Green Smoothie Detox Side Effects You Must Know About

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Green smoothies are a great way to get your daily dose of fruits and vegetables, but what if you’re not used to drinking them? What about the side effects? This article will explore five common green smoothie detox side effects side effects that may come up when you start drinking green smoothies every day.

What Is Green Smoothie Detox?

A green smoothie detox, or a greens and fruit detox, is the process of drinking green smoothies for a certain amount of days in order to cleanse your body. The idea behind this is that you’ll get all of your necessary fruits and vegetables without having to eat whole meals of them – saving you time and energy.

However, what many people don’t think about before they start their green smoothie detox routine is the green smoothie cleanse side effects. If you’re not used to drinking green smoothies every day, there may be some unpleasant experiences before you get used to it.

5 Main Green Smoothie Detox Side Effects

green smoothies detox side effects

1. Headaches

Usually, when people get headaches from drinking green smoothies it is because they are detoxing their body too quickly.

If you start with a full glass of green smoothie and drink that down in two gulps, then your headache is probably a result of too much sugar going into the bloodstream at once, so try taking smaller sips next time.

Drinking water between sips can also help to relieve a headache caused by a rapid detox.

2. Dizziness

It may seem counterintuitive, but if you feel dizzy after drinking green smoothie then your remedy might be to increase the amount of greens you’re putting in the mix!

If you’ve ever eaten vegetables then you are probably already familiar with this sensation. If that doesn’t help I would recommend consulting your doctor, particularly if the dizziness is accompanied by headaches or vomiting.

3. Nausea

To avoid nausea try to eat something before drinking your green smoothie, especially if it’s right after waking up in the morning, and aim for lighter greener smoothies like spinach over kale.

Also make sure you drink enough water throughout the day since dehydration can contribute to nausea symptoms, and reduce the speed at which you’re trying to detox until you feel better.

4. Stomach Pains

If your stomach hurts take smaller sips next time you’re drinking your green smoothie; it should be one swallow, not one gulp.

Make sure you are eating enough throughout the day to keep your stomach feeling full, and be sure to give yourself a break if you start feeling any pain since it’s probably not comfortable for you.

5. Diarrhea/Constipation

This is usually related to what kind of leafy greens you are using or how long your green smoothie has been sitting out before drinking it.

If you’re worried about this happening then stick to spinach over kale, blend your green smoothie right when you’re planning on drinking it, and always drink plenty of water throughout the day whether or not you think you need it in order to avoid these symptoms!

Common Ingredients In Green Smoothies That Can Cause Side Effects

1. Thallium

Thallium is a heavy metal that can be found in some green smoothie ingredients like parsley and cucumbers.

If you are concerned about this then avoid certain ingredients or speak to your doctor before drinking green smoothies regularly for detox purposes.

2. Oxalic Acid

Oxalic acid happens naturally in many leafy greens, especially kale, chard, mustard greens, and beet leaves. It’s actually an important part of human diet because it helps with calcium absorption; however too much oxalic acid could make your body lose calcium by pushing it out through urine.

Again if you’re worried about oxalic acid causing smoothie detox side effects then talk to your doctor before continuing with the green smoothie detox.

3. Gluten

Green smoothies are often grain-free because they’re made with leafy greens, but you might be surprised to find out that some people do add gluten-containing grains like wheat, barley, or rye to their green smoothies for texture.

If you have celiac disease or are otherwise allergic/sensitive to gluten then it’s good to check the ingredients of your green smoothie before drinking it.

4. Goitrogens

Goitrogens are compounds found in cruciferous vegetables like kale, bok choy, broccoli, cabbage, etc. which can contribute to hypothyroidism if you have an existing issue or are eating a modified paleo diet without enough iodine.

If you’re worried about this then talk with your doctor and avoid these ingredients or limit intake to once a week before trying the green smoothie detox again.

5. Cyanogenic Glycosides

Cyanogenic glycosides happen naturally in cassava root and uncooked sweet potatoes because they contain enzymes that turn them into cyanide when not cooked properly.

