Vitamix Ascent vs Legacy Review & Comparison

Vitamix is the leading blender manufacturer in the market at the moment. Almost all households and restaurants have tried a Vitamix blender and almost all of them have positive reviews to give about the brand thus we can say without a doubt that it is one of the most trustworthy brands in the market.

Over the years, Vitamix has launched a number of models. All the Vitamix blenders are classified into three main series but we are only going to be looking at two of them today; Ascent and Legacy series. If you already have a blender at your home then you might have heard about the Legacy series because it has been around for years now whereas the Ascent series is new in the market but it has made a name for itself since its launch with its new technologies and advancements.

You might have seen the Vitamix e310 vs 5200 comparisons as well but in this article we are going to look at Ascent vs. Legacy blenders to figure out which one of them is the better choice but before we compare the two series firstly we will review them individually and then compare the main distinguishing features between the two to make it easy for you to choose.


Vitamix Legacy Series Review

Vitamix Legacy Series

Legacy blenders were quite a hit back in the day. They created a niche for themselves because of their performance and even now these blenders are owned and loved by domestic and professional users. The series has some great blenders. One of them is a great blender for an acai bowl and also a top blender for puree food.

 Size and design 

If you were to look at the design of the legacy blenders a few years ago then they might look great but if you look at them now then the overall design of the blenders is quite outdated and boring. Plus the legacy blenders are heavy and larger in size.

 Features and settings 

Almost all the legacy blenders have the same features and settings. You will mostly see a dial knob and a toggle on the motor base because only a few of them come with pre-programmed settings so there aren’t any complex buttons on the blender. You can easily place the jar on top and adjust the speed and pulse feature accordingly to run your mixtures.


When it comes to performance the legacy blender is quite great because they are equipped with high powered motor and stainless steel blades that have the ability to cut through the toughest of the materials. Over the years the legacy series has built a niche for itself in the market because of its performance.

 Smart technology 

When it comes to smart technology, the legacy blenders are way behind. There are no smart features in the legacy series. They are all equipped with basic techniques such as variable speed dial and a pulse toggle. Only one of them has a touch screen while the others are equipped with only basic technology.


Cleaning the legacy blender was quite easy. Even though the containers aren’t dishwasher friendly but the self-cleaning feature always comes in handy. Unlike other blenders, you can easily put a bit of water and soap in the blender and run it for 30 minutes and you are done. Thus cleaning the Vitamix Legacy blenders after use is quite easy.


The Vitamix Legacy blenders come with a 7 year warranty period. Even though this period is enough for a blender but most people like to extend the warranty period up to 3 years to enjoy more benefits but of course at a cost. Just like all the other Vitamix Blenders the warranty of these blenders is transferable so you can always buy second-hand blenders as well.


Vitamix Ascent Series Review

Vitamix Ascent Series

The new and more advanced models launched by Vitamix belong to the Ascent series. They are equipped with innovative technology that makes the blenders user-friendly. The touch pads and the digital timers give the blender a new look as well.

 Size and design 

The overall design of the Ascent blenders is quite advanced and smart. The touch screen and the digital timer adds a new look to the base and makes the blender look more appealing. Plus the blenders also come in kitchen-friendly sizes so you can easily fit them in your kitchen cabinets. They are also available in different colors so you can choose the one that suits your kitchen style.

 Features and settings 

Ascent blenders are quite advanced. You get to see multiple features on them and they do come in different settings as well. Some of them come with the basic speed dial and a pulse button but most of them have a touch screen. Plus the blenders also come with a digital timer even on the basic blenders so that you can easily keep track of time. Plus the dial knobs are also automatic so every time your timer turns to zero, the dial will automatically move back to zero. This ensures that the blender doesn’t keep running at full speed even after you are done.


The performance of the Ascent blenders is much more advanced than the legacy blenders. The Ascent blenders come with manual controls and touchscreen whereas only the Legacy Pro 780 comes with a  touch screen in the legacy series thus Ascent series is much easier to use thus provides better performance.

 Smart technology 

The Ascent blenders are equipped with WiFi technology. This new feature allows the blender base to automatically detect the container that is being placed on the top thus automatically adjust the maximum speed of the blender accordingly. There is also the Bluetooth feature in the device but Vitamix hasn’t announced its use yet so we will have to wait a bit found out what it is there for.


