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Ninja Blender Iced Coffee Recipe: The Tastiest Way To Beat The Heat

Did you know that there is more than just one way to enjoy your coffee?

Check out this Ninja iced coffee recipe for a refreshing variation on your favorite drink!

Can You Make Iced Coffee In A Ninja Blender?

The Ninja blender has a really powerful motor and sharp blades, so it’s a great choice for making iced coffee.

If you want to make yourself a frozen frappuccino-type drink, the Ninja is definitely up to the task!

Ninja Iced Coffee Recipe

how to make iced coffee in Ninja blender

Step 1: Get Your Ingredients Together

  1. Coffee  (brewed or instant)  – any amount will work.
  2. Ice cubes (as much as you want!).
  3. Milk or half and half cream – optional, depending on how strong you like your coffee! You can also use almond milk or soy milk instead if that’s more your style. Don’t tell ninjas they’re vegan though!
  4. Creamer  – same thing, choose hazelnut, vanilla, caramel… you name it!
  5. Sugar  – or another sweetener.
  6. Whipped cream for topping – this is optional but recommended!

Step 2: Blend Your Ingredients Together

Use the Ninja blade assembly to blend all of your ingredients together.

This will make a deliciously cold, frothy drink perfect for summer days!

If you want something thicker, add more coffee or less ice. Experiment with what works best for you.

You can also try blending in one cup of iced coffee last so things are nice and smooth.

Add some extra sugar if you think it needs it.

Remember that iced coffee tends to be on the bitter side because hot coffee loses its flavor when it’s poured over ice.

Step 3: Pour And Enjoy!

Pour your ninja coffee into a glass of ice and serve with whipped cream on top if you like.

Delicious, refreshing, and caffeinated – what more could you want from your coffee?

This is one recipe that’s easy to master so try it out today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How Is This Different From A Regular Iced Coffee?

This Ninja iced coffee recipe uses the Ninja blender to make a slushy, frozen drink that tastes just like one of those fancy frappuccinos you’d order at a coffee shop. It’s thicker and more satisfying than a traditional glass of iced coffee.

Can I Add Other Ingredients?

Absolutely! This easy ninja iced coffee recipe was designed to be versatile so feel free to experiment with other flavors if you’re bored with plain old ice cubes.

Why not try adding mint or chocolate syrup for an extra kick? What about sprinkling some cinnamon on top? The possibilities are endless!

What Drinks Can I Make With My Ninja Blender?

The Ninja blender is a versatile little appliance that you can use to make all sorts of delicious drinks. Why not try making smoothies by adding fruit and yogurt? How about a milkshake with chocolate syrup and ice cream? Many people also swear by the Ninja for crushing ice so be sure to experiment!

What’s A Frappuccino?

A frappuccino is a frozen coffee drink usually made from vanilla, caramel, or hazelnut flavored syrup mixed with milk and crushed ice. Sometimes they have whipped cream on top too!

Some people even go as far as ordering them with different types of milk – half n half or soy milk, anyone? You can try mixing your own at home using this Ninja iced coffee recipe!

Will It Blend?

Yes. Yes, it will. The Ninja blender can crush ice and blend just about anything you put in there so yes, this will work!

Just make sure to let all the ingredients settle before you flip the cup over to make sure nothing leaks out.

What Else Can I Do With My Ninja?

The Ninja blender is one of those appliances everyone should have at home because it’s so versatile! You can use it to chop up everything from fruit (try an apple or watermelon for something tasty) to nuts (like pecans or walnuts).

Some people even use their Ninja for making soup – try using some chicken broth with veggies like carrots and celery for a delicious healthy dinner idea!

You can even make a cup of hot bulletproof coffee in Ninja blender.

Ninja Blender Iced Coffee – Wrap Up

This recipe was designed with the busy professional in mind.

Why stop for coffee on your way to work when you can make it yourself at home?

All you need is a Ninja blender, some ice cubes, and cream or sugar if that’s your thing!

You can also experiment by adding other ingredients like mint extract or chocolate syrup.

Remember that an iced coffee tends to be on the bitter side because hot coffee becomes less flavorful after it’s poured over ice so add extra sugar and flavors if necessary.

The Ninja blender is great for making all sorts of delicious drinks besides just this ninja iced coffee recipe.

Try using it to make smoothies or milkshakes too!

There are so many different ways you can use this versatile appliance in your daily life that you really should think about picking one up.

What is your favorite iced coffee flavor? Do you add anything to yours or do you prefer it plain? Let us know in the comments!

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