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Ninja Blender Blades Not Spinning – 6 Possible Reasons

There are many reasons why your Ninja blender blades might not be spinning.

This could include missing blade pieces from a blender blade assembly, an old or faulty motor, or if the blender is too full of food. Ninja Blender repair service can take care of any need you have for your ninja blenders with stopped blades.

The first step to fixing this issue is to figure out what exactly the problem is and find a solution that will work best for you and your needs.

Ninja Blender Blades Won’t Spin – 6 Possible Reasons

Ninja blender blade

The following seven problems are common causes of ninja blender blade not spinning –

1) Loose Connection Between Motor And Base

A loose wire connection between the motor and the base of the blender is a common cause of ninja blenders with blades that won’t turn.

This wire connection is usually not as tight as it should be and this results in the blades stopping.

The loose wire can result in a spark that causes the blender to stop working, but you may be able to get it started again by shaking up and down.

2) Blade Assembly Is Broken Or Damaged

Ninja blenders blades may not be spinning if the blade assembly, which is the part that attaches to the motor, has been broken or damaged in some way.

You may also notice that the motor is not working as well and you might see a crack in the blade assembly.

The easiest way to correct an issue with the blade assembly would be to order a new one through Ninja or find a replacement online for your specific model of the blender.

3) Blocked Air Passage

A blocked air passage inside of your Ninja blender can also result in Ninja blenders with blades not turning.

This happens when food such as fruit and ice get stuck between two revolving blades and stop them from moving.

To fix this, you need to take the blender apart so that you can access the blades. You will also have to clean them in order to make sure there is nothing blocking their movement.

4) Wear And Tear Over Time

If you have a newer model of Ninja Blender your pitcher might not fit snugly on the base properly due to wear and tear over time.

Because of this, it isn’t uncommon for certain older models to stop working because their blade pieces become loose over time due to poor quality sprouting.

You may need to also check the bottom of your blender and make sure that it is properly attached as well.

5) Old Or Faulty Motor

An old or faulty motor can also cause Ninja blenders with stopped blades.

Even if your Ninja Blender is plugged in and turned on, it’s not going to work unless the motor is actually working too.

To check your motor, you may need to remove the blender pitcher from the base in order to see it.

You will be able to tell if your motor is not working by taking off the cover and looking inside of the drive socket.

6) Blender Is Full Of Food

If a blender is too full of food (for example when making a large amount of soup), the blades will not spin and food might get stuck between two blades preventing movement altogether.

So if you have a Ninja Blender at home with stopped blades, the most likely cause is that it is just too full of food. 

To fix this, simply empty out some of the contents and try again.

7) Not Enough Liquid

If there isn’t enough liquid inside of your Ninja Blender pitcher, this can also result in it having stopped blades.

The reason for this is that the motor needs something to push and liquid helps to lubricate the motor which allows it to work, so if there isn’t enough then you won’t be able to use the blender.

As a tip, try adding about 3 tablespoons of water or any other liquid into your blender pitcher before trying to run it again. This should help lubricate the blades and allow them to spin freely again.

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How To Fix Ninja Blender Blades Not Spinning Issue

Ninja blender stopped spinning

In most cases, all you need is some good old-fashioned TLC in order for your ninja blenders with stopped blades to start working again.

If you are experiencing issues with your blender, make sure to try some of these options before giving up and throwing it away. You might be surprised when you find out how easy it is to fix the blade problem yourself!

1) Order A New Blade Assembly From The Manufacturer Or On Amazon

In order for ninja blenders with stopped blades to start spinning again, you will need a new blade assembly since this part can cause them not to work properly or at all.

Ordering a new one from the manufacturer won’t cost much although there may be long wait times depending on your location and availability.

However, if you don’t want to wait then you can simply buy one online or from a local retailer.

Some retailers might have them in stock, but if not you can always find one on Amazon for under $20.

2) Check And Clean Blades To Make Sure There’s Nothing Blocking Their Movement

Even though many parts inside of your Ninja blender may be working properly, it won’t spin blades if there is something stuck between them preventing their movement.

So before you order any new blade assembly or try to fix your Ninja blenders with stopped blades yourself, make sure that the blades are actually the problem and not something else!

To do this just take apart your Ninja blender so that you can access the blades underneath the pitcher to see if they are blocked by anything. If nothing is blocking the blades then you can skip to the next step.

3) Clean The Motor With Alcohol Or White Vinegar If Blades Aren’t Spinning

One other thing that might be causing Ninja Blenders with stopped blades is a dirty motor.

If this is the case, it might just need some alcohol or white vinegar poured into it to clean everything out and get it running smoothly again!

All you have to do is take apart your blender and pour around 2-4 tablespoons of any type of alcohol (such as vodka) or white vinegar into the base of the blender if there are no more old blade pieces inside. 

After this, run your blender for about a minute in order for fluid to clean out any gunk from the motor.

Make sure that you are not pouring in water or any other liquid instead of alcohol or vinegar since this could damage the blender!

4) Check The Power Cord For Damage Or Wetness If Blades Aren’t Spinning

If your Ninja Blender’s blades aren’t spinning then there might be a problem with either the power cord itself or some type of wetness (water, food ingredients, etc) somewhere inside of it.

So before ordering new blade pieces and assuming that it is the cord’s fault, make sure to check it first for anything that might be blocking its movement like small bits of food stuck onto it.

This can oftentimes lead to breakage so if all else fails simply replace the power cord to fix your Ninja blender.

5) Test Old Motor To Find Out If It’s Actually The Problem If Blades Aren’t Spinning

As a last resort, you can always test out the old motor and see if it is actually causing your Ninja Blender with stopped blades problems before ordering a new one from anywhere else.

To do this, just take apart the base of your blender and remove everything except for the motor itself.

If it doesn’t spin then try using alcohol or white vinegar to clean it out as mentioned in step 3 since this will oftentimes get rid of any dirt that may have built up inside over time.

However, if there are still no signs of life at all even after cleaning the outside of the motor then you most likely have a faulty one which means that it will need to be replaced with a new one.

6) Clean The Power Cord By Unplugging It And Putting It In A Bowl Of White Vinegar

If nothing has worked so far and your Ninja Blender’s blades still won’t spin, try to clean them out using white vinegar!

This is another simple way for getting rid of any dirt, dust, or grime inside of the power cord.

All you have to do is unplug the blender from its current source and plug the power cord into an outlet.

Next, pour around 2-4 tablespoons worth of white vinegar into a bowl and place your power cord into it. Let your Ninja blender stay like this for around 5 minutes before removing the cord and plugging it back in to see if blades are spinning.

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Ninja Blender Blades Not Spinning – Wrap Up

As you can see, there are many reasons why your ninja blender blades might not be spinning but with a little bit of knowledge and the right tools, it is easy to fix these types of problems in no time!

If all else fails, don’t worry because Ninja Blender Repair service can help get your blender back to working condition sooner than you think!

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