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Vitamix Order Of Ingredients: What Goes In First?

Many people use Vitamix to create delicious, nutritious smoothies.

One of the more common issues that people have with their Vitamix is creating a smoothie with chunks of unmixed berries or frozen fruit. 

The most common reason for the chunky smoothie is that ingredients are not blended in the right order. In this post, we will see what is the right Vitamix order of ingredients for smoothies.

Vitamix ingredients order

What Is The Order Of Smoothie Ingredients In Vitamix?

The way to create a perfectly blended smoothie is to put liquids, especially water, first (about half of your glass), followed by soft fruits and vegetables (bananas, avocados, etc.), then harder ones like ice cubes or nuts (both of which can be broken down if needed), and finally whole leafy greens like kale or spinach. This way, all of the ingredients will be evenly mixed together!

A Vitamix however doesn’t require you to follow this exact order since it has blades at multiple angles that can cut through anything you put inside. 

If you prefer an even smoother texture than liquids, you can start with almost any ingredient and Vitamix would take care of it for you.

Just make sure that the hardest ingredients (ice cubes or nuts) are placed last to ensure that they blend well with all other ingredients! 

Some people like their smoothies completely smooth while some prefer a little bit of texture and bite. If you want your smoothie to be nicely blended but still have small chunks of fruits and vegetables, simply cut them into smaller pieces before adding them to the blender.

You can also add most ingredients with their liquid content which would help Vitamix to blend the food quickly and thoroughly.

Why Is This Order Of Ingredients Important?

Do you know that your Vitamix can blend much more than just smoothies? 

The same steps in the order of ingredients are useful when you want to make soups, nut butter, or even grind flour

If you put harder ingredients first and blend at a lower speed, the blades won’t be able to chew through them as quickly. This way, they will remain chunky until you increase the blender’s speed which is not what we want from a smoothie.

The perfect Vitamix recipe is to follow this simple rule of putting liquids first, soft fruits and vegetables second, hard ones third, and finally leafy greens last.

When you put liquids first, the blades can easily spin and cut through everything else. 

If you would like to add ingredients with their liquid content, be sure to leave out their fibrous parts (e.g. seeds) or anything that is not supposed to go into the blender since it could clog up the works and potentially damage your Vitamix!

Soft fruits and vegetables go next because they can be easily blended and don’t require much work from the blades.

Harder ingredients like ice cubes or nuts should be placed third to ensure that they blend well with all other ingredients! If you want minimal chunks in your smoothie, simply cut them into smaller pieces before adding them to the blender.

Leafy greens should go last since they require more power from the blades which is why we place them at the bottom of the list so that their stems and veins aren’t stuck inside while blending.

Since Vitamix has a tamper, it can help push down leafy greens so that their tough texture doesn’t clog up the motor or damage it while spinning. 

Leafy greens also contain high amounts of calcium which could harden up and clog up the blades if blended for too long.

By following this order, you will get a perfectly smooth mixture every time! Just like with baking ingredients, putting them in the right order ensures that your smoothie comes out perfect!

What Are Some Other Smoothie Recipes That You Could Make Using The Right Order Of Ingredients?

You can make many different kinds of smoothies using this order to create different textures and flavors. Here are some examples:

Green Smoothie Recipe

  1. Start by adding water or milk (about half of your glass). 
  2. Next add soft fruits and vegetables like bananas, avocados, zucchini, etc. 
  3. Then add ice cubes or fresh fruit to give it some flavor. 
  4. Finally, pulse leafy greens like kale into the mix, push them down with the tamper and blend at high speed until they are completely mixed.

Read the full details for Vitamix green smoothie recipe.

Berry Cheesecake Smoothie

Start by adding cream cheese (about 1/3 of your glass). 

Next, add whole blueberries one by one while blending at a low speed so that they mix in nicely. 

Add more fruit if desired then put in some sweetener before adding ice cubes and blending at a higher speed to finish the smoothie.

This order of ingredients will ensure that your Vitamix can blend your food quickly and thoroughly!

What Are Some Other Tips That You Could Use With Your Blender?

If you still think that there is stuff that isn’t completely blended even after following this order, just add more liquid and pulse again. 

Alternatively, you could remove the lid and tamp down any chunks with a spoon before trying to blend it again. 

This way, if something has clogged up the blades or motor, it would be easier to see what’s going on instead of having to guess where the problem might be!

Conclusion – Vitamix Ingredient Order

To sum up, this is how you layer things in Vitamix –

  1. Liquids (about half of your glass)
  2. Soft fruits and vegetables
  3. Harder ingredients like ice cubes or nuts
  4. Whole leafy greens

You can go ahead and start experimenting with these simple rules of ingredient order for your Vitamix in order to make your smoothies even more delicious, nutritious, and healthy!

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