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Why Is My Blendtec So Loud (+Tips To Make It Quieter)

Blendtec blenders are known to be loud. The noise is not only from the powerful motor and fast blades, but we also believe it’s a by-product of their quality engineering.

This article will explore how to make your blender quieter so that you can blend without waking up the neighbors!

Are Blendtec Blenders Loud?

The Blendtec blender is loud, but not that loud when compared to other blenders. The volume of sound generated by a large motor and fast-moving blades is essential for smoother blending, but this may be unsuitable in some circumstances where silence and discretion are needed.

However, there are ways to keep your hearing safe when using this appliance and still make delicious smoothies without all that noise!

More on that later…

Are Blendtec Blenders Louder Than Other Blenders Though?

You may have heard that Blendtec blenders are noisier than other brands. This is actually not true! The truth is, they’re just as loud on average-any blender with the speed and power of a Blendtec will also be just as loud when it’s running at its highest setting.

Blendtec blenders are powerful machines that can blend ingredients like eggs, fruits, and vegetables.

Although they may not be able to grind nuts or chop garlic, there is no doubt a Blendtec blender will make your life easier in the kitchen with its ability to whip up delicious smoothies for breakfast!

You might be surprised how many tasks you can accomplish with this blender. From chopping vegetables to making purees, the Blendtec is perfect for most kitchen needs and in some cases even more efficient than your food processor!

If you notice over time that your Blendtec blender is getting louder, take a look at the jar. If it has worn out or cracked in any way, replace it with a new one for an easy fix!

Ensure to get replacement jars from reputable sources as there are knockoffs on the market that may not be dishwasher safe and will also wear down more quickly than those made by brands like our own.

The motor should ideally last just as long- and even longer if cared for properly – but sometimes some users find they do need replacements sooner rather than later due to their use patterns; this would apply most often when blending large amounts of fibrous vegetables repeatedly or when using ice cubes frequently during high volume periods like holidays.

Blendtec Vs Vitamix: Which Is Quieter?

Blendtec and Vitamix blenders are a huge part of the blender market.

They both have louder models as well as quieter ones, but when comparing 2 with the same power levels, you’ll find that Blendtec is significantly noisier than Vitamix.

However, there’s an available sound shield to reduce noise levels on these top-of-the-line machines so if that’s your primary concern then it might be worth considering one over the other despite their differences in price or quality.

A blender sounds about as loud as a jackhammer 60 feet away. (88 decibels on average).

Most people just deal with the noise of their blender due to short spurts in use throughout their day, but for those who are sensitive to sound it may cause them trouble hearing or concentrate on other tasks.

When examining the two major blender brands, it becomes apparent that Blendtec is by far the loudest.

The company’s top-selling model — Total Blender HP2A – registers at 94.4 dB of decibel output and notably higher than its competitors Vitamix 5200 (90.1 dB) and Vitamix Professional Series 750 (87.5dB).

The Blendtec Professional 800 and Vitamix Quiet One are both quieter, but the Silent Shield from these two brands helps reduce noise.

The Blendtec blenders are great because they produce less noise and still have a lot of power.

They may be more expensive, but these machines are what you want if you use a blender daily and can’t take the sound!

How To Make Your Blendtec Blender Quieter

Blendtec blenders are known for being powerful enough to pulverize ice, but they’re also loud.

If you live in a small space or just want to make your blender quieter, there are some things you can do

1. Make sure the blender is on a flat surface

Did you know that if your blender is on a flat surface, it is quieter than if the blender is tilted?

If you make sure to put your blender on a flat surface, the noise level can be decreased by up to 40%.

2. Add water to the jar before blending

One of the ways to reduce the blender’s noise is by adding water into the jar before blending.

The sound waves from the motor will be dampened by the water which will keep them from bouncing back off of surfaces like walls or cupboards and rattling around inside your ear canal with such force.

3. Use less liquid when blending

One way to do this is by using less liquid when blending.

This will result in a much smoother consistency and also reduces the noise level of the machine because it has less liquid to push against as it blends.

4. Put a towel over the blender while it’s running

One way to make your blender quieter is by putting a towel over the blender when you turn it on.

The towel absorbs some of the sound waves as they bounce off the walls and ceiling in your kitchen, which makes for a much more pleasant blending experience.

You can even use this Blendtec sound enclosure DIY.

What Is The Quietest Blender On A Budget?

The quietest blender on a budget is the Cuisinart CSB-75 Smart Stick.

It has an ultra-powerful 300-watt motor that runs at up to 30,000 RPMs and features three speeds plus pulse control for added versatility in any recipe or application (including ice crushing).

The patented blade design also results in blending virtually noiselessly without compromising power – but don’t take our word about it!

See what other customers are saying:

“My favorite thing so far though would have been how quietly this appliance operates.”

“This product works great with very little noise!”

What Is The Best Blendtec Blender To Buy?

The best Blendtec blender to buy depends on your budget, what you are looking to make, and the features that matter most.

I recommend Blendtec Total Classic Blender for most people, as it is the best budget blender.

It has all the features you could want, but it is also priced affordably.

It comes with a whopping six pre-programmed settings to choose from so that no matter what recipe or application you are making (including ice crushing), there’s an option for every need and desire!

Plus 10 speeds plus pulse control give this blender versatility in any kitchen situation – whether cooking up family favorites like soup on simmer low heat waiting patiently until dinner time rolls around; whipping together sweet treats perfect just before company arrives at their doorsteps as they knock eagerly awaiting admission inside of our home kitchens doors…

If you are looking for a blender that is reliable and durable, the Total Blender by Blendtec maybe your best option.

The warranty lasts up to 8 years which means it will last as long as possible.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, I have answered your question about whether Blendtec blenders are loud.

There is a lot of power in these machines and they can be very noisy when turned on- but there are ways to control the sound so it doesn’t bother others around you.

They have powerful motors that let them make smooth soups, hummus sauces, or nut milk thanks to their blades which help break down whole ingredients like nuts and seeds into great spreads for your favorite dishes!

You could also choose one of the quieter models from Blendtec’s Total line such as the Professional 800 blender; alternatively, you can choose another brand altogether, like the Vitamix (which is quieter).

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