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Ninja Blender Smells Like Burning? Troubleshooting Guide

Ninja blenders are advertised as being able to blend anything from liquids to ice.

One of the most commonly asked questions about this product is that the Ninja blender smells like burning.

In order to provide our readers with all the facts, we want you to explore why exactly this happens and if it’s a problem that can be fixed or not.

why does my Ninja smell like its burning

Why Does My Ninja Blender Have Burning Smell?

Ninja blender smells like burning rubber

Why does my Ninja blender smell like its burning? There are a few reasons that your Ninja smells like burning. 

If this is something that you’re experiencing, please read on to discover some of the most likely reasons and what you can do so it doesn’t happen again.

1. Too Much Ice In The Blender Causes Ninja Burning Smell

One of the most common reasons why a Ninja blender smells like burning plastic is because there’s too much ice in the jar or cup for the motor to handle. 

When this happens, it’s basically choking out the motor and causing friction within the blades which leads to an odd burning type Ninja blender smell.

2. Dead Or Dying Motor

ninja motor base

A dead or dying motor would be one thing if all you smell was burned ice but that definitely sounds more serious than just a burning smell. 

If your Ninja blender has burning smell and there’s no ice inside, it’s possible that the motor has died or is dying. 

This can be caused by overworking the machine or not using enough water when blending.

3. Blending With The Wet Blade

If you’re making a blended drink with the wet blade your Ninja blender will make a loud noise and could possibly stall out due to how much thicker the contents are compared to dry ingredients. 

This also results in an odd-smelling Ninja blender because of all the friction which could cause damage to your motor if it continues running. 

4. Blending With The Wrong Blade

If you’re trying to blend something like ice with the dough blade, the contents will get stuck and eventually start burning which causes a smell in Ninja blender. 

It’s best to use either the wet or dry blades for blending ingredients.

5. Failing To Add Water Or Liquid To Blenders

Ninja blenders need some form of liquid in order to work at their best otherwise they can overheat and burn out. 

Therefore if you put anything inside without adding some water it is going to cause your motor problems which could result in burning smell from all the friction that’s created inside your Ninja blender jar/cup. 

Blending with only ice is also one of these because there really isn’t enough liquid in order for the Ninja blender to work its best.

6. Blending For Too Long

If you’re too busy living life and forget to stop your Ninja blender, it will overheat and burn out. 

This is due to blending for too long or just because you tried to blend something that was a little bit more difficult than usual.

Either way, this can be easily prevented by simply stopping the appliance every now and then in order to check on progress.

Or better yet make a rule not to use it when you’re not at home so you don’t have any sort of automatic temptation.

7. Not Allowing The Motor To Cool Down (Blender Starts Smoking)

Nutri Ninja blender smells like burning rubber

After blending for a while, it’s important to let your Ninja blender cool down and avoid touching certain parts. 

This is the number one reason why you should let it run on its own instead of just unplugging it right away. 

If you unplug your Ninja blender too soon after use without giving the motor time to cool down it might cause problems or burning smell. 

Allow at least 10 minutes of downtime before plugging back in and using again so everyone stays safe and happy!

8. Unplugging The Ninja Blender Before Everything Is Done

When you want to stop your blender, what’s the first thing you do? This is probably unplugged right away without giving it a moment to cool down. 

And this is also one of the reasons why your Ninja might smell like burning or be damaged. 

Try waiting at least 10 minutes after using before cutting off the electricity just so the motor has time to cool down and avoid possible damage.

9. Ninja Blender Smell Like Burning? You Are Failing To Clean It After Use

The last thing that could cause your Ninja blender to smell is forgetting to clean out whatever was blended afterward. 

When food particles are left inside along with some excess liquid, this will make for an almost impossible situation because everything will eventually begin to rot which will lead to a bad odor being released after turning it on. 

So just remember to clean up right away, especially if there are any leftovers inside because this can cause some serious damage in the long run by ruining your blender.

My Ninja Blender Smells Like Burning Rubber – Troubleshooting

ninja cup smells

So now that you have some reasons for burning Ninja blender, what do you do next? 

Well, you should check out the rest of our post to find out what you can do so it doesn’t happen again.

1. Adding Liquid To The Blender

You should always add water or some other kind of liquid before starting off your blender. 

If there’s not enough liquid in order for your ninja blender to blend correctly, this could lead to overworking which could eventually damage the motor. 

