How To Mix Cake Batter In A Blender (4 Different Ways)

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Cake is always a good idea, especially when it’s made the right way. Different cake choices can be enjoyed as a dessert in itself or a companion for tea or coffee. We’re fortunate we live in an age with accessible cake since it used to be considered a luxury.

Times have changed significantly, allowing the creation of cakes in the comforts of our kitchen. So before you worry about equipment, we’ll teach you a hack. As a sweet treat, we’re going to show you how to mix cake batter in a blender.

4 Ways To Mix Cake Batter

Mixing cake batter is a complex process. It affects the taste and consistency of the final product. It’s crucial to understand your chosen mixing process to come up with the best cake. Before we go into the details of blending cake batter, here are some useful things to know.

1. Creaming Method

This process helps the dough rise by adding air into it. It should be done at room temperature and start with butter and sugar, followed by gradually adding the eggs. The resulting cake is tender and stable.

2. Light And Airy Foam Method

Some cakes need to be made using a special technique. Chiffon cakes are best made with this method. The egg whites are whipped, followed by the gradual adding of flour for more volume.

3. Reverse Creaming Method

If you want a cake that’s moist and sturdy, reverse creaming is the way to go. The butter and lukewarm liquid ingredients are added first, followed by adding milk gradually and then with the eggs.

4. Blended Method

This method usually requires all ingredients in the mixer bowl followed by additional liquid ingredients. This is commonly used commercially for its quicker process.

These 4 methods are usually done manually or with a mixer, but you can use a blender instead.

How To Mix Cake Batter In A Blender

Although using a blender to mix cake batter is an acceptable substitute to a mixer, some users have expressed concerns over this method.

The main reason most people don’t use blenders for the batter is the risk of over mixing. And over mixed batter results in a tough cake. Now, who would want to eat tough cake? If you’re willing to try, there is hope.

Step 1 – Mix the liquid ingredients first. Ingredients like milk, oil, or eggs should be placed in the blender first.


Step 2 – Heat your butter in the microwave to make it easier to blend and set it aside. Butter or another shortening may clump and cause mixing problems. It’s ideal to soften it with the use of a microwave. Set the heated butter aside to prepare it for later.


Step 3 – Use the low pulse setting of the blender when mixing the liquid ingredients.


Step 4 – Mix dry ingredients in the blender except for the flour. Ingredients like oatmeal, baking powder, or sugar should be added at this stage.


Step 5 – Use a higher pulse when blending the solid ingredients with the liquid ingredients.


NOTE: If you have chocolate chips in your recipe, use a lower pulse, so you don’t pulverize the chips.


Step 6 – Add flour and butter to the mixture.


Step 7 – Use a low pulse with at least 1-second intervals until it is mixed evenly with the other ingredients.


Step 8 – Let the batter rest for 10 minutes before pouring in a pan.


Step 9 – Bake the cake!


Step 10 – Taste and enjoy. If the resulting cake is chewy and tough, it may be because you over mixed it. You can correct it by lessening the pulses next time.


Blenders have a transparent body that makes it easy to monitor the batter. Although over mixing is a risk, getting the right technique will make it a risk worth taking.

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