9 Best Blender for Nut Butter – Top Picks & Reviews

Have you grown tired of the same old jarred almond butter? If so, then why not make yourself some homemade nut butter. We are sure you must be wondering how that is possible but it is. All you have to do is bring home the best blender for nut butter and start making your own homemade butter with the recipe of your liking.

In case you’re thinking why can’t you use the blender you already have at your home? Well, nuts require a lot of power in order to be blended in perfectly. That is why we have come up with some of the best blenders available for you to work with.

Best Blender for Nut Butter Comparison Table

ProductsPowerSpeed settingsJar sizeWarrantyPrice
Vitamix Professional Series 750
1200-wattsAuto presets72oz10-years Check Price
Breville BBL910XL Boss Superblender
2 peak horse power7 speed settings52oz7-years Check Price
Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender
1200-watts5 speed settings48oz2-years Check Price
Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender
1500-watts10 speed settings32oz5-years Check Price
Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor
1500-wattsAuto presets72oz1-year Check Price
Blendtec 560 Blender
3 peak horsepower8 speed settings90oz8-years Check Price
Cleanblend Commercial Blender
1800-watts12 speed settings64oz5-years Check Price
NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender
1200-watts3 speed settings64oz1-year Check Price
Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor
450-watts2 speed settings80oz10-years Check Price


Best Blender for Nut Butter, top products you should look into!

9 Best Blender for Nut Butter


1. Vitamix Professional Series 750Vitamix Professional Series 750

If you have been looking for top rated blender for cashew cream for quite some time now then you must know that Vitamix is said to be the most popular and reliable manufacturers of blenders in the market. The Vitamix Professional Series 750 is one of our most recommended blenders and it had to make this list as well.


The fact that Vitamix Professional Series 750 comes with superior quality manufacturing, durability and high level of performance efficiency has set the bar way too high.

But, you need to keep in mind those great specifications come at a high price. The Vitamix Professional Series 750 is by far the best blender we have found in the market for making nut butter but it is a bit expensive blender to invest in.

 Bottom line 

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 is an amazing pick for its great quality construction and powerful motor. It is great at making nut butter but it does come at a higher price point.

  • Premium quality construction
  • Great power
  • Smooth blending
  • Expensive


2. Breville BBL910XL Boss Easy to Use Super blenderBreville BBL910XL Boss Easy to Use Superblender

Breville is mainly known for their professional grade home appliances but you rarely find any useful blender from them. However, we came across the Breville BBL910XL Boss Easy To Use Superblender and we were thrilled to know that this was exclusively manufactured for blending dot liquids and is also recommended as the one the top rated blender for cashew cream.


The Breville Boss comes with a two peak horsepower motor, an LCD display, cleaning function and five pre-programmed settings to save you time and provide you with amazing consistency when blending.

When it comes to finding blender for nut butter, the Breville BBL910XL has everything you need. It also comes with a speed dial that allows you to adjust the speed settings between 12 variations.

 Bottom line 

The Breville BBL910XL Boss Easy To Use Superblender is an affordable and ideal choice for nut butter. It works amazingly well and is also backed by a 7-year warranty.

  • 5 pre-programmed settings
  • Easy to use
  • Self-cleaning feature
  • 7-years warranty
  • Unattractive design


3. Vitamix E310 Explorian BlenderVitamix E310 Explorian Blender

The Vitamix E310 isn’t as power-packed as the Vitamix 750 but it is more affordable and can easily fit into a small kitchen space. It is also the best blender for acai bowls smoothie that comes on a reasonable price.

For those who don’t have enough budgets, you don’t need to spend time thinking about how to get a powerful blender by upsetting your budget. The Explorian has got you covered and it has everything you need.


The Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender comes in a very small size and can be easily stored in your kitchen cabinet. It can easily and conveniently make nut butter for you and it also allows you to blend ice cream in it.

The blender comes with a 48oz pitcher and a 1200-watts motor that will allow you to easily get your butter blended. The blade is made up of stainless steel so don’t worry about it getting damaged.

 Bottom line 

The Vitamix E310 Explorian Blender is an affordable option for blending nut butter if you don’t want to indulge in something off budget.

  • Affordable price range
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • The warranty period is short


4. Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield BlenderHamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender

Hamilton Blenders are very new to the market and the company has made a name for itself in a very short period of time. Reason being, they have a wide range of variety for blenders on a very affordable price point.


The Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender comes as a breakthrough in the blender industry because of its features and powerful base. It cracks at two peak horse power and is very well capable of blending nut butter.

The blender also comes with a 5-year warranty which is much better than our previous recommendation. A few of the other features that this bad boy includes is a speed dial for controlling speed in 10 variations, four pre-programmed settings, stainless steel powerful blade and a self-cleaning function.

 Bottom line 

For nut butter, finding an affordable and powerful blender is hard but Hamilton Beach Professional Quiet Shield Blender has cracked that code easily. It is affordable and provides you with all the power you need in the kitchen.

