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Ninja Blender Pitcher Cracked: How To Fix Crack On Blenders

The Ninja blender is a well-known kitchen device that is built to last. If your Ninja blender pitcher cracked, you might be perplexed as to what to do.

In this blog article, we’ll go through why Ninja blender pitchers might break in the first place, what warranties cover when it comes to cracks in the pitcher itself, and how you may get a new blender pitcher if yours is irreparable.

The majority of us believe that when our blender pitcher cracks, we can no longer use it and must purchase a new one. But, before you go out and buy another blender, read through this post!

Ninja Blender Pitcher Is Cracked – Common Reasons

ninja cracked pitcher

There are a few contributing factors to why your Ninja blender pitcher might break. Unfortunately, if the plastic container has a crack, it will almost certainly be unusable. Even if the pitcher doesn’t leak, blender vibrations will exacerbate the fracture, posing a safety hazard.

Let’s start with why it might break before addressing the solutions. Hopefully, learning how these containers usually fracture will help you avoid doing so with yours.

You Dropped The Pitcher On The Floor

Ninja blenders are most likely to break when the pitcher falls on the floor.

Users attempt to pour liquids out too fast, and their hands slip. It can also happen when mixing hefty things like ice cubes or frozen fruit with water in the pitcher.

Make sure to always grasp your Ninja pitcher with both hands when pouring water in order to prevent it from falling off the counter.

Make sure not to tip the container too close to your body or over a sink while pouring liquids. Always pour away from you and let gravity work its magic.

You Didn’t Store The Pitcher Properly

If Ninja blenders are piled on top of each other inadequately or stored in an uneven posture, they may fracture.

Make sure that all containers have been cleaned before being stacked together — never put dirty things next to clean ones since this can lead to stains and bacterial growths, which might cause cracks down the road.

Do not store your blender jars upside-down, either! If there is any liquid remaining in the jar after blending, it should be completely emptied before putting it away.

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You Exposed The Blender To Too Much Heat

One of the best things about Ninja blenders is that they are able to go from solid ice cream to warm soup without any trouble.

However, if your blender container was exposed to high heat or wasn’t washed properly before storage, it might have impurities that collect heat quickly. This can cause thermal shock within the jar’s infrastructure and lead to cracks in the material.

To avoid this, always make sure to clean your bottles thoroughly after use. If you find yourself needing a dishwasher-safe pitcher, be sure it isn’t overheating during the cleaning process!

You Used The Wrong Cleaner

Cleaning your blender jars correctly will ensure they last many years before showing signs of wear-and-tear on the body.

If you use an abrasive material like steel wool to scrub substances left behind by soft cheeses or nut butters, it might cause damage to the exterior.

Also, try not to use any type of harsh chemicals, like bleach or vinegar to clean your blades and containers unless they are labeled as dishwasher-safe. The wrong cleaner could lead to chips in plastic components that can “silently” fracture over time.

You Left Too Much Liquid In The Blender Jar After Use

Leaving too much liquid inside your blender container after washing will cause air to become trapped within its infrastructure.

This may lead to cracks in the pitcher because the pressure increases when freezing over time shakes it out whenever you blend something else. Over time, the liquid will start leaking out of the cracks, making your container unusable.

You Overfilled The Container With Liquid

Overfilling your Ninja blender container to the brim with any kind of liquid is never a good idea.

The extra weight might compromise the pitcher’s integrity because it has too much pressure for it to handle, leading to cracks or other malfunctions down the road.

Make sure that you do not fill up the container all the way when making smoothies to avoid this issue.

You Used The Blender For Too Long Of A Period Of Time

As long as you use your Ninja blender regularly but still take breaks in between uses, you shouldn’t run into trouble with overworking its components. However, constantly filling and emptying the pitcher multiple times will wear out its support structure and cause fractures on some components.

If there is a lot of liquid in the container, it is very important to let the blender rest properly before using it again. Otherwise, there might be some accidents that can harm you or your kitchen!

You Gave The Blender To Young Kids

Kids are not always careful when using household appliances because they don’t understand how dangerous things can get when misused.

If you have kids in your house, give them their own Ninja blender with a child-friendly pitcher instead of handing down an old one from the kitchen cupboard. It’s better for them to play around with something new rather than handle something sharp and old.

Can You Fix Cracked Ninja Blender Pitcher?

Ninja pitcher cracked

Ninja blender pitchers are constructed of shatter-resistant, BPA-free plastic. While they can take a little pressure and falls here and there, when the container is fractured, it is no longer usable.

