Can You Mince Meat In A Nutribullet?

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The Nutribullet is a popular kitchen appliance that can efficiently mince meat.

You may be wondering if it’s possible to use the Nutribullet for mincing meat when you are in need of ground beef or pork, but don’t want to spend time with an electric grinder. The answer is yes!

If you have any doubts about how well can Nutribullet mince meat, think again! It can grind up smoother than any other type of grinder out there.

Can You Mince Meat In A Nutribullet?

can you put meat in a Nutribullet

You can mince meat in Nutribullet in no time at all!

With its unique blades and design, it is capable of producing a rough grind in no time.

You can use this to your advantage when making sauces with meats, or even when you are cooking for guests!

It is a quick and simple way to add just the right amount of meat your meal needs.

You may think that when you are making something with beef or pork, that it will be hard to add in small amounts without spending time on an electric grinder.

This is definitely not the case with the Nutribullet! With its quick rotating blades, you can get any type of meat into your sauce effortlessly.

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How To Grind Meat In A Nutribullet

There are only a few simple steps for grinding meat in Nutribullet.

  1. First, you will need some meat.
  2. Remove the excess fats on the meats first, then cut them into small chunks that can fit inside your Nutribullet cup.
  3. Next, place the chunks of meat into the cup and secure them on top of your Nutribullet blades.
  4. Add half a cup or more of water to help with blending it up smoothly.
  5. Then pop in whatever other ingredients you want to mix with it!
  6. For example, if you’re making ground beef for tacos or spaghetti sauce, add some spices like cumin powder and chili pepper powder for flavor.
  7. If you want pork mincemeat for another dish, throw in some spices like rosemary and thyme.
  8. After all your ingredients are added, power on the machine and let it run for about 20-30 seconds or until you’ve reached a smooth and even consistency!
  9. You will know when the meat has already been minced to an appropriate texture because it will appear flaky instead of chunky.
  10. That is all there is to it! Now transfer your mincemeat into a container to store in your fridge for later use.

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Which Is The Best Nutribullet To Mince Meat?

Nutribullet Pro 900 is the best Nutribullet meat grinder. It comes with two Short Cups (532ml) and a Tall Cup (709ml) that have a lid and seasoning cap.

The Nutribullet Rx is capable of mincemeat when you do not need the larger capacity of the Pro 900 model.

The Magic Bullet NutriBullet NBR-1201 is also another good choice for mincing meat when you want to use it only occasionally.

Can You Mince Meat With Other Kitchen Appliances?

The answer is yes, but not as well as the Nutribullet! Because they lack sharp blades that are usually attached to many appliances made to mince meat, and they tend to overheat easily when they are used.

They also have small compartments where ingredients can’t be blended up completely because of limited space. Plus, these appliances are extremely difficult to clean!

This is not the case with Nutribullet, as it has a larger cup and blade design.

It is also much easier to disassemble and reassemble than other appliances. You can even detach the blades from its casing to properly clean them off any leftover bits of meat or whatever else you blended up!

Plus, unlike other appliances made specifically for grinding meat, this one doesn’t require electricity too!

So if you’re ever worried about being in the middle of preparing pork for tacos or any other dish, don’t fret. You can still use your Nutribullet to get the job done!

There’s really no reason why you should settle for less when there’s such an efficient kitchen appliance out there like the Nutribullet. It makes mincing meat easy because it does it all in one cup!

Just throw in your ingredients, blend it up into a smooth texture, then transfer your mincemeat into separate storage containers to store away. That simple!

Do you have any other questions on using your Nutribullet to mince meat? If so, just leave a comment below!

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