can you use a Ninja blender to grind meat
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Step By Step Guide For Grinding Meat With Ninja Blender

Discover the proper guidelines for utilizing your Ninja blender as a meat grinder and avoid potential hazards. We’ll also identify which ingredients are safe for grinding and how much time it typically takes to achieve desired results.

Why Should You Grind Meat In A Blender?

ca you use a Ninja to grind meat

If you grind meat in a blender, it will save you time because it’s faster than using a meat grinder.

There are other reasons why you should consider grinding your own meat:

  1. You can control what goes into your ground beef by choosing organic meats and making sure to get rid of bones and fat before grinding (which is good for people with certain health conditions)
  2. It saves money! If you can find a good sale on the meats that you want to grind, then make sure to stock up so that you always have some pre-ground beef in your freezer that way it’ll be quick and easy to whip up something fast!
  3. You won’t be tempted to go out and buy more hamburger patties or meatballs when you’ve got a carton of frozen ground beef in the freezer!

Can I Grind Meat In My Ninja Blender?

Ninja BL660 Professional Countertop Blender for grinding meat

Can you grind meat in Ninja blender? Yes, you can use your Ninja blender to grind meat!

All of the Ninja blenders are different but some are better than others for grinding meat.

The Ninja Pro BL770 is best for grinding meat because it has a heavy-duty motor.

If you plan to use your blender as a meat grinder, make sure you only fill the jar up about 1/4 of the way full, and if possible place a plate over the top of your ground beef so it doesn’t splatter everywhere while it’s being blended!

Why Is Ninja Blender Good For Grinding Meat?

Ninja blenders are good for grinding meat because it comes with a heavy-duty motor that can handle the workload and also comes with different blades.

The blender blades that are included in the Ninja Master Prep (QB900B) and the Ninja Pro BL770 can grind meat.

However, if you only have a standard blender blade that comes with other blenders, it may not be able to grind up meats very well because it is not as sharp or as powerful as a blade.

How To Grind Meat In A Ninja Blender

Before grinding meat in your Ninja blender, ensure that you have the appropriate model and specifications, as described above.

To use your Ninja blender as a meat grinder, take precautions to ensure safety. Use the Spork & Dough Hook included with your set, which can handle the load required for grinding meat.

For the best results with raw ground beef or pork, place ice cubes in the jar beforehand to maintain freshness and prevent overheating. Add 1/4 cup of water or your preferred marinade/seasoning, and blend the meat with the blender lid open.

Be cautious not to fill the jar more than 1/4 of the way, and cover it with a plate to prevent splattering. Once the meat is blended, stir it thoroughly and strain or mash any remaining clumps.

Avoid blending for more than 30 seconds at a time to prevent motor damage. It generally takes 1-2 minutes to grind raw meat into patties or balls.

If you want shredded chicken or turkey instead, then it’ll take 15-20 minutes to get finely ground poultry.

When Is The Best Time To Grind Meat?

The best time to grind meat in a Ninja blender is whenever you plan on cooking it!

If your recipe requires cooked ground beef, then no worries! Just make sure that your ground beef is cold because if it’s not then the Ninja blender won’t be able to handle blending such a thick mixture.

You can also make your ground beef days or weeks before and store it in the freezer until ready to use!

Which Ninja Blenders Are Good For Grinding Meat?

All of the current Ninja blenders (BL660, BL810, and BL770) are good for grinding meat.

The manual says that the Pro BL770 is supposed to be used just for liquids but I’ve ground raw hamburger in mine with no problem.

To see some examples of other things you can make using your Ninja blender, check out my article on recipes that use a Ninja blender.

How Long Does It Take To Grind The Meat?

It takes about 1 minute to chop a pound of meat in the Ninja Pro BL770 blender, but it will take longer in some other blenders.

Since I’ve used every model of Ninja blender, I know that it can be difficult to try and speed up the motor if you’re using your blender for something that it was not intended for.

I made this mistake one time when I tried grinding my own chicken using my old base model Ninja blender (the infamous BL201).

After blending for approx 8 minutes, the top of the jar had popped off and there were pieces of metal on the ground!

The jar came apart from the base due to how much pressure the motor was trying to exert on the metal pieces.

To avoid unnecessary accidents, I recommend buying the Ninja Pro BL770 if you plan to grind meat in your blender!

The Safety Of Using A Blender To Grind Meat

If you’re wondering whether it’s safe to use your blender as a meat grinder, then just follow these rules:

Avoid placing the blender jar directly beneath the cup that attaches to the blade unit, as anything splattered into the cup could cling to the bottom and come through the base while in use, which poses serious safety hazards.

Always ensure that all components are securely fastened before turning on the blender. Keep hands away from moving parts at all times and refrain from forcing any part of the blender into place. Failure to secure any components could result in parts jumping out during use and causing severe injury.

Never reach into the jar or cup around moving parts to add ingredients. Doing so is highly risky as a piece of bone or any other flying object during blending could hit your hand, causing severe harm to arteries.

It is crucial to keep small children away from blenders at all times, even when not grinding meat, as there have been numerous incidents where kids climb onto the countertop and accidentally turn on blenders with their hands inside without anyone noticing.

What To Consider When Choosing A Ninja Blender For Grinding Meat

When selecting a Ninja blender for meat grinding, the first thing to consider is its power. The greater the number of watts, the more efficient it will be. If your blender cannot crush ice cubes without difficulty, it will not be able to handle meat.

Additionally, you should read reviews on various blenders to get an idea of how well they grind meat. Check to see whether all components are dishwasher-safe or whether you’ll have to wash the blade unit manually. Remember, if it isn’t quick and easy to clean, you’ll probably use it less.

The next factor to examine is the blender’s blade type. If it includes an extra blade in addition to the standard flat blade, it will be ideal because the ridges will aid in chopping down any chunks that get stuck while processing.

Finally, if you want to save money on meat, make sure to search for the best deal! If you can find a great bargain at your local grocery store or even obtain some low-cost coupons online, it will be well worth the time spent shopping.

Which Ninja Blades Are Best For Grinding Meat?

Before using your blender as a grinder, ensure that the blades in your appliance are sharp enough to slice through the meat with ease, regardless of whether it is ground beef, pork, or another variety.

There are two types of blades to choose from: the food processor blade and the dual cross blade. The food processor blade is ideal for creating thick batters such as pie dough. The dual cross blade, which features four razor-sharp points, is perfect for quickly chopping up meat without requiring too much force.

A Quick Note On Storage

If you have a blender that is designed specifically as a “grinder,” then storing it should be a breeze. You can easily remove accessories like the cups or jars and place them in the dishwasher for cleaning.

But if you opt for a blender that doesn’t come with a dedicated grinding accessory, be sure to wash the jar by hand after each use to prevent any meat particles from lingering for too long.

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