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Is Your Nutribullet Leaking? Common Causes And Easy Fixes

The Nutribullet is a powerful kitchen appliance that can be used to whip up tasty smoothies, blend soups, make sorbets and other desserts, or even chop vegetables for cooking.

However, it’s not uncommon to find that the Nutribullet leaks at some point in its life cycle. That’s why we want to share with you seven of the most common causes of Nutribullet leaking and how best to fix them.

how to fix a leaking nutribullet

Why Is My Nutribullet Leaking?

There are a number of possible reasons your Nutribullet is leaking from the bottom or the blade. The first thing you should do if you discover any leakage from your device is to clean away any residue and try to find out where it’s coming from.

If there’s a hole in the container, for example, water will escape as soon as it reaches that point. Other leaks might be caused by clogged blades – particularly problematic when you have been consistently using your device for a long time without cleaning it properly – or bad seals around the containers which can easily become loose over time.

The good news is that all of these issues are pretty easy to solve yourself at home provided you have some patience and common sense.

Nutribullet Leaking From The Lid – Causes And Possible Fixes

nutribullet lid

1. The first possible reason for Nutribullet leaking from the top is that there’s an issue with the lid. Check that it fits securely and isn’t clogged up with residue or badly aligned to ensure this isn’t what’s causing the problem.

2. It might be that you haven’t pushed down on it properly when assembling, which will prevent it from sealing correctly. If your device is new, make sure you follow the instructions provided by the manufacturer precisely. On older models, make sure none of the parts are bent out of shape or cracked as this can cause problems too.

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Nutribullet Leaking From The Container – Causes And Possible Fixes

nutribullet container

1. If your Nutribullet is leaking from the container, you might find that it’s because there’s a crack somewhere in the bottom of the container. This normally affects older models since they were made with cheaper plastic and tend to suffer more wear and tear as time goes on.

2. Either way, this often results in water seeping through whenever you make a fresh blend or soup for instance, which can be incredibly frustrating if not dealt with quickly enough. Your best bet is to replace the faulty part as soon as possible by either calling up customer service or buying a replacement directly from them or another authorized supplier – depending on how long it takes for your receive either one – just to avoid any further leaks and mess in your kitchen.

Nutribullet Leaking From The Base – Causes And Fixes

NutriBullet base

1. If you’re finding Nutribullet leaking from the bottom, there’s likely to be a screw or bolt that needs tightening up. Unscrew and inspect this area to check for an issue with the seal around the blade if it has been overused and is clogged up, or if any part of it has become loose and isn’t providing the right level of support.

2. Depending on your model, there might also be a red button which pops at times when you don’t want it to. Make sure this hasn’t activated because if it has, you will need to reset it by following your instruction manual to release the pressure in the blade.

3. On older models, there may be a gasket which has started to deteriorate over time or become loose so you need to replace it with one that is compatible with your device.

4. Your seal might also have come away from the rim in some areas, in which case you should contact customer service for advice on how best to proceed. The same goes if any of your blades are cracked or coming loose as these will need replacing too before causing further problems down the line.

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All About Leaking Nutribullet Blades – Causes And Fixes

NutriBullet Extractor Blade

1. If you’ve identified leaks around the blade, make sure it hasn’t become clogged up by residue during use. You can try to loosen it with some hot water or working in a drop of washing up liquid if necessary, but be very careful not to drip any of the liquid into the container itself when you’re taking out your blade.

2. When you have removed all residue build-up, clean the blade thoroughly before reassembling your device and also check that none of the blades are cracked or damaged in any way. If they are either replace them or contact customer service for advice on how best to proceed.

3. Make sure your gasket is still positioned correctly around your blade assembly so it provides an effective seal between this area and the container below when it comes down again firmly after you’re finished using it.

4. If you have access to replacement blades that are made for your specific Nutribullet model, then ensure these are securely fitted when you assemble it according to the manufacturer’s instructions before use.

Why Is My Nutribullet Leaking Black Liquid?

1. The black liquid leaking from your Nutribullet is an oil which will have built up over time if the blades are not cleaned or thoroughly dried after use, so you should check them regularly for any signs of residue before they start to leak out and cause problems with your device.

2. If you can’t see any reason for this leaking here, then it might well be due to cracks in the blade assembly normally associated with older models but certainly not exclusive to these devices alone. You will need to replace both the blade itself and its accompanying gasket if this applies to you, as leaks like this indicate much more serious damage than simply water seeping through.

3. If you see black liquid coming from the blade assembly, check if it’s a residue of coffee or tea from your most recent blend as this will have seeped into the gasket and started to turn dark over time.

4. This means that there is nothing wrong with your machine per se but it needs a thorough clean by removing the blade assembly and washing each individual part thoroughly with hot water before reassembling everything according to your user manual – being mindful that all parts are properly secured in place with no cracks or additional damage before using again.

3. Your gasket might also be worn after a long period of use, so replacing this can solve any problems here too depending on which model you own as this is not universal across the range.

4. There are also certain types of liquid which can cause leaks through these devices, including thick or sticky juices and alcohol-based liquids like vodka for example. These won’t actually be absorbed by your blade assembly but rather forced out between the gasket instead. This is caused by excessive pressure on both sides of the seal during use so make sure you don’t overload this or push down too hard when blending to prevent further issues developing over time with your new appliance.

How To Clean Nutribullet Base After Leak

To clean Nutribullet base, follow these steps –

1. As with any liquid leakage from the base of your Nutribullet, the first thing to do is unplug it and remove both the blade assembly and its accompanying gasket before cleaning each part separately with some hot water.

2. If you’re unable to locate any cracks or faults in this area yourself, check to see if there are replacement blades available for your specific model as these may be more efficient than standard ones now due to wear and tear over time considering they are employed each time you use your device.

3. Make sure that all parts which require replacing during maintenance including the gasket itself are replaced according to instructions provided by your user manual before using again – anything less can lead to further issues developing such as leaks in different areas of your device.

4. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but you can also check to see if there is anything obstructing the blade assembly or causing damage here before proceeding with cleaning and reassembling your Nutribullet normally according to guidelines given in your user manual provided when you first purchased it.

5. If this doesn’t cure the problem, then try using a citrus-based liquid cleaner after rinsing everything away thoroughly with some warm water instead of just washing it under running water alone as many detergents may contain alcohol which will only cause further problems developing in time for you in my experience.

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Is Your Nutribullet Leaking? Final Thoughts

Nutribullet leaking problems can be extremely frustrating, but they’re certainly not a sign that your device is on the way out as long as you know how to fix them properly by identifying and rectifying the problem first according to step-by-step guidelines provided here today.

If you follow the article to fix your Nutribullet, you should never experience leaking again. That is because this issue has been solved for you.

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