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Vitamix Variable Speed Not Working: What To Do

Vitamix variable speed not working?

Well, don’t worry! There are several reasons why this could be happening and there are many solutions available to fix the issue. 

Read on to learn more about troubleshooting Vitamix professional blender to learn what might have gone wrong with it so that you can get back to blending things up in no time at all!

vitamix variable speed won't work

What Is Variable Speed Control On Vitamix?

Variable speed control on Vitamix blender is one of the many features that will allow you to customize your blend for whatever it is that you are making.

Variable speed control on Vitamix blenders allows users to set the turning point of the blade so that they can customize their blend just how they desire, whether it be puréeing, chopping, or liquefying.

Variable speed control on Vitamix blenders vary from models like the Professional Series 750 and CIA Professional Series; there are several different speeds available for blending with these models.

Variable speed control on Vitamix blenders also varies by model like the Ascent A3300 and A3500 which only have one-touch controls for variable speed control (as opposed to push-button controls).

Why Is Variable Speed Important On Vitamix?

Variable speed is important on Vitamix because it will allow you to purée, chop, liquefy, and/or mix your blend just the way that you want.

You might even use variable speeds for different recipes or ingredients. You may find that blender functions like “pulse” are not enough when it comes to certain recipes; having variable speeds available for your blender may make all the difference!

Why Is Vitamix Variable Speed Not Working?

Vitamix Variable Speed Blender

If your Vitamix variable speeds control is not working, there can be several reasons for this –

1. Faulty Control Panel

The most common reason why your Vitamix variable speed control is not working properly is that the control panel has gone bad. 

This could happen due to a faulty power supply or even if your blender was dropped and it fell on the ground (exposing the control panel). 

Another possible solution is to replace the entire unit altogether with a new one. 

If you have faced this issue, go ahead and order a replacement part from Amazon.

2. Power Supply

Another possible problem for why your blender’s variable speeds control may be malfunctioning can be due to a damaged or loose power supply connection. 

This means that there might be an issue with the electrical wiring of your appliance and it will need some professional help. 

This is the least likely problem, but if you feel like this could be causing your blender to act up, call an electrician to take a look at it and fix the issue for you.

3. Defective Variable Speed Control

If none of the other possible problems seem like they’re causing your Vitamix variable speed control to not work properly – then there might be something wrong with the actual button itself that controls this function. 

Unfortunately, this means that you’ll need to replace or repair your entire variable speeds dial because there’s no way around it without any replacement parts available. 

If you think this is what has gone wrong with your appliance, go ahead and buy a new one on Amazon (or wherever else you prefer).

That’s it! If your Vitamix speeds control is not working, these are the most likely reasons why and solutions that you can try out. 

The last possible reason might be a bit inconsequential if you’re planning on buying a new appliance anyways – but I would recommend at least replacing or repairing the dial before going ahead with this option if it’s still in good enough condition to do so.

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How To Fix Vitamix Variable Speed Doesn’t Work Issue

If none of the above reasons are causing your blender’s speed control to not work, then you’ll need to replace or repair the dial itself and this is actually pretty easy to do –

1. Remove Vitamix Blender Jar And Lid

The first thing you’ll need to do before fixing your blender is to remove the jar from the base unit. 

This means that you’ll have access to both of these parts without actually having them connected together for safety purposes. 

So go ahead and grab a Philips head screwdriver (or whatever else it is that came with your particular model) and remove both of these parts carefully. 

You can put them off to the side somewhere till later on when you’re finished making the necessary repairs.

2. Unscrew Vitamix Dial With Screwdriver

Once you’ve removed both the lid and jar from your Vitamix professional series blender, you should be able to see the actual dial itself in close proximity. 

This can make it easier for you to access and remove it without any issues- so go ahead and take out a smallish-sized Philips head screwdriver before removing all of the screws that are holding this part down onto the remainder of your machine. 

It shouldn’t be too hard for you to unscrew these parts with just a simple hand tool so don’t worry about having to find anything else!

3. Remove Vitamix Variable Speed Control

After removing all of the screws that were securing down your control dial into place, try to carefully lift this part off of your Vitamix speed control. 

It should come away easily, so there’s nothing to worry about when you do this! 

Remember that no more screws have been removed so it doesn’t need to be held in place anymore until you try reassembling everything back again – so just set it aside somewhere nearby or on a nearby table until then.

4. Cleaning The Dial

The dial itself might be a bit dirty from use and general wear and tear around the kitchen – so go ahead and take a small brush with soft bristles to wipe down the outside of it where all the dirt may have accumulated as well as removing any leftover dust or debris from before. 

This will make sure that the new dial you get is going to be clean and look nice for when you finally do go ahead with inserting it back into place.

5. Installing New Dial

When you’ve cleaned the dial off, you can go ahead and insert a new one in its place after removing any protective film from the front of it where the writing might have been present. 

As long as this part is not damaged in any way when you’re purchasing your replacement, you shouldn’t need to worry about anything else getting in between – so just put it back into position and secure down all of your screws again before beginning reassembly!

6. Reassemble Your Blender

Finally, once everything has been replaced or repaired on top of the blender jar and lid – make sure to screw these back together again before placing both of them back onto the base unit. 

Once everything has been properly reassembled, you should be able to turn your blender on and use it normally – so try powering your appliance up right away to make sure that the speed control is working properly again!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Variable Speed Blender?

Variable is a term that refers to any setting on a blender that can be controlled or manipulated in some way. For example, the speed of the blender might be variable which means you can change it up between different speeds depending on your needs at the time.

What Is Variable On Vitamix?

Variable on a Vitamix blender is when you can change the speed of the motor in the blender. It might be at a slow, medium, or high speed and it can be changed depending on what you are doing.

Does The Vitamix Have A Reset Button?

Vitamix motors come with a reset button. If the Vitamix’s motor shuts off, press the black reset button on the bottom of the machine.

How Do You Change The Potentiometer On A Vitamix?

When replacing a Vitamix’s potentiometer, unplug the machine and then unscrew the round black knob on top of the blender. Unscrew both screws located under where the knob was and remove the metal cover. Remove the broken dial and replace it with a new one. Reassemble by screwing back together in reverse order.

Why Is My Vitamix Not Blending?

To fix a Vitamix that won’t blend, check the dial. If it is turned all of the way to high speed, turn it to the right until it clicks into one of the lower speeds. Check for air pockets around where the blade sits in order to prevent blockage. Be sure upon replacing blades that they are properly lined up and not crooked inside of their casing.

Can You Burn Out A Vitamix?

A Vitamix can burn out if there are food particles preventing the machine from turning on. Remove food particles or replace jar if necessary.

How Do You Remove A Vitamix From Its Base?

To remove a Vitamix from its base, unplug the machine and wait until it has cooled off before disassembling the blender’s motor unit. Unscrew the two screws holding down the blender mount with a screwdriver. Lift up on the motor unit to release it from its mount. Place new motor unit in position and reassemble by fastening screws back into place.

Vitamix Blenders Speed Control Problem – Wrap Up

If the variable speed control on your Vitamix blender is not working/showing issues, then there are several reasons why this might be happening. 

You’ll need to fix the Vitamix speed problems before you can use your appliance again so keep these tips in mind next time – they might just help you out!

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