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Quiet Vitamix: 4 Of The Quietest Blender Options In 2023

Looking for a quiet blender?

It’s no secret that newer Vitamix blenders are much quieter than their predecessors.

However, with the release of new models in 2021, which Vitamix blender is the quietest?

We’ve done the research for you and have a list of the top four quietest Vitamix blender options on the market.

Quietest Vitamix Blender – Our Top Picks

In a hurry? Here are the quietest Vitamix blenders –

  1. The Quiet One – Is the quietest of all blenders in the world. It’s a whopping 64 decibels at its maximum speed!
  2. Vitamix A3500 – This blender is four times as loud as the Quiet One, but it’s also more quiet than all of their non-commercial models. At max speed, this model makes a noise of 84 decibels which isn’t too bad for any other home appliance in your kitchen.
  3. Vitamix Pro 750 – Is five times louder than the Quiet One, but it’s still more quiet when compared to other Vitamix Legacy models.

Are All Vitamix Blenders Loud?

Vitamix blenders are louder than other brands, even the ones that claim to be quiet.

That’s why it’s more important for people who work in busy environments like cafes or bakeries where a noisy blender can cause physical stress and lead to bad moods all day long.

An average Vitamix blender will produce less noise levels – up to 80 dB, which is comparable with rain falling on your kitchen floor, loud enough that you have trouble hearing somebody talking across from you at a restaurant.

The quiet models only run 65dB max so no matter what kind of space they’re used in there should always be some level of peace because we deserve silence too!

Vitamix blenders are notoriously loud in the kitchen.

But, as new Vitamix models hit the market with quieter features to help reduce noise levels, you can now blend and enjoy your morning smoothie without any distractions from outside of yourself like an annoying blender sound that bothers even though it’s muffled.

Quietest Vitamix Blenders Reviews

vitamix blender quietest

Choosing a quiet blender for your kitchen can be a difficult task.

Luckily, we have done all of the research and hard work so you don’t have to!

This article will give you some insights on what features are important when purchasing a new blender that is silent enough not to wake up every member of your family while making their morning smoothie or breakfast omelet.

Keep reading for detailed Vitamix blenders reviews –

1. Vitamix The Quiet One Blender

The Quiet One commercial blender is the world’s quietest blender with a noise level of only 64 decibels.

This means that you can stand next to the blender while it blends and still have an entire normal conversation!

The blender is the quietest Vitamix due to a technology that reduces the noise from vibrations.

It does this with electromagnetic components, which keep the motor and base “floating”. This means less vibration, meaning not as much noise while blending!

The unique design of the patented Sound enclosure of this Vitamix blender quietest model reduces noise by up to 50% while providing a secure and easy-to-clean twist lock.

The all-new container provides improved performance, better efficiency, and longer life through reduced wear and tear on the stainless steel blade assembly.

With six program buttons, 34 optimized programs and 93 variable speeds for consistent blending across locations, operators can easily achieve restaurant-quality results with ease.

person using Vitamix The Quiet one blender

This quiet Vitamix blender has a powerful 3 peak horsepower motor that delivers smoothies, soups, sauces, and frozen desserts with ease.

The new twist-lock sound enclosure of this commercial blender is easier to remove and clean, which means a more enjoyable experience for both you and the user of your container.

The larger centering pad also makes it easy to access all areas with just one step.

  • One of the most powerful and versatile blenders on the market.
  • Quietest in class.

  • It doesn’t just pulverize ingredients quickly but can also be customized to make your signature blend with 6 buttons, 34 optimized programs and 93 variable speeds.

  • Commercial blenders are built with heavy-duty components and a powerful motor, which makes them perfect for daily juicing in juice bars or coffee shops. However, their higher price tag means you’ll need to save up before purchasing one.
  • A blender for a business is going to be heavier and bulkier than one that’s designed for the average person. For example, The Quiet One weighs 20 lb/9 kg and stands 24.5 in/62 cm tall when its cover is open while an A3500 only weighs 15 lb/6.8 kg with dimensions 17.25 inches high x 43 8cm wide by 1 inch deep (43 Ñ… 62 x 2 cm).

