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How To Sharpen Magic Bullet Blades : Complete Guide

In this article, we will discuss how to sharpen Magic Bullet blades.

There are a few different methods that you can use to do so and we’ll outline them and their pros and cons here.

Can You Sharpen Magic Bullet Blades?

Any blade can be sharpened. In the case of sharpening Magic Bullet blender, it’s best to use a diamond cut or very fine whetstone. To give your blade a razor-sharp edge that will slice through anything you dish out in seconds, try using water and soap for lubricant.

Nutribullet Blades Dull – How To Sharpen Magic Bullet Blades

how to sharpen blades on magic bullet

Step 1: Detach The Extractor Blade So That It Is Easily Accessible.

By completing this first step, we will have total access to the extractor blade without any obstacles. It’s difficult to sharpen the edges of the blade when it’s connected to the base. As a result, we must remove the Nutribullet blade entirely in order for us to sharpen the edges without any impediments.

Step 2: Find Something With A Serrated Edge

It would be nearly impossible to sharpen the blade without any form of abrasive material. Fortunately, there are plenty of materials at our disposal in order to complete this task.

We will need to find something with a fine serrated edge that is relatively flat so that it’s easier for us to hold on to while we’re sharpening.

This tool does not necessarily have to be used exclusively for sharpening this specific blade since it can be used for other purposes as well, but it must have a fine serrated edge in order for us to get the results that we want.

Step 3: Start Sharpening The Blade By Brushing It Against The Material That We Have Found (The Material That You Selected In Step Two.)

It is important that you brush the edge of the blade with a moderate amount of pressure.

You can start off by using your non dominant hand in order to hold the extractor blade steady, and then use your dominant hand in order to brush it against the serrated material. This will allow us to sharpen all four edges evenly and consistently.

Step 4: Flip The Blade Over Once You’ve Sharpened One Side And Repeat Steps Three And Four Until All Edges Of The Blade Have Been Sharpen To Your Satisfaction

If we were to only sharpen one side of this specific blade, then such an action would result in a duller finished product than what is necessary.

If we choose to only sharpen one edge of this blade, then there is a smaller chance that the extractor blade will have an even finish after being sharpened.

As a result, you must flip the blade over so that you can sharpen all of its edges evenly.

It is important to use moderate pressure when brushing against this serrated material in order to get the best results possible.

Step 5: Reattach The Extractor Blade To The Base And Test Its Sharpness Once Again By Cutting Into Something That Has A Mild Resistance Level, Such As Paper Or Plastic Wrap

After completing these four steps successfully, your extractor blade should now be sharper than it was before! Now, you can test your blade by cutting into something that has a mild resistance level, such as paper or plastic wrap.

If the blade is sharp enough to cut through this material without too much effort on your part, then you can be confident in knowing that it is now sharper than when you first started.

Is Sharpening Really Required?

Sharpening a blade isn’t always required, but it’s generally done to achieve a good, sharp edge.

If you’re using the Magic Bullet blender regularly and your blades are not very dull, then sharpening is usually not necessary.

Using the blender on a regular basis will keep your blades relatively sharp. In fact, sometimes just cleaning can be enough to re-sharpen them for the next time you use them.

Is There Anyone Who Doesn’t Need To Sharpen Blender Blades?

Not everyone does! For example, if you are only going to use your Nutribullet blender infrequently or your blades are in good condition (see above) then you do not need to sharpen them at all.

However, most people who have owned their Nutribullet blender for a while and use it fairly regularly will find that they need to have their blades sharpened.

What Does Sharpening Your Blades Entail?

Sharpening a blade entails using an abrasive material to remove some of the metal and re-sharpen the edge. This means that it will take away metal from the blade to achieve a nice, sharp cutting surface.

How To Detach The Extractor Blade

Before you begin sharpening, you’ll need to detach your extractor blade. This is the blade that looks like a cross between a propeller and a half-moon. Start by removing the lid of your blender.

Then use the wrench included with your blender to unscrew the blade holding screw until it comes all the way out.

Once this is removed, lift off the top of your Nutribullet blender and set these two pieces aside for now.

How To Sharpen Nutribullet Blades With Emery Cloth

emery cloth

This is one of the safest ways to sharpen your blades because it doesn’t involve electricity or power tools; however, it also doesn’t give you as sharp an edge as some other methods would provide either due to its materials.

First, take a piece of emery cloth and cut it into a manageable size. You’ll want to have a piece of emery cloth that is about 30 cm by 15 cm in size.

Place this on your countertop and then place the extractor blade on top of it, so that the cutting edge is facing towards you.

Then, hold down the blade with one hand and pull the emery cloth over it with your other hand; you might want to use a ruler or some type of straight edge as a guide for this step if you don’t feel comfortable eyeballing how much pressure you’re placing on the blade. Make sure to sharpen both sides equally!

What’s The Best Way To Sharpen Nutribullet Blade With A Stone?

This method is one of the best ways to sharpen your blades because it gives you a sharp edge that can be used again and again.

You’ll need some sandpaper or even a whetstone for this process if you’re looking for something that will give you an extremely sharp blade.

If you don’t have either of these things, a medium-grade stone is going to work well too.

First, layout your sandpaper or stone (be gentle with stones since they may break) on top of a flat surface like your countertop; then place the extractor blade on top with the cutting edge facing away from you.

Next, grip the blade firmly with one hand and use your other hand to pull the sandpaper across it in smooth strokes.

Do this until you reach the desired sharpness and then flip it over to do the other side.

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What About Using A Whetstone?

Sharpening Stone Whetstone

The whetstone is another safe way to sharpen your Nutribullet blades, but it can be tricky to use!

Depending on which type of whetstone you have, you might get better results with a different method of using it.

However, these are the steps that we recommend first.

Place your whetstone flat on top of your countertop; place the extractor blade on top with the cutting edge facing away from you; grip the blade firmly in one hand and use your other hand to draw the blade towards yourself across the stone in smooth strokes.

Repeat this motion until you achieve your desired sharpness and then flip it over for the other side.

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How About Using An Electric Sharpener?

Electric Knife Sharpener

This is probably the easiest way to sharpen your blades but also one of the most dangerous!

You will need a very steady hand and lots of patience because this method involves using an electric knife sharpener that you have plugged into an electrical socket.

First, lay out some paper towels on top of a flat surface like your countertop; then place the extractor blade on top with the cutting edge facing away from you (be careful when placing it down!).

Plugin your electric sharpener and press it against the spinning blade until a nice sharp edge is achieved; make sure to do both sides equally.

Then, remove any metal shards or dust that may have fallen on your paper towels and you’re done.

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Make Sure To Give Your Blades A Little TLC Every Other Day

The final step that you will need to take in order to keep your blades sharp is to give them a little love every other day or so (definitely before using it again).

Take one of your paper towels and run it underneath the faucet until it’s soaked with some warm water; ring out any excess liquid and then place the towel over the top of the blade.

Pull down on it gently but firmly until all residue has been removed and then repeat this process for the other side.

This will ensure that both sides of the blade are smooth so you don’t cut yourself when using the Nutribullet blender, as well as help to keep your blades clean and completely free of debris that might make Nutribullet blades dull.

Voila! You’re done.

This article has given you several ways to sharpen blender blades, from those that can be used virtually anywhere to those that require a little more effort (but are very effective).

After reading through this article, do you have any additional questions about sharpening Nutribullet blender blades? Leave them in the comments section below for us; we’ll answer as many as possible! Thanks for reading.

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