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Vitamix Puree Setting Will Make Your Life Easier!

Vitamix is a great appliance for creating healthy and nutritious smoothies, soups, and more. 

The machine has a wide range of settings that allow you to do many different tasks such as making soups, pureeing, blending and so much more. 

Today we will explore Vitamix’s puree setting which is perfect for making babies’ food!

puree setting on Vitamix

What The Vitamix Puree Setting Is

The Vitamix puree setting is a low speed on the blender that blends ingredients in small amounts.

The puree function on the Vitamix is great for making baby food. The reason being that it can blend certain parts of veggies and fruits into a smooth consistency while leaving chunks of other ingredients behind which are perfectly safe for babies to eat! 

Today, we will be exploring how exactly the Vitamix puree setting works so you know what’s going on inside your blender during this process.

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What You Will Need To Use This Function

To use your Vitamix’s puree setting to create healthy and nutritious baby food all you will need is your favorite fruits, vegetables, nuts (optional), water, and Vitamix machine. 

To get started simply load up your desired ingredients into the pitcher of your Vitamix machine then fill with water! 

You can use more or less water depending on what you are blending. 

Certain vegetables will need a bit more water to create the perfect texture while harder foods should have less added liquid. 

After you have your ingredients loaded into your Vitamix container, simply ramp up to puree then walk away! 

The machine will take care of the rest for you without any supervision. It’s really that easy! 

Once finished, all you have to do is scoop out your food and serve it fresh to the baby!

What Are The Uses Of Vitamix Puree Setting?

Let’s say you want to make your baby some soup, but he/she is too young for big chunks. 

The puree setting on Vitamix can be used to get the right consistency and easily blend everything together without any chunks.

Another great way to use this function is in making a fruit smoothie for your child. You can easily make some banana or apple puree and add it to your smoothie. 

This way, the child will get all of the vitamins and minerals from those fruits without even realizing that he/she is actually having a meal! 

This is a great way to introduce fruits into your child’s diet without any issues.

How To Control The Vitamix Puree Setting?

The puree setting on the Vitamix is pretty simple to use. 

If you are making baby food by loading up fruits, vegetables, nuts (optional), water, and a Vitamix machine then go ahead and fill up your pitcher with everything you want. 

Now ramp the speed up to “puree” and allow it to run for about 20 seconds or so depending on what consistency you want! 

After it finishes running in 20 seconds or less, simply scoop out your yummy food for the baby! 

Don’t forget that when using this function you can always add more or less liquid based on what you are blending.

Recipe For Banana Puree


1 ripe banana


Place the banana into a Vitamix container and press the puree button. 

Wait until desired consistency is reached (the longer you blend it, the smoother it gets). Enjoy!

It’s as easy as that! You can also use this function on fruits such as apples or peaches by replacing bananas with the fruit of your choice. 

It’s great for making baby food but there are plenty of other uses for this awesome feature.

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