  • The company is betting its future on SELF-DETECTâ„¢ technology to ensure that any container you own will work seamlessly in this blender’s design. However, The Quiet One doesn’t have this technology and may be incompatible with the other models.

  • This blender is a great option for someone who needs to blend in the office. It has a 3-year warranty, but this only covers commercial use and not personal home use.

2. Vitamix A3500 Blender

The Vitamix ascent A3500 is a very versatile and powerful quiet blender.

The size of the container will work perfectly for blending two people’s worth of smoothies, sauces, or fresh vegetables together at one time!

This quiet ascent blender can also be used as an ice crusher to make your favorite frozen beverages in just seconds flat.

What makes this model so popular? Well, it’s not only because you’ll never have to worry about finding room on your kitchen countertop–it does all that with its compact design which measures less than 12″ high by 13-1/2″ wide and weighs 16 pounds including cord & stainless steel blade assembly.

The blender noise isn’t too loud either -it’s 84 decibels at max speed.

The Vitamix A3500 is quieter than other blenders because of its metal finish and sound-dampening design.

It has a true metal finish on the outside, so it blocks blender noise better while blending with less energy expenditure.

The base also helps to enhance airflow cooling during operation for even more motor noise reduction.

Vitamix A3500 Ascent Series Smart Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Graphite

The A3500 is Vitamix’s luxury achievement, with all the latest features and some of its best.

Vitamix A3500 is a smart blender that can be used for different applications. It has five pre-programmed settings to make frozen drinks, hot soup, nut butters, frozen desserts, dips, and spreads.

It has variable speed control and one touch on/off feature.

You can easily customize your blending experience by using the app which allows you to create custom programs or use presets created by experts in healthy eating.

The blender comes with container options that are self-detecting so there’s no need for manual programming.

  • The A3500 blender is one of the most powerful blenders on the market with a whopping 2.2 horsepower motor, equating to 1,440 watts!
  • The Vitamix A3500 is the best of the best in non-commercial blenders, featuring a variable speed control with 10 speeds and five pre programmed settings. The touchscreen allows you to customize your blends with 17 different profiles or over 500 recipes right from your phone via “Perfect Blend.”

  • The A3500 is compatible with most of Vitamix’s container sizes and attachments because it has the SELF-DETECTâ„¢ technology.

  • The 10-year warranty is an excellent way to invest in your future.

  • It’s not as expensive as The Quiet One, but the A3500 is still pretty pricey for a blender.
  • The low profile design doesn’t make it especially versatile in terms of serving up individual portions – if this is something important to readers looking at purchasing these blenders I would recommend considering buying additional pitcher cups separately so as not to be limited too much when preparing meals for one person.

3. Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender

The Vitamix Professional 750 is also one of the quiet blenders, blending at a very quiet 88 dB.

It is just a little louder than the Vitamix A3500, and not as loud as most other models.

Metal finish and noise-dampening design are two things that the Pro 750 is equipped with, just like Vitamix A3500.

The Vitamix Professional 750 is a powerful blender that includes many features.

One pro of this quiet Vitamix professional blender might be the ability to make smoothies, hot soups and sauces, while another would be its strong motor for blending hard ingredients like carrots with ease.

On the other hand, some cons of this professional blender could include having limited preset programs on-board in contrast to newer models which have digital controls or more pre programmed settings available as well as needing an adapter if you want your drinkable goods cold since it only has one setting at room temperature.

The blender comes with a 64 oz low profile container.

Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender, Professional-Grade, 64 oz. Low-Profile Container, Black, Self-Cleaning - 1957

  • The Pro 750 has a 2.2-horsepower motor, which equates to 1,440 watts for use in direct current circuits in North America or another country that uses 120 volts at 60 hertz AC.
  • The Professional Series 750 is a Legacy model that features the most advanced technology. This blender has variable speed control and preset programs. It also has a pulse feature.

  • The Vitamix Professional 750 blender is among the best investments for people. The price of this item may be steep, but it’s worth every penny due to its high quality and versatility.

