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Can I Use Nutribullet As A Food Processor?

Can you use a Nutribullet as a food processor? Well, not exactly. Nutribullets are designed to liquefy foods. They’re rather unfit for cutting, grinding, dicing, or slicing your ingredients.

Are you thinking of using a Nutribullet in place of a food processor, but are not entirely sure it’d work? Well, you’re just in the right place.

Here in this article are all the answers you need!

Nutribullets are blenders; they’re otherwise referred to as “liquidizers” by the English people because they turn foods into fluids (and pastes). This appliance is not exactly designed to cut, dice, slice, or grind your foods and may not produce the same output as food processors.

Is Nutribullet A Food Processor?

nutribullet as food processor

The answer to that is, “no!†As I said earlier, Nutribullets are blenders. They blend rather than cut, dice, chop, grate, or slice your ingredients.

Some people however use them instead of food processors. This is because of the many components food processors have. But, in the real sense, they dont quite do the same work.

Pulsing your ingredients might give them a little of that food processor effect. But the final product you’d have may not be exactly what you want or what you’ll get using a food processor.

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What Is The Difference Between A Food Processor And A Blender?

Food processors and blenders are quite similar in their appearances and functions but are entirely different in their performances.

While blenders pulverize or blend your ingredients, food processors, on the other hand, grind them.

Food processors are best used in the grating, cutting, dicing, and slicing of large quantities of ingredients. They’re most appropriate for grinding dry ingredients.


Nutribullet vs Food Processor For Food

Although Nutribullets work like blenders, they do not exactly have the same structure as regular blenders.

They typically come with a cup (instead of a blender bottle) that you’ll have to fill with your ingredients before screwing in the blade and fixing it to your blender base.

A food processor, on the contrary, can best be described as a grinder; the best alternative to the sometimes-time-consuming knife cutting.

This appliance has different substitutable components that you can use in either slicing, cutting, grinding, dicing, or chopping your ingredients.

Is Using Nutribullet As A Food Processor Worth It?

nutribullet being used as food processor

You can blend things into a fine ratio when you use the Nutribullet blender as a food processor.

For example, you may combine coffee beans, almonds, and grains.

On the other hand, this blender will not work for producing coarse results. For example, you cannot chop up nuts to a coarse texture.

How To Use The Nutribullet As The Food Processor

There are several simple steps for how to use the blender as a food processor:

Firstly, you need to crush up your ingredients into small bits. This is done by pressing them against the blades of the blender with a tamper stick.

For example, you can press down on an apple slice with a tamper stick until it forms a thick paste. Next, add in any other ingredients that you feel will improve the final product – for example, spices or liquids.

Blend all the ingredients together until they have reached your desired texture!

If necessary, scrape off anything that has accumulated around the blade before blending again.

Once you are happy with the results, pour out contents into a bowl and enjoy.

Can You Chop Veggies In A Nutribullet?

The Nutribullet can function as a tiny food processor, but it has some drawbacks.

You may quickly chop modest quantities of onions, tomatoes, peppers, or even whipped up a fast salsa with the built-in pulse option.

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Can You Blend Dry Ingredients In A Nutribullet?

You can blend almost anything into a fine paste with the Nutribullet.

This includes dry ingredients such as coffee beans, almond meals, and gluten-free flours like tapioca starch or garbanzo flour.

Can You Make Pesto In A Nutribullet?

Pesto is made from basil leaves, pine nuts, parmesan cheese, and salt and pepper. It takes you under five minutes to make pesto using a food processor.

However, if you use a Nutribullet blender – it will not give you the same texture because there are no sharp blades to crush up your ingredients!

To make pesto using this device – chop your basil leaves first then add in all other ingredients and blend until it reaches the desired texture.

Can You Make Soup In A Nutribullet?

You can make soup by adding hot broth to your veggies, but you will need to purée the ingredients in another device first.

The best option for this is a blender or food processor.

Can You Make Gravy With The Nutribullet?

No – just like pesto, gravy requires that you use a food processor instead of a Nutribullet blender because there are no sharp blades that crush up your ingredients.

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What Can Nutribullet Blenders Do?

nutribullet Personal Blender

Blend Foods And Make Them Mashable

For the third time, Nutribullets are typically blenders. Like regular blenders, they can be used in blending all your ingredients, making your smoothies, and also your herb drinks. With this appliance, you can make not only your delicious smoothies but your tasty soups, nutritious pastes, doughs, mashes, and so on.

Mill Ingredients

Nutribullets are also a great appliance for milling some ingredients. They come with a milling blade that can be used in grinding some hard and dry ingredients like coffee, seeds, nuts, grains, herbs, and spices. All you just have to do is pour the ingredients into the cup, add some water to ease the blades, grind and youre good to go.

Juice Fruits

Nutribullets are not exactly like juicers but they can be used in making small quantities of juices that you can take on a go. Unlike juices, you dont have to drain liquid from your fruits and vegetables and discard the pulps. You can just pour them into the nutribullets cup, add enough water, and blend to make your healthy and delicious juices.

Mix Ingredients

This appliance is also great for whipping your ice cream, making your homemade mayonnaise, and combining different liquid ingredients.


Just like every other appliance, Nutribullets also have their limitations, some of which I have already mentioned in this article. But, to make it easier on you, Ill be highlighting them again;

  • Nutribullets cant be used in dicing, cutting, slicing, or even grinding your ingredients. In other words, they cant perform the same tasks as food processors.
  • Nutribullets are not juicers, even though they can be used in making juices. Confused? Dont worry, Ill explain. Juicers are used in separating juices from fruit and vegetable pulps. Nutribullets, on the other hand, blend both the juice, as well as the fibers that hold the juices, to make your nutritious juices.
  • You cannot also use Nutribullets for blending hot liquids. Pouring hot water into the sealed cups can cause them to explode and cause serious injuries to the user.
  • Nutribullet should not also be used in cracking ice. This can damage their blades and cup.

Best Nutribullet Blender And Food Processor

There are so many products in the market today and this is tougher than it should be for you to make the perfect choice for your special needs. However, if you don’t rush it, youll be able to purchase for yourself the best blender and food processor.

One great product you can go for if you want a relatively versatile yet portable blender is Magic Bullet MB50200 Kitchen Express. Safety first, right? Well, yes, Magic Bullet Kitchen Express is a BPA-free product. So, you can check your organic box from your list.

This product is everything you need in one. It comes with two attachments which make it easier for you to switch between your blending and food processing tasks. You can blend, cut, slice, dice, and grind all your ingredients without having to switch between multiple devices.

The downside of Magic Bullet Kitchen Express is that it can be used only at home. This product is not the best option for you if you’re looking for a blender for professional use. Its capacity is limited. So, it wouldnt be such a great choice if you want something for making large quantities of food.

Conclusion – Can The Nutribullets Be Used As Food Processors?

Can a Nutribullet do the same as a food processor? No, they cant replace food processors. But, “what can I use instead of a food processor if I dont have one?†Well, you can still use your blender, even though it wouldn’t give you the same product as a food processor.

You can otherwise purchase adaptable products, like Magic Bullet MB50200 Kitchen Express, that you can use in doing all the tasks blenders and food processors perform. Magic Bullet Kitchen Express is great for blending, cutting, slicing, and dicing your ingredients.

If you have other questions about Nutribullets or food processors, ask them in the comment section. Id be more than happy to answer them.

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