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Where Is The Serial Number On Vitamix?

Some people want to know where the serial number on Vitamix is. 

The 10-digit serial number is generally located in one of three places: The bottom, back, or side of a unit. Regardless of where it’s located, the format will always contain ten digits before the decimal point. 

If you want to check the warranty on your blender, simply insert the serial number at Vitamix’s Warranty Lookup page.

where is serial number on Vitamix

Where Is Serial Number On Vitamix?

The serial number of your Vitamix is located in different places depending on which model you have. On some models, it can be found underneath the motor base of the machine on the bottom right corner when looking down from above with the cord facing away from you.

For other models, it might be underneath the container/base or underneath the silver-colored band on top of your T-shaped handle.

Some models have their number printed directly onto a sticker that is stuck to the backside of its storage lid under where it screws onto the container/base. 

If you still cannot find it, please consult your user manual.

Why Do You Need a Serial Number?

The serial number is required in order to use Vitamix’s Warranty Lookup system and also can be used to register your product online for free. 

Simply insert the number into their website and press the “submit” button on the right side of the box. 

Some people may not understand why they need to write down this information on their blender, but it’s actually very useful for contacting customer service or reaching out to Vitamix with any questions or concerns you might have with your machine like how to make smoothies with Vitamix Blender.  

In the event your blender seems to be faulty or defective, you can always call Vitamix’s customer service hotline for free troubleshooting.

When calling, make sure that you have the serial number of your blender with you so they can help diagnose any issues. 

They might ask a few questions about your machine and some recipes you want to make before determining whether or not it needs to be repaired or replaced.

As stated on their website, Vitamix will fix or replace a broken machine free of charge if it was purchased within the last five years. 

The same policy applies after seven years if the product is used in commercial environments like juice bars.

Wrap Up

In order to find out more information about your Vitamix, you can always refer to their official website. Or if any issues arise, contact them immediately through their toll-free hotline for customer service or email address.

If you can’t find the serial number of your blender anywhere by simply looking around, consult your user manual instead. 

It could be stuck somewhere underneath where you have to peel off a sticker or printed directly onto a label that’s attached to its storage lid.

For faster troubleshooting, it’s recommended that you have this data on hand before calling in for assistance from Vitamix. Good luck!

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