  • Understanding the warranty on Vitamix Professional blenders is essential to making a purchase. The new Pro 750 blender comes with 7-year full warranty, while refurbished models come with 5 years of warranty that have been checked by engineers and are in like-new condition


4. Vitamix CIA Professional Series 300 Onyx Blender

The quietest Vitamix CIA Professional Series 300 is one of the quiet blenders, up to 40% quieter than other blenders in the market.

The upgraded motor base unit system, which includes three-speed dial and a sound enclosure, means that this blender will not interrupt your kitchen routine or your neighbors’ routines when they are trying to sleep at night.

This quietest Vitamix’s blender has two standard container sizes for ingredients: 64 oz and 48 oz.

The heat-resistant seal on the container allows you to process heated or chilled items at your leisure, without worrying about melting plastic!

The blender can make up to 24,000 revolutions per minute and has 1200 watts of power.

This ensures that the blending is very effective while using less electricity than other blenders out there!

This blender has a pulse button that allows you to use it at any speed.

It also comes with a rubber lid attached to the blender, which can be removed and used as an opening for adding ingredients while in use – so no more getting your hands messy!

blender quietest Vitamix

  • Perfect for easy storage.
  • Comes with a quieter motor than most high-end blenders.

  • The sturdy stainless steel blades are made of aircraft-grade hardened steel that doesn’t dull or rust, so you can rely on them to cut through tough ingredients like ice without shredding the entire contents in your cup.

  • It also has Self Cleaning functionality which requires just warm water and soap – making it less labor-intensive when cleaning away dirt from this powerhouse blender.

  • The trade-in program lets users take advantage of even more savings by trading their old Vitamix model for $300 off any new one up to $599 retail price! What’s better? They’ll cover shipping costs both ways if you’re eligible.

  • Lack of preset dial speeds.
  • Doesn’t do well in dishwashers so you’ll have to hand wash this blender.

  • It’s pretty large and consumes a lot of real estate on the counter.

  • The carafe can become cloudy.

  • It’s a bit costly.

Comparing The Quiet Blender Options In Terms Of Noise Produced

The difference between the noise level being 10 decibels or 2 is a big deal. You can tell just by listening that they are very different levels of noise.

The Vitamix Professional 750 has 40% less noise than other blenders, making it one of the quiet blender options out there.

Vitamix has a wide selection of blenders, ranging from loud to quiet.

The Vitamix 780 is one of the quiet models at just below 65 decibels; however, it does not have as many features available for use as some other blenders in its class do.

There are more powerful options such as the CR Pro 750 which can crush ice and blend soups with ease but makes an average 75-80 decibels noise during operation so if you’re looking for something less noisy then this may be your best quiet option since it’s only 20dB louder than most luxury cars on regular roads!

Here is a list of some other quiet blenders for smoothies.

Reduce Blender Noise – How Do I Make My Vitamix Quieter?

Vitamix blenders are known for their ability to crush ice and other hard food items.

However, it is not uncommon for the Vitamix explorian blender models to be quite noisy when performing these tasks.

This can make it difficult for people who live in apartments or condos where there are neighbors close by that may be disturbed by a loud noise coming from the kitchen.

If you want to reduce blender noise, here are a few tips to make the Vitamix blender quieter

1. Put a towel over the Vitamix.

2. Replace the blade with a different one.

3. Use less liquid in your recipe.

Final Verdict – Quietest Vitamix Blenders

The four quietest blenders from Vitamix are very different in their qualities, but all of them go the extra mile for making delicious and healthy foods.

All four of these Vitamix blenders have powerful motors with upgraded motor base units that are much more quiet than other market competitors.

For the most part, they are all capable of crushing ice and handling difficult-to-use recipes.

For those looking for the best quiet blender – the Quiet One is likely to be your best bet with its patented noise dampening technology that reduces noise by 50%!

If noise is not a major concern, then the Vitamix Professional 750 may be the best blender for your personal needs as it has some of its own flaws like leaking and difficulty with thick substances but still powerful blending abilities despite those drawbacks!

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