difference between blender and smoothie maker
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Blender Vs Smoothie Maker (Which Is Better?)

battle between blender and smoothie makerDepending on what you need it for and other factors you are considering, the blender and the smoothie maker have their cons and pros. A blender can perform most processing jobs you need to do in the kitchen, but there are places where it makes absolute sense to substitute it for the Smoothie maker.

It can be confusing to pick sides in a hands-down battle between the blender and the smoothie maker. They both have numerous advantages and are often specialized to solve problems and solve them well.

IT ultimately boils down to the task at hand and the best tool for it. If you have any experience cooking and blending as a whole, you will know that a blender is like a Swiss blade when it comes to the kitchen.

What can a blender do? The questions should be, what cant a blender do! A blender has various applications way beyond what many people use it for.

So really, the question is between choosing a tool that can do many types of work admirably and choosing one that is built to perform just one task, and that performs it excellently. We will be considering and pitting them against each other while considering several factors that will make you choose.

Smoothie Maker Vs Blender

difference between blender and smoothie maker

Ease of Use

This is usually the most important factor people consider when choosing either equipment. It won’t do to select equipment that will be confusing to operate.

The Ideal kitchen equipment is usually quiet and comfortable to handle as it won’t do to have equipment that you spend time figuring out how to use and setting up, thereby diverting time that you could have put towards other things. It should just stay out of the way; in this, the smoothie-maker beats out the blender by being very easy to operate and easy to setup.

The mechanics of a blender and its purpose were built to make it the ideal choice here as it mostly has just an “ON/OFF” switch, while a blender being very customizable, will have various controls for adjusting it to work best with each thing your blending then.

Smoothie Maker 1 – Blender 0.


Choosing between them also depends on the specific use you want to put them through. If you are blending smoothies only and you want your smoothies to turn out correctly and the texture of the smoothie to just be nice, then using the smoothie maker will give you the best possible results, but that’s only for smoothies; for other things that you might want to crush or bend in the kitchen, a blender is the best possible choice to go with.

Smoothie Maker 1 – Blender 1


When it comes to being versatile, I don’t think there’s any kitchen implement more versatile than the blender, minus the knife, considering that most cooking ingredients need processing.

Blenders are used and can be used to make smoothies, soups, milkshakes, coffee, and all this in a matter of minutes while the smoothie maker just makes smoothies. The smoothie maker is clearly at a disadvantage here.

A Blender also ensures your family and/or you get to eat nutritious and healthy foods as they are also ideal for processing vegetables and other healthy fruits and food.

Smoothie Maker 0 – Blender 1.

Size and Capacity

Most blenders are far bigger than smoothie makers, and this is not surprising. With its large jug, blenders are built to accommodate many food items that you might decide to blend with it.

Their pitchers are usually big enough, while smoothie makers are made to have smaller pitchers.

This is not a general statement. However, there are some blenders smaller in size than many other smoothie makers.

Smoothie Maker 0 – Blender 1


Quality is just a measure to determine how well the items we are processing turn out. We are checking the texture and the overall drinking experience.

Say you want a smoothie, and you are offered a choice between the smoothie maker and the blender. The smoothie maker will produce a better result. I have used both the smoothie maker and the blender, and I can attest that the smoothie maker has no match even among top blenders when it comes to juicing and smoothies.

With smoothie makers, you can make summer drinks with berries, fruit pieces, and vegetables, and you will get a smoother and silkier drink than that produced by a blender. Here are some recipes you can try out with your smoothie maker.

Smoothie maker 1 – Blender 0.

Ease of Maintenance

No one really wants to think about their appliances breaking down, but it’s an inevitable life cycle of every implement and appliance; everything must eventually break down, but the question is how long it takes to break down and how hard is it to prevent breakdown and fix it.

Maintenance of an implement can take various forms: cleaning it after each use, removing stuck materials, and oiling the parts (if it has many moving parts). These maintenance activities can postpone breakdown and keep your implement in spry condition.

Now consider this, the more complicated equipment is, the more trouble maintaining it can be. Still, most blenders are built to be easily detachable and can be cleaned easily. It is also easy to repair blenders and couple them back quickly than smoothie makers. My blender got bad one day, and it took me less than an hour to get it up and running again; I can’t say the same for the smoothie maker, though.

Smoothie maker 0 – Blender 1


This is where the smoothie maker really shines; it is less complicated than the blender and faster than the blender. The Smoothie maker can blend items (smoothies) faster than the blender can ever hope to be.

Smoothie Maker 1 – Blender 0

Winner: The Smoothie maker wins by 4/7 points.

Choosing The Perfect Smoothie Maker

Now that we have declared the smoothie maker the winner of the contest, how do we make sure you choose the best smoothie maker for your needs? We have prepared a list of things to look out for when buying or choosing your next smoothie maker.

  1. Speed: Some blenders are much faster than others, thereby saving you time and reducing the waiting time while making you quality smoothies.
  2. The ideal smoothie maker should be one with more than 5-speed settings; anything less can be too slow for your liking.
  3. Power: Smoothie makers generally have different power ratings, so when buying one, you should consider the electricity situation of your house and the amount of time and things you want to use it for. The average smoothie maker comes in at 500W, and this is sufficient for most day-to-day activities.
  4. Size: Smoothie makers can have a capacity of 0.5 liters to 1.5 liters, so you should choose the one that can accommodate all you plan to make with it. I advise you to buy the 1.5L smoothie maker to have enough room to blend to your heart’s content.

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Top 5 Smoothie Makers to Buy

Hamilton Beach

As the name implies, this smoothie maker can be referred to as a personal blender because of its compact. Designed for portability and for one-touch blending, Hamilton Beach is the perfect smoothie maker if you are frequently on the move and want something you can use in the office, home, or beach. Customers say it is very efficient though it is not very durable.

Vitamix 1371

It is tough to talk about blenders, smoothie makers, and other kitchen appliances without talking about Vitamix. It’s no surprise that Vitamix is among the best appliance makers. The Vitamix 1371 comes with handy variable speed control, a potent motor, and enough speed in its blades to make a hot soup within minutes.


Shaped like a water bottle, nevertheless, the Oster smoothie make doesn’t disappoint when compared to others in the same grade as it. It is compact for when you are on the go or for times when you want to pack light.

You can use it to hold water when you are done making smoothies, and moreover, its one-touch operation is a huge advantage.

Tenswall Portable Smoothie Maker

The same compact water bottle-shaped size as others, the Tenswall PortablePortable Smoothie maker, goes further in functionalities. Its batteries can be recharged from your laptop or a power bank in cases of no electricity and do not be deceived by its body.

The Tenswall has a speed of up to 22000rmp/min, which is times faster than the average smoothie maker. It is also straightforward to clean; just put water in the cup and press the auto-cleaning button, and that’s all.

Ninja QB3001SS

It is almost as ubiquitous as Vitamix products, Ninja products are world-class too, and its smoothie maker also performs admirably. Its functionalities include Ice-cold blending, a 700-Watt Power pod with pulse technology, single-serve blending. Click here to watch a customer review of it.

Wrap Up

Smoothie makers and blenders each have their advantages and disadvantages depending on what you are using them for. While smoothie makers excel in specialized tasks (making smoothies), blenders perform admirably on various tasks (including making smoothies). We advise getting both of them and use them interchangeably, depending on the task at hand.

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