This is due to the fact that when the Ninja blender pitcher is in use, the cracks will only grow and can cause you harm. Plastic bits might break off into your blended beverages, causing choking or mouth laceration.

Even if there are no visible cracks on the container itself, but it does not seal properly anymore (that is, water leaks out even though nothing has been combined), there may be a fracture beneath the surface that can’t be repaired.

If the container is less than a year old, you can return it to the manufacturer for replacement. Otherwise, you will have to buy a new Ninja blender pitcher.

How To Fix Crack On Ninja Blender Pitchers

One video showed a man fixing his own pitcher by first cutting off all of the sharp edges with a hack saw blade before putting on some duct tape and using super glue to put it back together

Because this man had fixed his own pitcher, many people followed suit and shared their own attempts online. 

Another person who shared a video online explained how they fixed their pitcher by using epoxy to glue the pieces back together.

Yet another one of his fans went on to say that he used JB Weld and it worked perfectly for him too!

As you can see, there are many videos out there that address this issue – some people just use duct tape or super glue while others opt for the more permanent solution with epoxy.

There was one other solution that proved to be very effective. 

One woman placed her dough on the bottom of the blender as usual but removed the blade before turning on the machine. 

She then held a towel over the top and turned it on for 30 seconds. 

This was enough to create a perfectly blended dough that she could roll out into rolls. 

If you do not want to replace your pitcher, this is an effective way to continue using your blender.

How To Avoid Cracks in the First Place

Taking better care of your Ninja blender pitcher might help you avoid fractures.

It’s always best to avoid exposure of any type of container to heat whenever possible. Despite the fact that Ninja pitcher is BPA-free, prolonged exposure to high heat can cause it to warp and break.

Never place hot ingredients like soup directly in your blender jar — let them cool down first before transferring them over! When you follow these steps, you might be able to save yourself a lot of trouble in the future.

Keep it in a safe place. Don’t put it down on the floor, don’t try to pour out liquid too quickly, and make sure you always grasp both sides when pouring or mixing to avoid accidentally tipping it over.

Ninja Blender parts are covered by a one-year warranty, and any visible cracks will be prevented. This means that Ninja Blender replacement jars won’t be required, at least until a year has passed since the purchase. If there are no obvious signs of wear after this time period, you may want to change them regardless if they’re still under guarantee.

What Does The Warranty Cover?

The Ninja blender comes with a 1-year warranty on the pitcher, blade assembly, and motor base.

If your Ninja blender cracks, you may obtain a replacement for free by calling or sending an email to customer service.

If you’ve misplaced your receipt, don’t worry; simply go to the manufacturer’s website to figure out what year of production yours falls under so that they can process your request more swiftly.

However, please be advised that Ninja will only send replacements to customers who have already purchased it. Customers must provide proof of purchase before receiving their replacement goods, which means shipping costs will apply unless they had previously purchased it from Amazon or another retailer.

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Where To Get A Replacement Pitcher?

Ninja blender cracked? Replacement Ninja Blender Pitchers, as well as other Ninja blenders and accessories, may be purchased on Amazon or elsewhere.

If you have the original receipt, Ninja will just need proof of purchase to confirm your warranty status; there will be no additional shipping costs for this.

Replacement jars are also for sale, so if your pitcher has cracks but everything else is still in good working order, you may simply purchase a new jar rather than having to buy a whole new blender.

How To Know If The Pitcher Needs Replacement

If you notice leaking from the blender pitcher, or if it is showing signs of cracking, warping, melting, you should replace the jar.

Most likely, there are small fractures beneath the surface that can’t be repaired. If you have a longer warranty status than a year, call customer service to confirm your information and hold onto your receipt in case they will not replace it by simply looking on their website.

Please note: Ninja Blender Replacement Jars can ONLY be obtained if proof of purchase is provided . In other words, it’s only covered under warranty when purchased from an official source such as Amazon or via Ninja directly.

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Ninja Blenders Pitcher Cracked – Final Answer

Ninja blenders are durable appliances that are designed to last. The Ninja blender cracked pitcher may be a result of any of the above reasons.

If you’ve read up on how to care for your Ninja blender properly and still end up with cracks or leaks, quickly get in touch with customer service to learn about obtaining replacement parts before continuing to use it!

Just remember to keep it in a safe place and grasp both sides when pouring or mixing. That way, you can avoid the accidents that might make your blender jar unusable.

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