In addition, adding too much ice without any sort of liquid can also cause a burning smell coming from your blender.

2. Not Working Right Away

Sometimes you have to give your Ninja blender about 5-6 minutes in order for it to completely turn on and start blending everything together at its full potential. 

If you put something inside and it starts burning right away, then there’s a strong possibility that you might have to wait for it to start working again.

3. Letting The Blender Warm-Up

Another thing you should do before blending anything is let your Ninja blender warm up first. 

This means running the motor with nothing in order to let any excess heat escape before putting things inside. 

It’s best to do this for about 30 seconds or so if possible because the less heat there is inside, the less chance of burning smell which could prolong its life expectancy as well as make everything come out tasting better since there shouldn’t be any leftover heat afterward.

4. Using The Right Blade For A Specific Ingredient

To prevent burning smell from coming from your blender, it’s best to use the right blade for whatever you’re blending. 

For example, ice should only go in the dry blades so you won’t have to worry about creating friction resulting in a burning smell. 

On the other hand, if you blend something like dough with the wet blades, this could result in burning smell because of its thicker consistency along with how much water or liquid wasn’t added beforehand.

5. Using Exact Amounts of Food

If you don’t use the right amount of food, this will create a negative effect by either creating too much friction which can cause your Ninja blender to smell, or be unable to mix it at all. 

So just remember that whatever you’re blending, if there’s too little or too much then something’s going to get messed up, but hopefully, it’s not the motor!

6. Burnt Blade Removal

If you have already missed the opportunity of cleaning everything out after use, then you should also know that burnt blades can be removed for replacement or simply throwing them away if they’re beyond saving.

This is not something we would recommend taking part in yourself however as doing so could result in permanent damage to your Ninja Blender and cutting yourself with the blade is never fun either!

7. Checking The Cord Before Each Use

We’ve all done it… pulled out the blender’s cord and watched as it unplugs itself right before our very eyes. 

That’s not good for your blender or yourself so always double-check that everything is plugged in correctly before turning anything on because you could be wasting precious time instead of blending something perfectly!

8. Not Over Filling Your Ninja Blender

If you put too much food inside, this could cause overfilling which means there won’t be enough room for things to mix together smoothly. 

This can also cause some sort of motor burnout eventually because it’s just one big mess waiting to happen when you have a Ninja blender full of food chunks from not being able to blend properly. 

You also should avoid scraping the sides while it’s running, this could cause your blender to seize up.

9. Be Careful What You Blend Together

Aside from ice, dough and liquids should be the only things you blend in your Ninja blender. 

We all know that rubber, stringy, or any type of veggies are not good for these blenders because they will take their toll over time. 

So if the contents aren’t the right consistency then don’t use your Ninja blender. 

It’s smarter to just keep reading our blog so you’ll always know what you can and cannot do when using one!

10. Using The Lowest Setting For An Excessively Long Time

If you leave your blender on too long while using the lowest setting then this could also result in a smell from motor since it’s constantly working at maximum capacity without much rest in between.

So, if your Ninja blender smells like smoke, just turn it off before you need to leave the room next time and then come back later or whenever you can since this might save your blender from burnout.

11. Moving Your Ninja Blender While It’s Turned On

Just because you have a powerful motor doesn’t mean moving around while it’s on is going to be good for it so keep in mind not to tilt, shake or move your Ninja blender at all during operation unless otherwise instructed by the instructions manual that came with it which we’re sure you read anyway!

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Overall The Ninja Blender Can Make Anything From Liquids To Ice With A Few Troubles Now And Then

Although sometimes there are problems that can arise while using a Ninja blender, it doesn’t necessarily mean that all hope is lost! 

By knowing what causes certain issues and how to fix them, you will be able to not only save your Ninja blender from burning but also use it with peace of mind in the kitchen.

Conclusion – Ninja Blender Smells Like Burning

In conclusion, there are a few various reasons why your Ninja Blender smells burnt and you should check out this blog post in order to find a solution that will work for you! 

Though most problems can be fixed by following one or two of these tips above, they’re nothing more than just guidelines so if there’s something we didn’t list here, feel free to comment below and let us know what caused the problem along with what you did if your blender starts smoking. 

In addition, if this guide was helpful to you in any way please consider sharing it with others so they too have a chance at fixing their Ninja blender smell like burning before it becomes too late! 

Thank you for reading and happy blending!

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