Finally, Vitamix has manufactured containers that are dishwasher safe. The three different sized Ascent containers are dishwasher safe so you can easily wash them without having to worry about cleaning them yourself after every use.


The Ascent series of the Vitamix blender comes with a 10-year warranty which is one of the best features of the product. Another great thing offered by Vitamix is that the warranty is also transferrable which means that even if you buy a second-hand blender you can call the customer care service and register the warranty of the product on your name.


Vitamix Ascent vs Legacy

Vitamix Ascent vs Legacy

Ascent series is the better and the advanced version of the Legacy blenders thus we already consider them to be better than the Legacy blenders. But we will compare the most prominent features of both the series to highlight them for you so that you can make a decision on which one would be more suitable for your needs. So let us look at the advancements that Vitamix has made in the Ascent series.


The overall design of the Ascent blenders is much more advanced and appealing as compared to the Legacy Blenders. The container handle of the legacy blenders is being replaced by plastic handles in the ascent blenders and the lids of the ascent blenders are made from clear material as compared to the dark rubber lids of the legacy blenders. Thus this allows you to monitor your mixture from the top easily.

Apart from the containers, there has been a significant change in technology thus the design of the base unit has also been upgraded in the ascent series. With the digital timer and the touch screen, it gives a more appealing look than the outdated legacy base units.


If you prefer versatility then you will have to wait a bit because the Ascent series only has three different containers at the moment whereas the Legacy series has a much more versatile container to offer to its users.

At present, you can get a full-size 64-ounce container, a go-to cup and bowl containers for your ascent series. Even though they seem less but you can perform a wide range of functions in them as well. Plus Vitamix is working on new containers for the Ascent series as well so you will be getting more of them in the future. 


When it comes to electric devices, technology matters a lot. Every day new innovations are being made thus it is important that you stay up to date with them. The Legacy series of Vitamix only provided the users with the basic features that they needed to operate the blender such as a speed knob and a pulse toggle whereas, in case of Ascent series, Vitamix took on the newer and more advanced approach an added Wireless technology to the base unit of the blenders.

The ascent series offers you two different types of wireless options; near field communication and Bluetooth. The containers of the Ascent series have a tag at the bottom which automatically gets connected and recognized by the base unit due to the NFC technology. Thus the unit will automatically set the maximum blending speed based on the size and the type of the container.

Although this a great feature but as an existing Vitamix user you might have to consider this before buying an Ascent blender because your Legacy container won’t be compatible with the new Ascent base so you will have to get the new containers which are only available in three different sizes at the moment.

On the other hand, Vitamix hasn’t yet revealed the use of Bluetooth in its devices but since you know that it is there thus it will have some use in the future so you will have to wait for that. This also means that Vitamix is working on something more advanced for you so you can keep the excitement level up as well. 


Although we did like the self-cleaning feature of the Legacy series, it didn’t always come in handy because in writing you do only have to run the blender for 30 seconds to get it clean but in reality, it takes around 5 minutes to get everything cleaned up.

Since most of the customers weren’t happy with only the self-cleaning feature thus Vitamix upgraded its cleaning game in the Ascent series by making the containers dishwasher safe. So now you can easily place the containers in the dishwasher and get going with your other tasks without having to clean them on your own.


The warranty period of a product always come in handy if you are spending hundreds of dollars on it. Vitamix is known for its long term warranty for the previous models but this time Vitamix outdid itself. The new Ascent series models come with a 10 year warranty period whereas the Vitamix Legacy series comes with only 7 years of warranty. You can extend the warranty period if you want but you will have to pay an extra few bucks for that. Other than that Vitamix Ascent is definitely better in terms of the warranty.


Final Verdict on Vitamix Ascent vs Legacy

Honestly, we would always recommend products that are more advanced so according to that, we would probably consider the Vitamix Ascent models over the Vitamix Legacy models because the ascent models are more updated with the new technologies and offer more ease to the users.

You will be getting wireless technology, Bluetooth and new different sized containers. Plus the touchpads are much easier to use than knobs and toggles since you use them on a daily basis with your smartphones. You will also be able to see on-screen timer which always comes in handy when you are preparing food.

Although, the legacy series has more containers to offer at the moment we do believe that Vitamix will come up with new different sized containers for the Ascent series as well to offer you versatility so you will have to wait for that. Other than that the Ascent series is definitely better and more advanced than the Legacy series.

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