 volts to meet American and Canadian safety requirements, the Platinum’s construction meets safety standards that allow the switch at the bottom to shut off automatically in the event of an overload.


  • Cord is flexible
  • Four jars
  • Doesn’t take much counter space
  • 550 watt motor
  • Safe to use


  • Hard to clean
  • Doesn’t last very long, as reported by a few customers

7. Premier Super G Kitchen Machine Mixer Grinder

Do you want to add a little bit of India flavor to your American dishes? The Super G mixie may be just what you’re looking for. You get three stainless steel jars with varying capacities, as well as multipurpose blades, to tackle a wide range of kitchen chores such as grinding, pulverizing, liquidizing, grating, and much more.

Apart from functioning effectively every day when it comes to grinding, it also has a safety switch that is activated when the motor experiences an overload.

You may make soups and juice in the huge liquidizing jar, various batters in the medium wet-grinding jar, and minced meat or crushed ice in the tiny multi-purpose jar.


  • Multipurpose blades
  • Safety switch
  • 3 stainless steel jars
  • Compact design


  • Heavy
  • Bit Expensive

8. Butterfly Matchless 750-Watt Mixer Grinder

The beautiful designs of the Butterfly Matchless mixer grinder will appeal to you. It has an unbreakable lid that seals securely to prevent unwanted splashes. Every time, the powerful 750 watts motor delivers outstanding performance and a noiseless operation thanks to its robust construction.

There are many possibilities for the four distinct jars to fulfill the various demands of Indian cuisine. The jars can effortlessly handle batters and juices, as well as spices powder, without cracking under pressure.

Food hygiene is ensured by the mixie jars, which are made of food-grade, high-quality ABS plastic. The mixie may reduce preparation time for any dish, regardless how simple or complex it is.


  • Strong lid
  • Beautiful design
  • 750 watts motor
  • 4 distinct jars
  • Food grade, ABS plastic


  • Quite expensive
  • Some customers said that it doesn’t last very long

9. Vitamix E310 Explorian Professional Grade Blender

The Vitamix E310 Explorer features 10 speeds to ensure that every use of the blender produces flawless food texture. The pulse function, on the other hand, allows you to coarsely break and chop ingredients like spices or combine them in a smooth soup or sauce without difficulty.

The large 48-ounce container allows you to combine a lot of ingredients. Don’t worry about the extra work of working in batches because everything wouldn’t fit in your previous mixer grinder.

With a 4.5-foot cord, the blender may be moved far away from the socket, making it simple to save countertop area in the kitchen.


  • 10 speeds
  • Pulse function
  • 48 ounce container
  • Easy to clean


  • Heavy
  • Very expensive

10. Prestige Manttra Teon Star

The Teon Star from Prestige Manttra is ideal for families with many people who enjoy Indian cuisine. The Teon Star is a fantastic mixer grinder that may be used to prepare a variety of international meals as well as Indian ones.

The mixer grinder includes three jars, each of which holds 0.3, 1.0, and 1.5 liters of material (spices, flour, water). The spice jar is ideal for grinding, while the batter and sauce jars are great for making large quantities of food. There’s enough space for a big dinner party with the sizes.

Lid-lock jars are a feature of this mixer grinder. So, you won’t have to worry about holding the lid while grinding spices or other items. The grinder’s base is quite robust and sturdy. The adaptable use allows you to multitask while the grinder prepares your ingredients.

Any dish may be prepared with the 750W mixer grinder’s power. Its die-cast handles provide a firm and simple grip. They won’t slip out of your hands, so there’ll be no mess. The polycarbonate lids are both lightweight and long-lasting. The lid-lock seals ensure the contents stay fresh for longer by keeping them airtight.

Overall, this is the best mixer grinder for a big family in the United States.


  • ​Sturdy and durable, yet lightweight build quality
  • ​Lid-lock jars
  • ​Ideal for a large family
  • 750 watt motor
  • ​Handles provide easy grip


  • If you don’t want a disaster, make sure the lids are properly sealed.
  • Be careful of the screw heads

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Use Indian Mixer Grinder In USA?

Yes, you can use Indian mixer grinder in USA. If the power of your mixer grinder is 750 watts, it will certainly work here.​

Is Vitamix Mixer Grinder Suitable For Preparing Indian Chutney?

Yes, you can use Vitamix to prepare Indian chutney. In fact, you can use it for anything else that requires a smooth texture.​

How Many Watts Mixer Grinder Is Suitable For Indian Cooking In USA?

In the United States, an at least a 750-watt mixer grinder is required to grind Indian culinary demands. However, the more powerful the motor wattage is, the more efficiently it grinds hard and solid stuff.

Which Brand Is The Most Reliable Mixer Grinder?

Prestige is one of the most popular mixer grinders in India with multiple brands competing to claim their share of the market. ​

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Final Thoughts

It’s a genuine pleasure to cook Indian cuisine. Every time you combine all of the spices and components, you’re bound to discover something new and exciting. By allowing you to use fresher spices and a wider variety of ingredients in your recipes, using a mixer grinder may really take Indian cooking to the next level.

Mixer grinders go beyond traditional blenders by offering versatile functions and improved motor power. With one of these mixers on your countertop, you’ll be able to explore fresh ingredients and new spice combinations beyond what’s possible by hand-chopping them into small pieces.

Thanks for reading this article about Best Mixer Grinder For Indian Cooking In USA. Read our other articles. If I missed anything, please me know in the comments section below.

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