This risk is extremely low unless you blend your green smoothies with raw root veggies rather than just leafy greens, but if you are worried then just stick to the leafy greens and avoid blending raw potatoes.

Common Allergens In Green Smoothies

green smoothie cleanse side effects

1. Tree Nuts

You might find that you’re allergic to tree nuts like cashews, almonds, pistachios, etc. which can be found in green smoothie recipes using ingredients like almond milk, cacao powder, or peanut butter.

If this is the case for you then either choose different brands of each ingredient or try making your own nut milk at home with blanched almonds (which reduces the allergenicity) rather than buying processed brands.

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2. Soy

You might find that you’re allergic to soy either by chance or due to an existing issue you already had.

If this is the case then avoid using any soy milk, tofu, tempeh, or miso in your green smoothies and consider switching to rice milk instead unless you’ve made your own at home with sprouted brown rice.

3. Sesame Seeds

You might also have an allergy to sesame seeds which you’ll when making green smoothies with tahini (sesame paste) or sesame oil.

If this is the case then consider making your own tahini at home with raw sesame seeds rather than buying the premade brands to avoid any allergens.

4. Coconut

You might even find that you’re allergic to coconuts!

This is because coconut allergies are very rare, but if this has happened to you then choose different brands for your almond milk and other nut milks as well as oil substitutes like olive oil or avocado oil instead of purchasing any labeled as being from coconuts.

5. Legumes

And if you’re not eating a paleo diet then you might find that you’re allergic to legumes like peanuts, beans, and peas which are commonly found in green smoothie recipes using ingredients like peanut butter or MCT oil.

If this is the case for you then make your own nut butters at home using raw almonds and avoid adding things like peanut butter to your smoothies unless they were 100% homemade without any junky ingredients.

There are also many other common allergens that can appear in anything from chocolate bars to protein powder – be sure to always read labels! – but these ingredients aren’t that common in green smoothies so it’s unlikely that they’ll be the cause of any allergic reactions you might experience.

Have no fear, though – even if you do end up with an allergic reaction it will only last for about 45 minutes to 4 hours unless you’re extremely unlucky and have a severe allergy.

Just stay away from anything that may be causing your problem until the feeling passes and then try again with something different the next time to find out what works best for your body!

How To Consume Green Smoothies To Avoid Symptoms

As long as you take care when making your green smoothie by using non-toxic ingredients and reducing any side effects of green smoothie detox that discomfort you, then there should be nothing stopping you from enjoying this healthy beverage!

Try not to blend in large batches since this could increase risk of bacterial growth during the day, and replace overripe fruit with fresh to maintain quality.

  • Use organic ingredients whenever possible to avoid any chemicals that might be in commercial fertilizers.
  • Drink green smoothies as soon as possible after making them in order to prevent bacterial growth or molding.
  • If you are concerned about the time it takes to make healthy green smoothies then consider taking a multivitamin with your regular meal plan since this will cover many of the benefits of drinking green smoothies regularly. However if you enjoy drinking green smoothie detox drinks regularly for their beneficial properties then there is no real reason for worrying! As long as you use safe ingredients and take care with storing your drinks there’s really nothing bad that can happen during the day.
  • Keep in mind that the lactose, gluten, and oxalic acid present in many green smoothie ingredients can cause stomach pain or diarrhea for certain people, so be sure to check the food labels of each ingredient you use before blending anything up if it’s important for you to avoid these side effects.
  • It might be a good idea for most people to stick only to leafy greens like spinach instead of using kale since it can contribute more oxalic acid than other vegetables.
  • Use filtered water whenever possible since tap water could have higher levels of lead from the pipes it travels through.

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Green Smoothie Detox Side Effects – Final Thoughts

These are just some common symptoms that may come up while starting a green smoothie detox. If any of these symptoms persist or come up suddenly during the detox it is important to stop and consult your doctor in order to be sure there isn’t something more serious going on, especially if you’re experiencing severe pain during detox.

The bottom line is that when you start drinking green smoothies, keep in mind that it will probably affect your body differently than when you drink them occasionally. It’s good to know what these green smoothie detox symptoms are so they don’t catch you off guard!

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