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How To Do The Smoothie Challenge – 7 Easy Steps

The smoothie challenge is a great way to get your daily fruit and vegetables.

If you’ve been looking for an easy way to make sure you get all the produce your body needs, look no further! In this article, we will walk you through step by step guide on how to do the smoothie challenge in 7 easy steps.

We hope that by reading this article, it will inspire you to take on the challenge yourself! Good luck with your journey into healthy living!

the smoothie challenge

How To Do The Smoothie Challenge – 7 Easy Steps

1. Gather The Necessary Ingredients

First, you will need to gather the necessary ingredients. If you are just beginning this challenge, it is best to start out by buying single fruits at a time rather than buying several different types of produce at once because not all fruits and vegetables mix well together.

This way you can try new combinations without wasting any food or money!

2. Prepare Your Fruits And Vegetables For The Blender

It’s important to cut up your fruits and vegetables into small enough pieces that they can fit in your blender. They should be cut into cubes no larger than an inch (or about 2 centimeters).

If you are using bananas, make sure to peel them first.

3. Add Your Fruits Or Vegetables To The Blender

Before you add any of the produce to your blender, you will want to fill it with water or juice until about an inch beneath the top of the blender’s container, depending on how big your smoothie is going to be.

Then begin adding the ingredients one by one so they can blend well together before moving onto the next step!

4. Blend It All Together!

Place the lid on the blender and make sure it is tightly closed. Then turn on your blender! You can experiment with several speeds to see which works best for you.

5. Taste It And Add Any Extras If Needed

It’s a good idea to taste-test your smoothie halfway through blending, after you’ve added all of the ingredients. If you need some extra sweetness or if it is too tart, add a sweetener or another fruit that may be more sugary depending on what fruits and vegetables you used in the recipe.

6. Drink Up And Enjoy!

Now enjoy your healthy drink and feel free to add toppings such as fresh fruit slices, granola, coconut flakes, etc… Whatever your heart desires!

7. Clean Up After Yourself!

Now that you have enjoyed your smoothie, it’s time to clean up after yourself. Make sure to rinse the blender right away so that it doesn’t dry with chunks of produce inside and be a pain to clean later on.

It is also recommended that you hand wash the blender as opposed to putting it in the dishwasher because high heat from being placed in the dishwasher can discolor them over time!

That’s all there is to it! If this was your first time doing the smoothie challenge, congratulations on completing your very first healthy drink recipe! On subsequent days, feel free to try new combinations of fruits and vegetables with similar textures or colors for easier blending.

If you don’t like a particular fruit or vegetable, feel free to experiment with different ones until you find the right mix for your tastes. There are lots of healthy smoothie recipes out there!

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How Many Days Does The Smoothie Challenge Last?

Typically the smoothie challenge lasts for 5 days, but some people may only want to do it for 3 days while others may want to extend it out to 7. It all depends on how you personally feel!

So get started today by following this simple step-by-step guide and get creative with your healthy drinks!

Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Do I Need To Buy For The Smoothie Challenge?

You will need all of these ingredients:

1. Fruits (bananas, strawberries, blueberries, blackberries)

2. Vegetables (spinach, carrots)

3. Sweetener (honey, maple syrup)​

How Long Does The Smoothie Last?

The Smoothie Challenge is a one-day event and while some people recommend not letting your smoothie sit overnight because it may become contaminated with bacteria and unsafe to drink, others say it is okay as long as you keep it in an airtight container in the fridge overnight!

It’s up to you if you want to take this chance or not!

What Can I Add In My Smoothie In Place Of Sweetener?

If you don’t want to use any type of sweetener, some alternatives are using fruits or vegetables that may be slightly tart such as strawberries or spinach. You can also try stevia if you don’t like the taste of cane sugar or honey.

Although it isn’t recommended, some people use maple syrup instead because it has more nutrients than processed table sugar.

How Can I Make My Smoothie Extra Creamy?

When making your smoothie, you can add coconut milk, yogurt, or ice cream. Although the Smoothie Challenge is to drink all of them without adding any dairy products, if you like your drinks on the creamier side then this is an option for you!

Can I Use Frozen Fruit Instead Of Fresh?

Yes!!! Some people don’t have access to certain fruits year round so they may prefer using frozen fruits instead. You can also make homemade freezer bags or containers filled with lots of different fruits (or vegetables) and freeze them until ready to use.

That way when it comes time for the challenge, you won’t have to worry about wasting fresh fruit!

How Much Should I Make?

There is no specific answer to this because it really depends on how many smoothies you want to prepare for yourself, if you are doing the challenge with someone else, and whether or not you plan on saving any food in your fridge.

The general consensus is that people usually do around 2 cups worth of fruits and vegetables to create one serving. If you do not know how much containers hold, use the list below as a reference!

1 cup = 1/2 pint = 8 ounces

1 quart = 32 ounces = 4 cups

Use whatever measurements work best for you!

What Kind Of Blender Should I Use?

Although there are many different types of blenders, the best ones are single serve blenders that have a motor base with cups for your smoothie. That way, you can just blend it inside the cup and then just pour yourself a glass when you’re done!

If you would prefer to wash your blender down right after or keep your blender pitcher in the fridge overnight, just make sure that whatever type of blender you use is BPA-free so there is no risk of contaminants.

What If I Don’t Have All Of These Ingredients? Can I Substitute Something Else?

It’s completely fine if you don’t have access to some of these fruits or vegetables! Substitute something similar with similar textures or colors if you absolutely cannot get your hands on them.

For example, if for some reason you do not have spinach but you can find Swiss Chard, just use that instead!

Will I Be Hungry?

The most common feelings associated with the smoothie challenge is hunger and fullness.

If you are used to drinking juice or soda then it’s okay that you may feel a little bit hungry after finishing all of your juices/smoothies because those products barely fill you up so by replacing them with different fruits and vegetables, there is a high chance that will make you feel more satisfied than before!

What Happens If I Don’t Finish My Smoothie? Can I Save It For Later?

Yes, you can save your smoothies for later! If you don’t think you can drink all of your smoothie in one sitting and would like to save it for the next day, then just make sure that you keep it in an airtight container and store it in the fridge.

Make sure that any leftover smoothie is consumed with 24 hours or thrown away so there’s no risk of contamination from different bacteria.


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How To Do The Smoothie Challenge – Final Thoughts

Although it may seem intimidating at first, the smoothie challenge is not as scary as it sounds! The most important thing to remember when taking on this challenge is to make sure you have a lot of fruits and vegetables stored in your fridge so you won’t be wasting any food.

If this seems too difficult for you right now, then try casually incorporating more fruits and vegetables in your daily diet in order to get used to the taste. This way when September comes around, you’ll be ready to take on the Smoothie Challenge with ease!

If there are any questions that I did not answer or if something is unclear, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will try my best to respond with an answer!

Thanks so much for checking out my article, I hope this helped you.

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