  • 10 speed settings
  • Powerful motor
  • Dishwasher safe
  • The container doesn’t come with a handle


5. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food ProcessorNinja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) Blender/Food Processor

Ninja is by far the most affordable kitchen appliances brand and their products come with a whole lot of features. The Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 Blender/Food Processor is one of their most popular products because of its versatility and simplicity.


The Ninja BL770 Kitchen System comes with three different speeds to choose from and features a 1500-watt motor that is powerful enough to crush ice efficiently. You will need to find a lot of storage space for this system because it’s large size.

The blender also comes with a ton of accessories that includes a food processor bowl, one 72-ounce pitcher and 64-ounce cup. It also comes with two separate jars with lids in which you can keep your salads and smoothies for later use.

 Bottom line 

The Ninja BL770 Kitchen System is an amazing blender that offers you the perfect balance between cost and utilities. It is the best blender for acai bowls smoothie. The blender is also backed by a 1-year warranty.

  • Powerful motor
  • Includes accessories
  • Affordable
  • Noisy
  • Requires extra storage space


6. Blendtec 560 BlenderBlendtec 560 Blender

Blentec is a very popular and reliable brand that also happens to be the biggest competitor of Vitamix. Most of the products by this brand come at a higher price point however the prices do fluctuate every now and then.


The Blendtec 560 Blender is an amazing blender for nut butter. It is recommended by most of the experts because of its solid stainless steel blade and great power efficiency. It is an affordable kitchen appliance that comes with all the brand’s signature specifications that include easy to use push button interface, 3 peak horsepower, patented Blendtec container and manual speed settings.

The container of the blender is designed in such a way that pushes the ingredients into the blade which is very essential when making nut butter or creams.

 Bottom line 

The Blendtec 560 Blender is an affordable option that works efficiently well. It comes with a reasonable warranty and is designed and manufactured with premium quality parts so it will last for a long time.

  • 8-years warranty
  • 3-peak horsepower
  • Very well constructed
  • Doesn’t come with a tamper


7. Cleanblend Commercial BlenderCleanblend Commercial Blender

The Cleanblend Commercial Blender’s operation is very similar to the blenders you get from Vitamix. It comes with an efficient jar, powerful motor (actually much powerful than the one you find in a Vitamix blender), affordable price range and easy to use.


Whether you want to blend ice cream, crush vegetables or ice or make nut butter, the Cleanblend Commercial Blender has got you covered. This is an efficient blender that comes with a soft-start motion to ensure there isn’t much splatter to the lid to keep the cleaning to a minimum.

The reason why it is commercial grade is because it uses superior quality traction and insulation to contain the maximum electricity from any outlet available. The blender comprises of a 6-blade chrome gadget that ensures all the ingredients are blended into a smooth sauce.

 Bottom line 

Cleanblend Commercial Blender is an ideal blender system for making nut butter. It comes in a very attractive design, features a powerful 1800-watt motor and works effortlessly.

  • Backed by a 5-year warranty
  • Power and speed is very easy to adjust
  • Comes assembled
  • Has an overheating issue
  • Very loud


8. NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z BlenderNutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender 

Another affordable option for making nut butter you is the NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender. NutriBullet is known for manufacturing some of the best personal blenders in the market and their products comes with high quality manufacturing aspects and reasonable warranty periods.


For those of you who are looking for an affordable kitchen appliance that will do its trick in making nut butter conveniently then NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender might just be the blender you need.

It is powered by a strong 1200-watts motor and comes with three speed options and a pulse function. The 64oz jar is made out of BPA-free plastic and can make great volume of butter even for your entire family. Company has integrated the blender with stainless steel blades that work effortlessly but cannot be detached.

 Bottom line 

The NutriBullet ZNBF30400Z Blender is an affordable blender that is greatly recommended for making nut butter. It is easy to use and comes with a plethora of features, all of those that will help you attain the kind of results you need.

  • Power motor
  • Sturdy and solid construction
  • Easy to use
  • Difficult to clean


9. Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food ProcessorHamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor

The Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor is one of the most popular blenders in that market that has been backed by more than 7000 reviews on Amazon. The blender works perfectly for making smoothies and shakes along with a range of tasks and that includes making nut butter every now and then.


The Hamilton Beach Food Processor has a maximum capacity of 80oz which is the largest on this list. It will make to be the best professional grade blender if you want to use it in a commercial setting.

The blender is powered by a 450watts motor which might not seem powerful enough but it can take on any ingredient that you may throw its way and that includes nuts. It is a budget friendly blender that has two speed options and pulse settings that you can adjust according to your requirement.

 Bottom line 

The Hamilton Beach 10-Cup Food Processor is an affordable blender that we absolutely recommend for making nut butter or bullet proof coffee. It is affordable and has a very small foot print so you can store it anywhere you want.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Sturdy base
  • Might get a little slow after some time


Final thoughts

Making nut butter has never been this easier, especially if you end buying any one of these models. Hopefully, this article shed a lot of light on the available options you have in the market when it comes to blending nut butter and now you will be able to purchase one for yourself.

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