Can You Shred Chicken In A Magic Bullet?

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The Magic Bullet Blender is a blender that uses blades and spinning action to chop, grind, and blend.

It has been advertised as being able to “shred chicken in seconds.” The question of whether or not this is possible remains controversial among users.

Can You Shred Chicken In Magic Bullet?

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The Magic Bullet Blender includes an attachment called the cross blade which can be used for chopping nuts, vegetables, fruits, ice cubes and other food items into small pieces.

This blade also works well on cooked meat such as ground beef or shredded chicken breasts.

However, there are many who have claimed that the shredding function does not work very well with raw meats because it often results in large chunks instead of thin strands.

As one user put it: “I was so excited about how easy it would be to add some protein to our diet by making chicken salad with the magic bullet. I put a few chicken breasts in the fridge while I was getting ready for work that morning, pulled them out when I got home and threw them in the magic bullet with some mayo and dried onion soup mix. When I went to check on what I had made a hour later, there were a bunch of beautifully shredded chicken breasts… but also quite a bit of large chunks.”

However, other users have reported good results using more finely chopped or shredded meats such as beef or pork tacos.

One user explained: “I used frozen ground turkey along with taco seasoning for my black bean burritos tonight and it turned out great! There was no need to use a knife at all.”

Some users have also suggested that the problem with meat shredding is not with the product but rather the technique used.

One user explained: “I am going to guess that most people aren’t being patient enough and just don’t have patience for this type of thing. I just started using my bullet today and made shredded chicken for a quesadilla and it turned out great! All you really need to do is put a couple breasts in there, turn on high speed, leave it alone for 5 minutes or so, take it out and shred.”

Other users have found that the Magic Bullet spins too fast to do a good job of shredding meat, leading them to question why it is even marketed as being able to do this in the first place.

One user wondered: “The blade rotates pretty quickly, so I would think that it would be difficult for it to shred chicken breast without mushing it up.”

Another suggested: “It’s probably not slicing through the muscle fibers because it’s simply moving too fast.”

This user also believes using raw meat may make things easier. He or she wrote: “I haven’t tried shredded cheese yet… but if you try soft taco-type meats like bbq pork or ground beef, I can see how this might work.”

Also, there are many users who have tried this method and failed.

One user reported: “I try this for a meal tonight… I was really excited! But to my disappointment, it did not work out good at all!”

This user also pointed out that the Magic Bullet does not come with any attachments designed specifically for shredding meat and other foods: “The magic bullet comes with two different blades which is great but neither of them work for this.”

So, while some do claim to be able to use the Magic Bullet Blender to make shredded chicken breasts or other meats, others argue that it is impossible.

If you want to get thin strands of chicken, consider using a knife instead of your blender.

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Tips To Make It Work

Although it is unlikely that you will get thin strands of meat with the Magic Bullet Blender, some people have found ways to make it work. Here are some tips to follow if you want to shred chicken in a Magic Bullet:

1) Thaw out any frozen meats before placing them into the blender.

This will help prevent the blades from clogging up or removing chunks of meat rather than just shredding them.

Some users have also suggested following this tip when using raw meats.

2) Use lean cuts of pork or chicken thigh instead of breast meat. This can also improve your results because fatty varieties can be difficult for the blender to handle properly.

3) Be patient and do not over-blend. The more time you give yourself, the better chance you have of getting shredded meat.

4) Try using a softer meat like ground beef or pork. This can make things more manageable and allow the blender to slice up smaller chunks.

5) Some users say that adding some type of liquid, such as water or olive oil, can be beneficial for helping bounce the blender blades and also keep them from becoming too hot and overheating.

6) Make sure your blades are properly installed before you start blending anything.

How To Shred Chicken In A Magic Bullet

1. Using a knife, cut the chicken breasts into thin strips

2. Place the shredded chicken in your blender along with mayo, onions and seasonings to taste

3. Turn on high for 30-60 seconds or until desired consistency is achieved.

4. Enjoy!

Happy shredding!

Conclusion – Can You Shred Chicken In A Magic Bullet?

With the Magic Bullet Blender, it is possible to shred chicken breasts.

However, it will not be as thin and uniform as what you get from a large commercial meat grinder or a manual food processor.

The more practice you have with this method, the better your results will be.

Also, if you are looking to get shredded chicken that is uniform in color and texture, try out a meat grinder or food processor. They will allow you to get the best results for this task.

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