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Vitamix Horsepower: Everything You Need to Know!

The horsepower determines the power of any blender. Now, if we talk about Vitamix blenders, the peak Vitamix horsepower usually ranges around 2 to 2.2 horsepower. In watts, it is around 1,400 watts. As for personal Vitamix blenders, they have around 1 horsepower or 750 watts.Â

Are you confused about all the scientific terms when it comes to blenders? Do you not know how to decide upon which blender to buy as per their power?

Well, if you are personally thinking about buying a Vitamix blender, you may wonder which one to buy. To be honest, the power of each Vitamix blender depends on their watts or horsepower.

Now, what is the horsepower, or how much is the horsepower of Vitamix? Let’s read on to know more!

Vitamix horsepower

What Is Horsepower When It Comes to Blenders?

You may notice that a lot of blenders on their packaging, have their horsepower displayed on them.

But, what exactly is horsepower and how does it affect the performance of your blender?

First of all, horsepower talks about the power generated by the motor in a blender when it faces any type of resistance. Now, a horsepower can also be of two types:

1. Peak Horsepower

The peak horsepower talks about the maximum amount of power generated at the very instant when the motor starts running.

This initial peak can help in blending and processing food items easily. However, after some time, this horsepower reduces to the running horsepower.

If you wonder why that happens, then, it is because running the blender’s motor at the peak horsepower for a long amount of time may lead to machine damage.

2. Rated or Running Horsepower

Now, as the name suggests, the ‘running’ horsepower is the amount of power generated by the motor throughout the blending process.

Your blender can sustain this horsepower without causing any damage to the motor or the blender.

So, how does it work?

To give you an example, if the initial peak horsepower of the blender is around 3 horsepower, it may reduce to around 2.4-2.5 horsepower. After this, your blender will work around the running horsepower of 2.4.

How to Choose a Blender Depending on Its Horsepower?

One of the most important factors for choosing a blender is its power capabilities. Now, this power is determined by its watts or its horsepower.

As you read above, this horsepower can be of two types – peak horsepower and running horsepower.Â

Most of the blenders display their peak horsepower. Yet, you need to know that the peak horsepower does not help in the long run. It is because the peak one only helps in short bursts of blending and not the whole blending process.

Thus, it is the running horsepower that actually determines the performance and power of your blender.

So, if you see the peak horsepower of any blender, make sure that you expect a lower running horsepower. Depending on this horsepower, you can choose a blender, as per your requirements.

What Is Vitamix? What Is It Famous For?

Just like various other brands of blenders, Vitamix is also an extremely popular brand that manufactures blenders.

Specifically, Vitamix blenders are very famous for their extensive horsepower range. Due to this, they have an efficient performance as well as durability.

Let’s see the Vitamix horse power range.

How Much Is Vitamix Horsepower?

horsepower of vitamix

Vitamix has a huge range of blenders manufactured over the years. All of the motors of these blenders have a specific amount of horsepower.

Most of the Vitamix blenders have their peak horsepower between the range of 2 to 2.2 horsepower. If you’re more comfortable with watts, then the initial power can be around 1,400 watts.

The Vitamix horse power of some of the most famous and the best blenders are given below.

So, as you can see, the peak horsepower is around 2.2 horsepower. Now, for this, the running horsepower can be around 1440 watts or 1.9 horsepower.

How Does the Horsepower Affect the Blender Performance?

A horsepower can definitely affect your blender’s performance as well as its durability.

It is because if your blender has low power, it would require the motor to work harder. As you may understand, this can lead to the wear and tear of your blender.

Thus, in the long run, using a blender daily that has low power in terms of watt or horsepower may not help.

So, due to this particular reason, if you are planning to use your blender daily for various jobs, be it for blending a smoothie, or for making dips, make sure that you go with a blender with high horsepower.

What Factors to Consider While Buying a Vitamix Blender?

Keep in mind that horsepower is not the only factor that determines the overall performance and durability of your Vitamix blender.

You may also want to look out for or at least consider some other factors, while choosing a Vitamix blender, such as:

Type of Blender

Vitamix has a line of blenders for different uses. For instance, it has personal blenders with less horsepower and professional blenders with high horsepower.

Depending on your usage, you can consider going for either one of them.

Size of Blender

If you’re planning to prepare more quantities, you may want to go for a blender that has a container with extra quantity.

If you overfill the container, you may risk damaging the blender too or create a mess.


Lastly, also keep in mind the material of the blender. Many of them contain BHA that can be dangerous for humans. The good thing here is that most of the Vitamix blenders are BHA-free.

Final Thoughts About Vitamix Horsepower

To summarize, Vitamix blender horsepower is between 2 to 2.2 horsepower. For personal blenders, it can be around 1 horsepower.

If you have any comments regarding the peak horsepower or anything, feel free to drop a comment.

Lastly, make sure that you know the difference between the peak and running horsepower of Vitamix blenders as the running-horsepower (around 1.8-1.9 horsepower for Vitamix Blenders) determines the blender performance.

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